Deer Park Rotary Installs New Leader

Deer Park Rotary Installs New Leader
Thursday,  June 24th, Deer Park Rotary installed Joe Feist as its new club president.  Joe will assume his duties July 1, 2021 and complete his year of leadership on June 30, 2022.  Present for the ceremony at Deer Park High School was Joe, outgoing president Ken Russell and presenter PDG Bob Carroll.  Members of the Deer Park Rotary Club were present on ZOOM.
This year underlines the club’s clear dedication to the support of local school districts in Springdale, Deer Park and Riverside through the awarding of significant cash scholarships and the additional sponsoring of literacy events in the districts. This long-term commitment has brought Ken Russell, Superintendent of the Riverside School District and Joe Feist, Principal at the Deer Park High School into important leadership posts.  The picture includes PDG Bob Carroll who currently serves as president of the Riverside School Board.  
Superintendent Russell brought leadership and focus during an incredibly challenging year due to the pandemic.  His professional steering of weekly ZOOM meetings held our club together.  Deer Park Rotary anticipates a more predictable year ahead and we welcome Principal Feist to be our leader.
Beginning July 15, 2021, Deer Park Rotary will be meeting in-person at First Street Bar and Grill, 122 W First Street in Deer Park on the first and third Thursdays of the month and will continue ZOOM meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. We welcome members of the community to join us.
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Little Free Libraries

After months of work and coordination, the first Little Free Library was installed in Deer Park at 3833 E Eloika Rd on September 29th.
This Deer Park Rotary project was a solution to a problem. The books from the Rotary donation box at Yokes were no longer being used for the elementary school book event, and the Club considered removing the donation box. Gary Bowe, Club Treasurer, proposed an alternative, the Little Free Library program. This program has more than 90,000 registered public book exchanges in 91 countries with millions of books exchanged each year. The goal is to increase access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
After discussion at Deer Park Rotary club meetings, the board approved the project. The project was a natural fit for the local club. Supporting literacy and Community Service are central goals for Rotary. The project provides multiple locations for free access to books for readers of all ages. While we have an excellent library system, the Little Free Libraries provide access to many in the community that cannot or do not use the county libraries on a regular basis.
The club sought locations for the first installations while Wes Player, club president at the time, generously volunteered to construct the libraries. Wes reviewed designs of other library installations and used those ideas to create the design for the Deer Park Free Little Libraries. The club also submitted and received a grant from Rotary District 5080 for funds provided through The Rotary Foundation to assist with the costs of the project.
The existing book donation box which has been in place for many years with generous contributions from the community will continue to be maintained by the Deer Park Rotary Club. It will be a resource for stocking the Little Free Libraries.
Five more libraries will be installed in the next two to three weeks by Deer Park Rotary volunteers. They will be located as follows:
• Riverside Centerplace Market, 34710 N Newport Hwy, Chattaroy, WA
• 116 N Stevens Ave, Deer Park, WA
• Lifeworks Financial, 102 W Crawford St Ste A, Deer Park, WA
• Greenhouse Community Center, 211 Fir Ave, Deer Park, WA
• 4779 Gibson Dahl Road, Clayton, WA
The books are available for the community's free use. Exchanging books is encouraged, but the book donation box will provide a continuing source for replenishing inventory.
Four of the six installations are at club members' homes or businesses. They will watch over and restock those locations. A committee from the club, currently headed by Gary Bowe, will collect donated books, provide books for the various locations, and maintain the libraries, as needed. 
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James Dashner, Author of "The Maze Runner"

James Dashner, the New York Times Best Selling author of “The Maze Runner” series was the special guest speaker August 27, 2020 at the weekly Deer Park Rotary Zoom meeting.  Wes Player, immediate past president of the club introduced his nephew James as “Jamie”; the name he’s known by in the family.  James, the son of Wes’ oldest sister, was born and raised in Georgia and currently lives in Utah with his wife and four children.
As a young boy, James was always interested in writing and wrote his first full novel while in college.  Knowing that writing might be a tough way to make a living, James chose to pursue math in college and graduated from Brigham Young University with a master’s degree in accounting and began his career as a Certified Public Accountant. 
James continued to write on the side, submitting stories with varying results.  His move into publishing came in baby steps with books selling by the dozens until 2008 when the first book in “The Maze Runner” series was purchased by Random House. It was with some emotion as he recounted being with his wife, children and “sweet mother” when he got the word from his agent that Random House had purchased the Maze Runner series and he realized that he could make it as a writer.  He quit his accounting job and started on the path as a full-time author. When asked what drew him to writing, he believes it was the atmosphere of the rich family history of stories dating back to before the Civil War passed through the generations of his family living in South Carolina.  Probably the biggest thrill he ever had was having the Maze Runner series picked up by 20thCentury Fox, being on the set, meeting the cast and being in attendance at the premiere.
Although the Maze Runner was written for older teenagers, it was popular with middle schoolers and read by adults as well.  The first book of the series didn’t make it onto the New York Times “best seller” list but the second did and the third, not only was on the list, but was #1.  James said the series is “huge” in South America and is actually more popular outside of the United States than inside.  “The Maze Runner” has been published in 45 languages and has taken James to all of the continents with the exception of Antarctica.  He’s been trying to find a way that he and his wife could change that.
When asked who his favorite authors are, Stephen King was at the top of the list. He is currently working on a Stephen King thriller type novel that will probably come out by next fall.  Included in other books that James has written is “The 13thReality” series which was based in Deer Park, Washington.  Wes, known by James as “Uncle Wesley” asked when he and his family might next visit in Deer Park.  James said he’d like to come in the winter after seeing all the beautiful snow in Wes’ pictures.
James expressed appreciation to Deer Park Rotary for it’s emphasis on literacy and work that we do in the community.  Although our club members look forward to meeting again in person, it was a real treat to have James join us via Zoom and spend this time together.  For all of his success and notoriety, he is a very well-grounded person and as one member put it, “he is a regular guy”.
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Deer Park Rotary Inducts New Club President

