iInstructions for Guest Speakers

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Instructions for Guest Speakers 

Of the Colfax Rotary Club 


Please give this page to your speaker when you invite them to make a presentation to our club.  You can email it to them or print it out and give a hard copy to your speaker. 


Thank you for agreeing to speak to our Rotary Club.  We look forward to hearing your presentation.  We would like you to be aware of a few things before you come to our club. 


1.      Lunch is on us.  We are a luncheon club and we will provide your lunch.  If you are bringing another person, we will provide their luncheon also. 


2.       The meeting officially starts at 12:00 noon.  If you would like to eat with us, please arrive a few minutes early.     


3.       If you need audio visual equipment please let us know in advance and please arrive by 11:45 am so we can set up everything. We currently are meeting at The United Methodist Church in Colfax. If your presentation is on a laptop computer you may bring your own computer or have your presentation on a thumb drive.   If you need a notebook computer, we can arrange to have one available.  We have a digital projector system but lately it has not worked with a Macintosh computer. We need to know in advance if either of both of these tools may be needed for your talk. 


4.      After lunch when the President rings the bell, we all stand up and recite the pledge of allegiance.  After which we are led in a short prayer.   There will also be a brief business meeting prior to your presentation.   Members will be 'fined" for various transgressions, or offer brag dollar donations to the club that are collected by the sergeant at arms. After that you will be introduced by the club member who invited you. 


5.      We would like your presentation to be at least 15 minutes, and normally not more than 25 minutes, 


6.      We think handouts, photos, and other display items greatly increase the effectiveness of the presentation.  Allowing for questions, always enhances a presentation  


7.      Our club meetings are sometimes attended by the Colfax Gazette. So you might expect few questions from their reporter as the meeting. 


8.      If for any reason you cannot keep a scheduled speaking date, please contact the club member who invited you as soon as possible. 


9.        If you are a Rotarian, be sure and ask for a makeup card.



Approved by Board August 2, 2012