Dan Studer & Debbie Foster, GROW


Debbie Foster, Dan Studer with Rotarian Wilma DeVore

Dan Studer, who spoke to Rotarians about one year ago, described the “Gardeners for Regional Organic Well-being” organization, better known as GROW.  GROW was established in 2009 as a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization to meet the needs of community members who recognized the value of gardening, not only as a source of food but also as a health and social connection tool for the benefit of those in the community. 

As described on their website GROW, the organization maintains 36 garden plots behind Trinity Lutheran Church. A single 4 X 20 foot plot can be leased for $20.00/year or $45.00 for two plots.  GROW has a presence at the local Saturday Farmers Market and helps support the County’s Food Bank/Food Pantry.  A second donated garden is located below the hospital and is maintained by Debbie Foster. She works primarily with the Riverside School.

The organization has a goal to complete a fencing project at the hospital site, marketing materials to support their work at the Farmers Market, additional commercial garden hoses and other materials and supplies to continue the activities of the organization.  Dan mentioned that Rotary provided $300.00 last year for commercial garden hoses and that he would be preparing a “Request for Rotary Funding Assistance” again for 2012.  He indicated that dues from its members covers insurance costs only. 

Rotarian Jennifer Jensen maintains all of her presentations on the GROW website as part of her position with the University of Idaho and her support of GROW. This educational material includes information on mulching, fertilizing, irrigating a vegetable garden, pest control, etc.