Pictured left to right - Wes Player, outgoing President for 2019'2020, Dr Ken Russess, newly elected President for 2020/2021
By Teresa Foster Eckard
Wes Player, the 2019/2020 President of the Deer Park Rotary Club passed the gavel to Dr. Ken Russell at the July 23rd meeting of the Deer Park Rotary. Deer Park Rotary is currently meeting through Zoom but typically meets weekly at noon, on Thursdays, at the First Street Bar and Gill banquet room, 122 W 1st Street, Deer Park, WA 99006.
Russell shared his three core values with the Club:
• Serving Others
• Building Relationships
• Pursuing Excellence
Ken is excited about the journey and looking forward to getting to know all the Club members. His focus this year will be on UNITY in response to the divisiveness that currently afflicts our world.
Dr. Ken Russell, newly elected President of the Deer Park Rotary, proudly serves as the Superintendent of the Riverside School District. Prior to his current position, he served as Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services for the Mead School District for 3 years. Before that, he was the principal of Mead High School for 6 years. Before becoming a high school principal, Ken was an assistant principal at Mead HS and at Ferris HS. He started his 28-year career in education as a middle school and high school English and Physical Education teacher.
Ken received his BA in English and MA in Education from Whitworth University, and he received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from WSU.
Ken grew up in Bigfork, MT and came to Spokane to attend college and play baseball. He has been married to his college sweetheart, Shannon, for 28 years, and they have 5 amazing children: Nick (25), Allie (20), Lindsey (20), McKenna (20), and Luke (17). He and Shannon just welcomed their first grandchild, Weston!
Deer Park Rotary supports many local charities with money raised through an annual Petunia Sale in the spring, an annual Golf Tournament in September, and other activities supported by their local community. Much of their fundraising goes toward support of education in the Deer Park area, including scholarships for Deer Park, Riverside and Mary Walker High Schools and the Student of the Month Program.
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Joe Feist - Deer Park Rotarian of the Year 2020

Joe Feist – Rotarian of the Year
Wes Player, Immediate past president of the Deer Park Rotary Club selected Joe Feist as the “Rotarian of the Year”.  Joe, Principal at the Deer Park High School has been the force behind the club’s successful golf tournaments.
As a new member of the club with a golf tournament, he saw a way to contribute and serve.  And what a contribution he has made.  It takes many club members to plan and put on the annual tournament but it’s Joe who leads the way.  His strong relationships in the community have enhanced the success of this event.
Funds raised at the tournament support academic and vocational scholarships to deserving students in the Deer Park, Riverside and Mary Walker High Schools.
When accepting this award, it was clear that Joe’s reward for his work is shown in the joy expressed by the students when they receive one of these scholarships.
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Gary Gifford with DNR to present at the September 26th Deer Park Rotary Club weekly meeting.

Gary Gifford with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources will present on DNR Activities in the Deer Park Area September 26th at the Deer Park Rotary Club weekly meeting.

The attendees can expect to learn the following:

  • DNR’s role in fire fighting in the Deer Park Area,
  • What DNR does in this area beside fighting fires,
  • DNR usage of the Deer Park airport for fire fighting,
  • The closest DNR campground to Deer Park.
Deer Park Rotary meets weekly at noon, on Thursdays, at the First Street Bar and Gill banquet room, 122 W 1st Street, Deer Park, WA 99006.
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Mike Balahura,Rotary President of HELP Honduras Society speaks on “HELP Honduras Society - It’s Story and Successes”

IMG_3454.JPGMike Balahura to present at the September 19th Deer Park Rotary Club weekly meeting. 

HELP Honduras Society - It’s Story and Successes

HELP Honduras, is a project administered by Rotarians to provide support, opportunities and hope to some of the poorest families in Honduras. They are families, usually headed by single mothers, who work in the public markets or scrounge in the municipal dumps to eke out an existence.

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Rotary Past District Governor Bob Carroll speaks on “Mentoring - The Essential Connection with Youth”  Teresa Eckard 2019-08-29 07:00:00Z 0

November, December and January Students of the Month

November, December and January Students of the Month

Left Top  - November 2018 Students - Emmy Moore - Deer Park HS and Niah Gray - Mary Walker HS
Right Top - November 2018 Student - Sarah Balogh - Riverside HS
Left Bottom - December 2018 Students - Jerin Posey - Mary Walker HS, Libby Michael - Deer Park HS, and Andrew Bergman - Riverside HS
Right Bottom - January 2019 Students - Brent Hodgson - Deer Park HS, Lauren Pettit - Mary Walker HS, and Christian Salcedo - Riverside HS
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October 2018 Students of the Month

Left to right, Ava West, Lucas Keller and Jake Everly
Lucas Keller, Student Body Vice President at Deer Park High School is a member of several clubs including DECA, Key Club, and Link Crew.  He is also a well-regarded member of the Varsity Football team and said he has had a passion for football since grade school.  He credits the team work of football as a positive effect in his life.  He hopes to attend a school with D-3 football and a good Pre-med program.  He is looking at the University of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran.  His goal is to be a pediatrician and make a difference in people’s lives.  His father, Eric, is with the Deer Park District of DNR and his mother is a pharmacist. He ended by thanking the club for selecting him as Student of the Month.
Riverside High School’s student of the month is Ava West.  Ava is the second student in her family to represent Riverside High School.  Her sister, Paige, was January Student of the Month in 2017. Ava is taking AP classes and is a tri-sport athlete competing in soccer, basketball and tennis. She said she is blessed with an amazing supportive family at home and a second family at school. Ava said the teachers at Riverside work with students to help them achieve their goals and she feels Ken Russell, the new Superintendent at Riverside, has energized the school.  She sees more students at games and more school spirit.  Outside of school, Ava is involved in her church youth group. She has traveled to Mexico with them to build houses and spends a week each year in service at Camp Spaulding helping where needed.  Ava’s future goal is to be an architect.
Jake Everly is Mary Walker’s October student of the month.  Jake has one brother who is a sixth grader at Mary Walker, his father is a policeman in Spokane and his mother is a stay at home mom. When introducing Jake, Bob Lockhert told us that Jake is very personable.  Jake’s favorite classes are sports and metal shop.  He is a member of the varsity football and baseball teams at Mary Walker, as well as involved in leadership activities there.  Jake filled us in on all of the activity at school as they get ready for Homecoming.  Jake and his family have a family farm and Jake personally takes responsibility for 60 of those acres.  He raises cattle and has cut hay and is looking to plant some of it in wheat next year.  He plans to go to Spokane Community College, get his CDL which will be very helpful to him in his goal of being a full-time farmer.
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The Spokane County Volunteer Attorneys Program

