The Idaho Department of Fish And Game


Brian Johnson

Idaho Department of Fish & Game

Brian Johnson with President Greg Johnson (no relationship)

Brian received his degree from Colorado State University in Wildlife Biology and has been working with Greg Johnson (no relationship) since heading up the Caribou project in 1986.

He described his role in the enforcement efforts of the Department citing the most common offense being related to licensure. He described tagging of deer and the use of decoys to catch wildlife game and trespassing violators.


The majority of the program was directed at answering questions. He responded to inquiries concerning how he protects his safety as well as those of his colleagues while in the field. He also discussed the current situation concerning the caribou, pelicans at McArthur Lake and the fact that McArthur is not restocked with any particular fish because it is considered a protected area for waterfowl and is not considered a fishery.  In addition, boat checks are being made along various roadways in Idaho because of invasive bi-valves, a mollusk that has recently been imported from Asia.  Brian also commented on how the Department sets bag limits for deer and elk and the presence of the Wolverine in the Selkirks/Purcells.   

Further information about the Department and its current rules and regs can be found HERE.