This is a personal story this website editor gets to write herself!  As we all have visitors come to our meetings, I also have invited my family members to come and see what Rotary is all about.  Late this past summer my Mom, Elizabeth Rahdert, came and had lunch with us.  During the meeting we honored one of our own members, Joanne Knudson for reaching a milestone donation contribution level to the Rotary Foundation.  My mom was impressed.  Coupled with that thought, she and I discussed the possibility that her Dad, my Grandfather, may have been a Rotarian sometime in the 1940s-1950s.  I did some research the following week and found out that indeed he was a Rotarian in a club still in existence in Indianapolis.  On a side note, my Father is also a Rotarian in Lafayette, IN making me a third generation cool is that!
As I have conveyed to my Mom over the years how much Rotary International has been in the forefront of Polio eradication, I learned in that course of discussions that my Mom had suffered from Polio when she was a little girl.  She now has some post-Polio issues with lack of strength in her legs.  To make a long story just a little shorter, she has become very impressed with Rotary and the battle to eradicate Polio.  So, this month she made a $10,000 donation to the Polio Plus Foundation in honor of her late Dad and Mom - Carl and Josephine Quanz.  With donations like this one, the world is close to saying goodbye to this dreadful disease.