President Don Kelley with Kristina Ralls, Director of Legal Programs
Kristina Ralls, Director of Legal Programs for The Spokane County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program (VLP) was guest speaker at the Deer Park Rotary meeting September 27, 2018. 
The Volunteer Lawyers Program began in 1985 to provide legal services to low-income residents of Spokane County and outlying counties who may otherwise be denied adequate representation or access to the civil justice system, and to encourage local attorneys to fulfill their duty to provide pro bono services. The program is funded through The Legal Foundation of Washington, interest on trust funds, state and city funds, local grants and donations.  If you are low-income, at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and have a non-criminal legal problem, contact CLEAR (Washington State’s Coordinated Legal Education and Referral System) for accessing legal aid at 1-888-201-1014 Monday through Friday from 9:15am to 12:15pm or visit  There is no income eligibility for Seniors 60 or older and seniors may call CLEAR for Seniors at 1-888-387-7111.
The VLP staff consists of an attorney, non-attorneys and volunteers who help with paper work, filling out forms and in the courtroom in matters of family law, landlord-tenant issues, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, consumer matters, wills and estate planning.  In addition, they recruit volunteer attorneys to staff clinics and dockets that address these needs held during the week at various times.  The VLP is fortunate to have assistance from volunteer paralegals and Gonzaga Law School FLASH Program students.
Kristina ended by offering how you can help; “Volunteer and tell people about the program.  Let them know there is help out there.”
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September Students of the Month

Left to Right - Everett Pierce, Braiden Sparkes
September Students of the Month are from Deer Park and Riverside High Schools.  Mary Walker’s Student Body President will be our guest next month along with the October Students of the Month.
Braiden Sparkes is Student Body President at Riverside High School.  Braiden has a younger brother who is also a student at Riverside, his mother is a teacher in School District 81 and his father is a hunter who has land in Washington, Idaho and Montana.  In introducing Braiden, Bob Carroll pointed out that he is a departure from past students who are usually focused on further education.  Braiden’s goal is to see if he has a future in hockey. As a junior, he moved to Seattle and lived with a host family where he played on a hockey team.  He attended a school with 2500 students and that experience made him appreciate the size of Riverside where he feels at home. Braiden is also on the football team and said he is very competitive and wants to be the best in whatever he does.  Through his ASB involvement, he tries to involve freshman so that the good student atmosphere at Riverside continues and he wants everyone to feel a part of the school.  After high school, he hopes to receive a hockey scholarship, pursue criminology and someday be a member of the FBI.
Everett Pierce, was introduced as an outstanding student with intense mental and physical strength by Deer Park HS Principal Joe Fiest.  Everett suffered a knee injury while wrestling a year ago and was told it would take a year for him to recover before he could compete in athletics again.  He wouldn’t accept that prognosis and was back in sports after 3 ½  months. He said didn’t want to accept failure and wants to be the best he can.  Along with football, wrestling and ASB, Everett is a member of Key Club and Link Crew.  He wants to give back to the school and says that helping someone makes your day better.  Everett also introduced his father Aaron, an employee at the Deer Park Post Office for many years and his mother, Jennifer who works at Acceptance Captital Mortgage in Spokane.
                Outside of school, Everett likes to hang out with friends and family.  He has candidate status with the US Naval Academy where he hopes to attend and eventually become an officer in the Marine Corp.  Everett concluded in thanking the club for selecting him as Student of the Month.
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District Governor Bev Reed Visit

Assistant Governor John Guarisco introduced our 2018-2019 District Governor Bev Reed.  Bev, a member of the Rotary Club of Spokane Aurora Northwest has served as President and was the club’s Rotarian of the year in 2005 and 2015.  Bev has also been engaged in the District as a facilitator for the Rotary Leadership Institute, a President Elect Training Seminar instructor and has been selected to be the PETS OPCOM Chair in 2021.  Bev is a Major Donor and belongs to the Paul Harris Society. She recently retired after a 38 year career with the YMCA.
                DG Bev began the meeting by sharing RI President Barry Rassin’s theme “Be the Inspiration” and her question “Why are you here?”  As she meets with members of each club board in the district, she asks them to select a picture card that speaks to their passion and explain why.   Three of the stories she shared highlighted the eradication of polio in the world, the building of communities at home and in the world and the education of children.  She encourages each of us to use our passion to “Be the Inspiration”.
                DG Bev played a video promoting Rotary District 5080’s 2019 Conference “Come Together”.  It is the first joint conference with Seattle’s District 5030 and will be held in Spokane on May 16-19, 2019.  There will be golfing, wine tasting, a “hands on project” and keynote speakers Angelo Lombardo, Minda Dentler, Rotary International President Barry Rassin and Bill Gates.  Bev led us as we enthusiastically sang1 the Rotary version of “Come Together” by the Beatles.  Mark your calendar; this will be a great conference!
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Guest Speaker Melanie Allen, Greenhouse Director

Melanie Allen was the guest speaker at our August 30th meeting. Melanie began by thanking us for the recent $500 donation and said the timing of the gift was perfect as there are no grants available in the summer but the need is still great.  She told us that The Greenhouse Community Center has grown from its first beginnings as a small food bank and clothes closet at Zion Lutheran Church in 1987 to a place that provides a food bank, clothing bank, emergency services, furniture, household and miscellaneous items for people in the Deer Park area. 
The only qualification to receive food from the food bank is to be a resident of Deer Park. Each month eligible residents are able to select food from the pantry’s shelves and fresh produce once a week that has been “rescued” from five local grocery stores in north Spokane County by Greenhouse volunteers. Between the monthly and weekly visits, the Greenhouse serves approximately 250 families with 1200 visits per month. The Greenhouse is supported by County Block Grants, Second Harvest, thrift store purchases and donations from churches and organizations.  When asked “When do you need volunteers?”  Melanie replied they’re always happy to have volunteers and they’ll find something for you to do.
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Meet our newest members

