Posted by MaryAnn Dalessi on May 18, 2017
Mike Dalessi Foundation talk with polio 
One of the avenues our RI Foundation works, is in the eradication of polio. We've been working on this since 1985 and there are only 5 new cases this year. Wow, 5! We are grateful for the matching money available with the Bill & Melinda Gate Foundations; They match 2:1 for every dollar we donate. Let us know if you have any loose change laying around, we'll put it to good use.
"Thanks to Mike Dalessi for a nice presentation on the Rotary Foundation last week.  His knowledge and insight was appreciated and it is hoped that all of us can see it in our hearts to give at least a minimum of $10 per month.  Rotary thanks you for your support and, remember, 95 cents of every dollar gets to those who need it." -- President Brent Mathison