Patti Branson & Jenny Fessler


A feature of our club, as in all Rotary clubs, is to have the newer members (and sometimes the older members too!) address the membership describing their vocation or classification (i.e., banking, government, health care, law) and inform the club of their personal background so the members can get to know them better.

Patti grew up on the family homestead in the Cow Creek area of town, the daughter of Everett and Phyllis Tritt. She is the mother of four children (3 sons & 1 daughter),  David, Jordan, Sammy, & Kenny. Prior to her banking career, Patti worked as a waitress for three restaurants in town and also helped Mr. Larson set up Larson’s Department Store in Bonners Ferry. She started as a Teller/New Accounts representative with Zions Bank in 2002 and was promoted to New Accounts/Consumer Loans. In September 2005, after Mountain West bought Zions, Patti was promoted to Residential Loan Officer and in February 2011, she was promoted to Bank Manager.

In her spare time, Patti is also Chairperson for Ducks Unlimited and Treasurer for Beta Sigma Phi (XI Alpha Mu Chapter). She held a positive impression of Rotary’s presence in the community and joined the club in January 2011. She also spends lots of time with her kids, having just finished PTO Basketball and is currently busy with Flag Football and Girls Fast Pitch. Life.

From the country to the court house, Jenny Fessler was elected Treasurer of Boundary County in 2006 and re-elected in 2010 and has never looked back. She was born in Newport, Washington because as she said, "there was no hospital in Priest River." She spent most of her youth in Boundary County attending local schools.  Many years ago, her late brother strongly encouraged Jenny to consider Rotary because of its mission and values. After gaining a level of comfort in her current position, Jenny made her decision and joined Rotary earlier this month.  She and her husband Alan have been married for 32 years and have raised three children, Mike, Amanda and Marie (Mimi). Her son lives in Arizona and the daughters live in Colorado and Palm Springs. She also has five grandchildren. While in the process of raising her family, Jenny worked in the Treasurer's Office and Assessor's Office before seeking the full time elected Treasurer position.

Congratulations and welcome to Patti and Jenny and thank you for your polished presentations.







Paul Hazdovac -- April 1



Linda Alt -- April 20 (40 years)

Norm Braatz -- May 29 (48 years)



 Pat Carson -- May 5, 2009

Marcivee Cossette -- May 5, 2009

Kathryn Star-Heart -- May 5, 2009






anniversary2 (Joined Rotary)





Nick Akins - Harvest Foods


 04-26 Speaker - (Nick Akins - Harvest Foods)A

 Nick Akins, Akins Harvest Foods

Nick Akins spoke about the newest grocery store in Bonners Ferry, Akins Harvest Foods. The company, headquartered in Quincy, Washington, was founded by Nick's grandfather and is currently headed up by his father. Harvest Foods is an organization of over 32 independently owned and operated grocers from Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

The Bonners Ferry grocery store opened on September 10, 2010 in the former Safeway store in downtown Bonners Ferry. Several improvements have been made over the past seven months. A new bakery and deli is expected to be added soon in the former pharmacy area. Nick addressed several ways the grocery store is helping the community. A 5 % discount is offered to seniors every Thursday from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. He cited the availability of a “Biggest Loser Program” at the store with demonstrations for a healthier lifestyle and proper diet. He stated that the store donates to the community both financially and in-kind and has supported such organizations as the Fry Healthcare Foundation, Bonners Ferry High School, Rod Benders, SWISH and other types of youth and health programs. Harvest Foods purchases locally-grown products when they can and they promote being "Green", offering canvas shopping bags and bins for recycled plastic bags and cardboard.

Greg Johnson noted that Harvest Foods provided the hams at cost for the food baskets prepared by Bonners Ferry Rotary during the holidays last year. They are also an early contributor to Rotary’s three-on-three basketball tournament to be held this July.




High School Choir and Robotics Team

(Lunch At The BF High School Library)





In the 1979 issue of The Rotarian, who said, "North Americans throw away more food every day than about 20 percent of the world's poor get to eat."

1. Henry Kissinger, US Statesman

2. Paul P. Harris, Rotary Founder

3. Carl Sagan, Astronomer

4. Willy Brandt, German Statesman

(Answer Below)




4 Of Hearts

4 of HeartsB
The 50/50 card draw for the 4 of Hearts was valued at $1,139.00, an increase of $59.00 from last week. Following her polished vocational talk, Patti Branson drew the lucky ticket that was held by Norm Braatz. (Bill Goodanetz arrived too early to claim the ticket this week).
With only 12 cards remaining in the deck, Norm chose a 4, but it was black, not red as in the 4 of Hearts. We will not have a drawing next week because of the program at the High School. Please return on May 10th to win one of the largest pots of money in the BF Rotary Club's history.   
Hope you enjoy the YouTube video that is posted in the story line in the center panel of this week's bulletin. It addresses Rotary's #1 priority -- the eradication of polio. Polio is now endemic in only 4 countries world-wide: Pakistan, Afganistan, India and Nigeria.
Trivia Answer:
#3 - Carl Sagan, from the 100th Anniversary Issue of "The Rotarian" in the section on "Poverty" published in January 2011.