Left to right: PDG Bob Carroll, New members Aaron Norris and Darci Mankin
PDG Bob Carroll talked about how Rotary changes a little bit every year. Some of these changes come about due to a change in the complexion of membership. He spoke about the “dirty hands” projects done by the Deer Park Rotarians through the years. As the years passed, it became apparent that physical labor was becoming more difficult and the club reassessed how they could continue to serve the community and focused on supporting youth with programs like student of the month, scholarships, Interact, literacy and scouting. As he introduced Aaron Norris and Darci Mankin he wondered how their interests and skill sets will impact the club. We don’t know what those changes will be but we know they will enhance Rotary’s ability to deliver meaningful change in our community and the world.  When offering a few words, Aaron said that his vocation is banking but his life work is “Service” which is apparent as he is an Eagle Scout.  Darci’s  vocation is also in banking but her degree is in education and she sees her service as working with youth in any way.  It is a pleasure to welcome these two impressive individuals to join us in Service Above Self.
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Deer Park Rotary Honors Charter Member Don Veillette

Deer Park Rotary honors Charter Member Don Veillette
Don Veillette and his wife, Marge, were special guests at the July 19th Deer Park Rotary Club meeting as the club recognized Don as a lifetime honorary member.
Don, along with twenty other business and professional leaders of Deer Park became the chartered members of the 259th club to join Rotary International, an international service club whose motto is “Service Above Self”.  Through the many years of Don’s time in the club, much was accomplished by the Rotarians for the Deer Park Community.  Some of the projects included installation of the sprinkler system at Perrins Field, helped construct the bleachers at DPHS football field, constructed the dugouts at DPHS and helped financially with the reconstruction of the dugouts, along with providing scholarships at Deer Park, Riverside and Mary Walker High Schools and sponsored Deer Park Cub Scout Pack #202.
Don served as club president twice and was the club historian.  As he shared memories of the club and individual projects he made that are still used in the meetings, he also shared how deeply he cares about Rotary and how it has made a difference. 
Thank you, Don, for your service through the years in Deer Park and in the world.
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May Rotarian of the Month

Jeremy recognized one of our newest members, Casey Armstrong, as Rotarian of the month of May. Before Casey was even inducted into the club, she led the club in flower sales. She not only pre-sold 22 baskets in less than a week, she got them from the greenhouse and delivered all but those who wanted to pick them up. Since joining the club, she has supported all of our projects and events.
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Stevens County Fire Chief Mike Bucy Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker was Mike Bucy, Fire Chief at Stevens County Fire Protection District #1 and fellow Deer Park Rotarian.  District #1 serves Southern Stevens County and covers communities of Clayton, Deer Lake, Ford, Loon Lake, Suncrest, Tum Tum, Williams Valley and Springdale.  It is staffed by a combination of paid and volunteer personnel. They responded to 1400 calls last year, up from 1100 in 2013; 70% a result of medical/trauma accidents with a majority being ATV accidents. They partner with Life Flight and are helped by “Tender Operators”, volunteers who take vitals, drive water tanks and free up regular firefighters.  The district is largely rural-wildland that includes private forestland. Chief Bucy is very proud of a special wildland truck that they built themselves at a fraction of the cost to buy one like it new and the new Fire Stations at Loon Lake and Suncrest. Along with their duties on the job, they work with kids, train military and provide other community services. Mike finished up by answering questions and giving us all important advice on how to protect our homes and communities from fires.
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Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Posted on Jun 14, 2018
            Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson was our guest speaker. He is a 4th generation Washingtonian whose family has deep ties in Everett, Washington. He began his legal career in Spokane and later returned to Seattle. He was elected as the 18th Attorney General of Washington State in 2012. He told us that our club is the 126th Rotary Club in Washington that he has visited. He was at the Colville Rotary Club yesterday and started today at the 7:00 am Kettle Falls Rotary Club. He learned early on that Rotary Clubs share the Attorney General office’s mission of service to the community.
            The AG’s office is the largest in the state, employing over 1000 with approximately 600 Attorneys and 600 professional staff. The AGs office researches and gives legal advice and available options, but does not set policy. It works on behalf of the people of Washington through civil and consumer protections and defends Washington State law. When asked what had he learned from the transition of attorney to Attorney General, he said it wasn’t so much learned but the realization of managing a department of over 1000 people and the breadth of the responsibility of the Office.
            He ended by thanking us for having him and for letting him move his time up a bit in order to make a 3:00pm flight so he could have dinner with his wife and 10 year old twins.  I think everyone present would agree that it was an honor and pleasure to meet Attorney General Ferguson.
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Student of the Month Banquet

May 20, 2018 was our Annual Student of the Month Banquet held at St Mary Presentation Catholic Church in Deer Park. Twenty-four students from Deer Park, Riverside and Mary Walker High Schools, along with their parents were invited to an evening of fun, food and fellowship where they were recognized with certificates and gifts. Our Student of the Month Program and the annual banquet has become one of our favorite events.  This program, along with Academic/Leadership and Vocational scholarships, monetary donations to local food banks, RYLA scholarships and community projects like the playground equipment in Mix Park are possible through the generous support of our Golf Tournament, Flower Basket Sales and Holiday Sign.
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Deer Park Rotary Club honors longtime Rotarian Les Newell

Les Newell, retired Deer Park Postmaster was the special guest of the Deer Park Rotary Club at their April 12th luncheon meeting.  The club presented Les with his second Paul Harris Fellow award and also recognized him as a Lifetime Honorary Member of the club he had joined over 26 years ago. 
In recognizing Les, fellow Rotarian Wes Player said that Les was the first person who met him when he attended a Deer Park Rotary Club meeting.  He was so friendly and he knew that this was the kind of person he wanted to be around.
Wes then called Past District Governor Bob Carroll to the podium to speak for the members of our club.  Bob spoke to the memorable quality of friendship that Les will always be remembered for. Bob then presented Les with his honorary credentials and the club award of a second Paul Harris Fellow recognition. Les expressed his gratitude for the many years of great memories in the club.  He stated that in spirit he would be a “Rotarian” well into the next life.  The club rose in applause expressing respect and appreciation for Les Newell’s service.
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March Students of the Month

Left to right:  Brent Fiola, Nathan Berglund, Tom McNamme
Congratulations to Mary Walker's Brent Fiola; Deer Park's Nathan Berglund and Riverside's Tom McNamme who were selected as Deer Park Rotary's March Students of the Month.
Brent, Nathan and Tom told us about their classes, sports and updated us on the happenings at their respective schools. All three students were impressive presenters and high achievers.  
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Deer Park Rotary Welcomes Clayton Community Fair Royalty

Each year Deer Park Rotarians look forward to a visit from the Clayton Community Fair Royalty and their adviser Karen Martino.  In their promotion of the fair, we learn about its history, the events and opportunities available and any current information.  This year was no exception and President Jeremy Marcuson was happy to present a check in the amount of $100 to Queen Karli Kastener and Princess Hannah Moore.  This year’s Fair date is August 24 through August 27.
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February 2018 Students of the Month

Left to Right:  Cameron Franks, Deakon Lamb, Courtney Stockman
Courtney Stockman is student of the month from Deer Park High School.  Courtney’s love of horses and riding comes from past generations of her family.  She and her mother enjoy riding together.  Courtney has been involved in Link Crew and softball for several years.  She has been in band since the 4th grade and is currently in the Deer Park HS band and will be going to Anaheim with the group.  She is also a member of FFA and raises hogs.  Courtney plans to pursue pre-med at Spokane Community College following graduation.
Riverside High School’s Deakon Franks is student of the month.  Deakon has attended Riverside schools for 13 years.  He has been involved in baseball, basketball, cross country and wrestling.  His favorite sport is wrestling.  Deakon is also completing his first year in Running Start and will be going to Washington State University this fall.  Along with his academic courses, Deakon enjoys learning and working with the strength of carbon fiber and its ability to replace aluminum.
Cameron Franks has lived in the Valley-Springdale area all of his life.  He attended Valley elementary school and is a senior at Mary Walker High School.  Cameron has been a member of the basketball team for three years and said it’s his favorite sport.  He feels the challenges and struggles he encounters in basketball help him in his daily life.  He plans to work with his father after graduation.
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January Students of the Month

Pictured left to right:  Haylee Swiger, Mikal Palmer, Olivia Willis
Haylee Swiger has lived in the Springdale area all of her life.  She is Vice President of ASB and a member of the volleyball and softball teams.  During fall and winter, she is a cheerleader for the football and basketball teams.  Haylee, along with Mary Walker students, collected canned food and raised money for the Loon Lake Food Bank by holding a movie night and selling sno-cones.  Haylee plans on attending Eastern Oregon University where she will pursue a future in social work.
Olivia Willis began by thanking Rotary for selecting her as Student of the Month from Riverside HS.  Olivia has maintained a 4.0 GPA in HS and is currently enrolled in 10 classes.  She will be a 12 sport varsity athlete, lettering in cross country, basketball and track each year and is a musician.  She plays acoustic bass in Riverside’s jazz band, electric bass in the pep and marching bands and flute in the concert band.  Olivia is ASB executive treasurer, senior class treasurer, and president of the Riverside Honor Society, band and French clubs. She volunteers at the local animal shelter, Spokanimal, tutors students, gives music lessons and is an employee at the Ram Drive In. Most importantly she is a dreamer who, at a young age, dreamed that she will make a difference in the world.  Olivia plans on studying behavioural neuroscience at either Stanford University, the University of San Diego or the University of Washington with the dream of helping individuals overcome mental disorders.
Deer Park High School’s Mikal Palmer is ASB Sergeant at Arms.  He is involved in leadership and is a member of Link Crew, helping incoming freshmen during their first year at Deer Park High School.  Mikal plays basketball, football and golf and recently learned he has been selected for the All State 2nd team in football.  He recently attained his goal as an Eagle Scout.  He is currently taking Real Estate classes, is a member of the Latter Day Saints and will go on a mission in a year or so.
January Students of the Month 2018-01-10 08:00:00Z 0

Santa's Helper Raffle Drawing

Guest Speaker Mary McDermid, Mass Mutual Life Insurance Company's "Special Needs Trust" Specialist drew the lucky winners of our 2017 Santa's Helper Raffle.  First prize of $1000 went to Gary Webb and $500 second prize winner was Portland Rotarian Randy Barcalow.
Santa's Helper Raffle Drawing 2017-12-20 08:00:00Z 0

December 2017 Students of the Month

Pictured left to right: Joe Feist, Travis Hanson, Enoch Clemmer, Malia Fay,Natasha Chrisp and Ken Russell
Natasha Chrisp, a 12 year student at Riverside High School is on the cross country, basketball and track teams.  Her classes include Spanish 4 and Calculus.  Natasha was in a select group of nationwide students who competed and won a trip to Peru.  Lasting friendships were made as they traveled the entire country of Peru in one week.  She said that week was the best experience of her life.
Deer Park High School student Malia Fay was introduced by President Jeremy.  Jeremy noted that not only is Malia an honor student, she has a kind heart and is an excellent employee who works in the office at Vision Source.  Malia is president of Key Club, an ASB officer, a member of FFA and has been a member of Link Crew for 4 years.  She is very involved in her church and her favorite class is a floral class where she discovered a creative side of herself she didn’t know existed. 
Enoch Clemmer, a new student at Mary Walker High School transferred this year from Paideia High School in Valley, Washington.  Enoch’s favorite class is PE.  He loves all sports and has since he was a little kid.  He plays basketball, baseball, football and runs cross country.  His hope is to be accepted into ROTC at Central Washington University where he can pursue a career as a pilot.
Pictured along with our students of the month are Deer Park Rotarians; Deer Park High School Principal Joe Feist, Deer Park School District Superintendent Travis Hanson and Riverside School District Superintendent Ken Russell.
December 2017 Students of the Month 2017-12-13 08:00:00Z 0

November Students of the Month

Left to right:  Shandel Swiger, Ethan Spencer, Weston Dean
Mary Walker High School student Shandel Swiger, Riverside High School student Ethan Spencer and Deer Park Student Weston Dean were recognized at the November 2nd Rotary Meeting as November Students of the Month.  Congratulations to these young people, leaders of the future. 
November Students of the Month 2017-11-19 08:00:00Z 0

July 2017 Rotarian of the Month

Congratulations Wes Player! Wes became a member of the Deer Park Rotary Club on May 18, 2017 and was recently selected by President Jeremy Marcuson as the Rotarian of the Month of July.  Wes  is definitely on the fast track and has stepped up to serve in so many areas of Rotary.  We are so proud to call him our fellow Rotarian!  
July 2017 Rotarian of the Month 2017-11-01 07:00:00Z 0

District Governor Jerri visits Deer Park Rotary Club

District Governor Jerri Anderson was our special guest speaker at the October 26, 2017 Rotary meeting of the Deer Park Rotary Club.  DG Jerri shared her personal story of becoming a Rotarian and carried a message of possible initiatives from Rotary International President Ian Riseley.  There are a lot of exciting things happening in District 5080 and as DG Jerri says "our future is so bright, we have to wear shades!".  She invited everyone to the District 5080 Conference to be held in Sandpoint, Idaho on June 1 through June 3, 2017. There will be world-class speakers, events and fun activities for families and members of all ages.  Mark your calendar!!
District Governor Jerri visits Deer Park Rotary Club 2017-11-01 07:00:00Z 0

Ken Russell - newest member of our Club

Welcome to our newest member of the Deer Park Rotary Club.  Dr. Kenneth Russell, Superintendent of the Riverside School District was inducted into our club September 28, 2017 by Past District Governor and Deer Park Rotarian Bob Carroll.  Ken's focus and work with youth for a better life has created a new excitement, attitude and hopefulness in the Riverside School District.  We are excited to have Ken join us in service in our community and the world.
Ken Russell - newest member of our Club 2017-10-10 07:00:00Z 0

Meet our newest member, Bonnie Tapscott

Bonnie is an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker for Lifeline Insurance who represents Aflac, Medicare Plans, Individual Health, Life and Disability, Annuities, Long-Term Care, Identity Theft Protection, Pre-arranged Final Expenses and Washington Health Benefit Exchange-ACA. She has attended many Rotary clubs throughout the years and found our club to be “very welcoming” and wanted to join.  She has lived all of the country and came to Spokane in 1980.  She graduated from EWU in 1983 and spent 30 years in advertising.  Due to a horrible medical trauma affecting her husband, she left advertising and began her career in insurance needs.  She finds the work very satisfying and said “I love helping people!”  Bonnie has served in many leadership roles of non-profit groups, has board experience and strong fundraising experience.  Although Bonnie lives and has an office in north Spokane, she has spent many years in advertising in the Deer Park area and loves this community.  Bonnie is married and has 3 sons.  She loves one on one conversations and hopes to get to know many of us personally.
Meet our newest member, Bonnie Tapscott 2017-08-31 07:00:00Z 0

Carol Carroll Rotarian of the Month for September 2016

Carol Carroll
General Biography:   I was born in South Dakota.  At the age of 3, my family moved to Spokane where I grew up.  I graduated from John R. Rogers High School and attended Eastern Washington University.  I began working for Occidental Life Insurance Company in the 60’s as a file clerk and later as secretary to the Branch Manager.  I became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of my second daughter.
I went back to work in 1977 at Occidental Life which had been purchased by Transamerica so it was now Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company.  I served as the Agency Secretary and later as the medical and dental claims adjustor for Transamerica Occidental Life’s Group Health and Dental Insurance Plans.  In 1985, I again became a stay-at-home wife and mom to our blended family of my three daughters and Bob’s daughter and son and that family has now grown to 5 in-laws and 15 grandchildren. 
Although I have only been a “bona fide Rotarian” for two years as of October 2nd, my experience of Rotary is rich and varied.  I have attended two International Conventions, International Assembly, an International service trip to Ecuador with our Interact Club, numerous District Conferences, fall and spring assemblies and have visited 59 Rotary clubs in our District during Bob’s District Governor year.  Rotary has become an important part of our life in our retirement.
Rotary service activities, including Rotary positions held:  Carol is a member of the Administrative Committee, a member of the Deer Park Rotary club Board and serves as the Secretary of our club.        
Describe how this candidate embodies exceptional leadership qualities as a Rotarian: Carol demonstrates cooperation, integrity and results in her leadership style. In her position as Secretary of the Deer Park Rotary club she has expanded and refined the role of the Secretary helping our club to run smoothly and effectively. She has also identified areas of weakness, like our website, and taken action to improve these areas of weakness.  Her expression of service above self is reflected everyday she serves in her role as Secretary of the Deer Park Rotary Club. Thank you Carol for having the wisdom to see what works and what doesn’t work and taking action to make the needed changes we are a better club because of you.        
Carol Carroll Rotarian of the Month for September 2016 Jeana Moore 2017-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Teresa Eckhart Rotarian of the Month August 2016

Teresa Eckhart
General Biography:   Teresa was born in the Yakima Valley to fruit ranchers whose families were original homesteaders in the area. She obtained her bachelor degree in civil engineering at Washington State University and later a Masters degree in project management while working at the Port of Seattle.

In 2005, after 25 years working in the Seattle area as an engineer and project manager, she and her husband moved to the Deer Park area to be closer to their parents.  She and her husband recently retired and are looking forward to new adventures!                        
Rotary service activities, including Rotary positions held:    Teresa is a co-chair of the Membership  Committee. Teresa often steps forward when requests are made for help with club activities and without prompting acts when she sees a need within the club or sees a way that her skills can add value to our club.                      
Describe how this candidate embodies exceptional leadership qualities as a Rotarian:  Teresa leads with accountability, honesty and focus.  As a newer member of our club Teresa has brought “out of the box” thinking, freely sharing innovative and productive ideas with our club.  Teresa, you are an asset to the Deer Park Rotary club and I thank you for your generous service and leadership. 
Teresa Eckhart Rotarian of the Month August 2016 Jeana Moore 2017-06-14 07:00:00Z 0

Joe Feist Rotarian of the Month for July 2016

Joe Feist
General Biography:  Joe graduated from Gonzaga Prep High School. Then moved on to Central Washington University where he majored in Business Education.  He received his master’s degree from Eastern Washington University in the Foundations of Public Education along with a public school Administration Certification in 1994.
He began his career teaching business courses and instructing PE at West Valley High School.  Next, he moved into a position as the Athletic Director/Dean of Students – South Whidbey HS. In 1999 Joe became an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director in the Chewelah School District.  In 2007 Joe moved his family to Deer Park where he now serves at the Principle of Deer Park HS.  
Joe has received numerous awards in his years in public education and served on the Washington Interscholastic Executive Board from 2004 to 2013.                        
Rotary service activities, including Rotary positions held:    Joe is a member of the Public Relations Committee and has quietly and skillfully lead our club to successful Golf Tournaments for the past three years.                      
Describe how this candidate embodies exceptional leadership qualities as a Rotarian:  Joe manifests awareness, empathy and confidence as a leader in our club.    First but not first, for me describes Joe’s quiet and humble leadership.  Without drawing attention to himself and always recognizing the contributions of others Joe selflessly offers his leadership skills to benefit others thank you Joe for exemplifying exceptional leadership of our club.
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Superbowl Baord 2017 Good Luck Emery Krahn 2017-02-04 08:00:00Z 0

Deer Park Rotary Visioning Session

Pictured left to right, Janelle Harvey, Don Roberts, Traci Sunday and PDG Arlan Gadeken
The Deer Park Rotary Club welcomed the Visioning Team from Rotary District 5080 on Saturday, October 8, 2016 as they spent the day reflecting on their recent service in the community and planning for future endeavors.  Rotary International encourages local clubs to look at and evaluate their purpose and meaning within their areas of focus.
Deer Park Rotary Visioning Session 2016-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

2015 Petunia Sales - Reserve Now - Ready by Mothers Day

 2015 Petunia Sales. Cost $18. Reserve orders now and they will be ready by Mothers Day. Choose from Beautiful Trademarked Wave, 12" Baskets, Colors include: Purple, Misty Lilac, Blue, White, Red, Rose, Pink, Burgandy Star and Shockwave Deep Purple.
For more details Contact Meg 466-9479.
2015 Petunia Sales - Reserve Now - Ready by Mothers Day Peggy Skirko 2015-02-07 00:00:00Z 0

Deer Park's Mix Park improvement project approved!

Posted by Lynn Kuehn on May 03, 2014

We received informal notification that our grant proposal to District 5080 for our Mix Park improvement project was approved for $5000.  This means we can soon proceed with purchasing and preparing for the installation of playground equipment.  This is the first year of a two year project which will involve the whole Community and benefit us all, especially our children.  The first year's budget is over $12,000, with major contributors Deer Park Rotary Club, the City of Deer Park, Rainbow Playland Co, and Dennis Clarke Construction all helping with this project.  Many thanks to these organizations!Image

Deer Park's Mix Park improvement project approved! Lynn Kuehn 2014-05-04 00:00:00Z 0
Here are some of our outstanding students at the banquet... Lynn Kuehn 2014-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

Student of the Month Banquet

Posted by Lynn Kuehn on Apr 12, 2014
We had a great Student of the Month banquet on Sunday where all of our outstanding students from Mary Walker, Deer Park, and Riverside High Schools were honored for being such great young adults.  A good turn-out of Rotarians and family members, with great potluck!Image
Student of the Month Banquet Lynn Kuehn 2014-04-13 00:00:00Z 0

March Meetings

Posted by Lynn Kuehn on Mar 13, 2014
Here are some of the happenings so far this month.  We've had some great programs, so if you haven't been to our Club meetings, here's some of what you've missed!
March Meetings Lynn Kuehn 2014-03-14 00:00:00Z 0

December Newsletter

Posted by Lynn Kuehn on Dec 08, 2013

Welcome to the Holiday Season!  We at Deer Park Rotary have been very busy with a variety of activities recently.  We're excited to have our new raffle drawing coming up this week, Thursday December 12.  Come out and hope you or one of your ticket purchasers wins either $1000 or $500 for Christmas shopping.  We also will have a guest speaker, Charlotte Stenzel, of the Spokane County Prevention Coalition discussing her substance abuse/strengthening families programs.

We introduced our December Students-of-the-Month last week (see photo); Joshua Rux from Riverside, Jeremy Beal of Deer Park, and JosieMae Paladin of Mary Walker.

Sunday our Interact Club from Springdale had their party at Golden Corral Buffet and Bowling at Deer Park Bowl.  We had great fun with these wonderful young people.  Thanks to Chris, Linda, Mike, Lynn, Kaydin, Debbie, Meg, and Bill for celebrating with them.

We distributed books to the primary schools in the area and have received many heartfelt notes of thanks from the kids and their teachers.  Thanks to the ladies of the club who have taken on this worthwhile literacy program.

We have a membership proposal from Larry for Michael Card of Washington Trust Bank.  This is the "official" notice to the membership for the required comment period.  Thanks to Larry & Mariah for their recruiting efforts.

Incidentally, last month Larry took the big pot by drawing the Joker from the deck (several hundred dollars--what'd you do with the money, Larry?)  We're now carrying over half the pot to this next round of the 50/50 drawing.  Speaking of gambling, there will probably be a football college bowl board showing up this week.  This is a lot of fun, so be ready, pigskin prognosticators.

Merry Christmas, everyone


Josie, Joshua, and Jeremy

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November 2013 Lynn Kuehn 2013-11-22 00:00:00Z 0

Sept 12

Posted by Lynn Kuehn on Sep 11, 2013

We had a great meeting last Thursday with our guest speaker, Christi Swearingen from the Aurora North Club.  She spoke on the Youth Exchange program and youth protection issues in general.  Thanks, Christi!  Unfortunately, I lost my notes of the meeting, but do remember that Chris's daughter graced us with her presence along with Lynn's Slovakian houseguest, Samuel, and Bob's wife Paula Lockhert.  We also celebrated the Deer Park Rotarian of the month, Gary Bowe, for his many contributions to the Club.  Congratulations, Gary.

We have a busy weekend coming up on Saturday with the painting of Deer Park's fire hydrants.  Thanks to Bill & Debbie Cogan and all the volunteers for their participation.  Also, the District Fall Assembly is Saturday, so there are many activities are available for our group to be involved with Rotary.

The meeting was started by our greeter, Dan Berg, and moved along with entertainment from our Sgt-At-Arms Bob Lockhert.  Thanks, guys.  We hope to see everyone on Thursday for a great program given by Chelsea Maguire of the Better Business Bureau sponsored by Linda Sheeks.

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September 5th Meeting Lynn Kuehn 2013-09-05 00:00:00Z 0
The Cog! August 1st Meg Parker 2013-08-01 00:00:00Z 0

The Cog

Posted by Meg Parker on Jul 22, 2013

July 18, 2013




The Cog Meg Parker 2013-07-23 00:00:00Z 0
Welcome to a New Rotary Year!! Emery Krahn 2013-07-10 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Emery Krahn on Jun 05, 2013

Every Thursday we meet at 1 street bar and grill! 

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Super Bowl Emery Krahn 2013-02-02 00:00:00Z 0

Youth Book Donation Drop Box

Posted by Mariah Scott on May 17, 2011
The Deer Park Rotary Youth Book Donation Drop Box has been completed and is in the parking lot at Yokes.  Thankfully we were able to get the box donated by Yokes and they allowed us to leave it in the existing spot for donations.  Emery did some great work getting it refurbished and ready for donations!  We are finally up and running!
Youth Book Donation Drop Box Mariah Scott 2011-05-18 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peggy Skirko

   September 27, 2014 Deer Park Rotary Golf Tournament

The Deer Park Rotary would like to thank all the sponsors, golfers, volunteers for a fabulous Golf Tournament on a beautiful fall day, Sept. 27th, 2014. The event was enjoyed by all at Deer Park Golf & Country Club. The tournament proceeds will go toward scholarships and community projects. We wish to especially thank our 35 sponsors for their generous donations as well as the Deer Park Country Club. We also want to thank the Golf Committee: Joe Feist, Chairman, Les Newell, Emery Krahn and many volunteers for all the fun! Gary Bowe, Amy Krahn, Meg Parker, Carol Carroll, Bob Carroll, Debbie Cogan, 10 Springdale Rotary Interact volunteers and Peggy Skirko. Guest volunteer, Kent Greenhalgh from Dixon Golf at the featured Hole in One Challenge on #4. 


Please thank the following Sponsors for their generosity:

First Investors,  Loretta Huss Real Estate, Chewelah Construction Co. Inc., Sculley’s Automotive, Markham Homes Inc., Jim & Theresa Eckard, Anytime Fitness, B.S.N. Sports, Deer Park Diesel, Mary Mary Marketing, Linda Sheeks, Lifeworks Financial Services, Double Eagle Pawn, Bruchi’s Sandwich Shop, Best Medical Consultation, Deer Park Family Care Clinic, Northside Vehicle Sales, D&K Concrete, Levi’s Mini Mart, Hometown Animal Hospital, Auto Zone, Deer Park Urgent Care, Fred’s Automotive, Fred’s Towing, Deer Park Tribune, Golden Aspen Ranch, U.S. Postal Service, Hydrafab Northwest, Inc., Bill & Debbie Cogan, Jayco Drilling, Standen Insurance, Empire Eye Physicians, Freedom Signs, Spokane RV Park, Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Magic Creek Construction, Kirk Shaler Farmers Insurance, Deer Park Veterinary Clinic, Toner’s Sand & Gravel, Les Schwab Tire Center, Washington Trust Bank, Memory of Mike Burdette, Deer Park Gazette, Gary J. Bowe, EA, NW Canopy Structures, Deer Park Auto Freight, Chattaroy Rental, Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc. Jim Palmer, Sr., Ambient Lighting, Debbie Connwell Realty, Bob Mart, Hauling Political Promises Elk Septic, 395 Tractor, Big John Spraying, Pretty Mans Pro Cut, Salty Dog, Deer Park Vision, Deer Park Plumbing, Avista Utilities, Bob & Carol Carroll, Pat’s Pumps, Julie Becker Heritage Home Loans.

golf pics

golf Tournament

Golf Tourn Pic 4


Rotarians Dedicate Playground Expansion at Deer Park Mix Park 2014

Posted by Peggy Skirko

Deer Park Rotary members put the finishing touches on the Mix Park Playground Equipment expansion project on June 28th, 2014. Along side the members, an army of community volunteers and the Deer Park City`s maintenance crew helped install the equipment and the bark. Toner`s Sand and Gravel poured the cement edging. Scott Stevens of Deer Park Plumbing served as construction boss and assisted in the complicated job of assembling all the equipment! Debbie Cogan and other members managed the grant process with matching funds from the local Rotary. The Playground Expansion offers the children in the community many years of safe park FUN!


Rotarians Dedicate Playground Expansion at Deer Park Mix Park 2014 Peggy Skirko 0

October 17, 2013

Posted by Lynn Kuehn

We’ve had a very interesting month of October so far, beginning with our Student-of-the-Month program kicking off with the student body presidents of Deer Park, Riverside, and Mary Walker High Schools.

October 17, 2013 Lynn Kuehn 0
Clean Up Project on the Deer Park Highway Entrance Sign Peggy Skirko 0
Deer Park Rotary Combats Literacy Meg Parker 0

Rotary Provides Security for this years Settlers day parade

Posted by Emery Krahn
This year, Deer Park Rotary a Non-profit 501c3 celebrates its 30th Anniversary and provides security for the Settlers Day Parade. Strategically Place at all intersection in highly visible blue shirts with florescent green safety vest, the job of redirecting traffic safely away from the parade route. "It is our honor to provide this service for our community" states President Bill Cogan. " Our motto is service above self"
Rotary Provides Security for this years Settlers day parade Emery Krahn 0