Bianca Has Left the Building

Meetings at ye olde club house just aren't the same. Oh sure, members come and go, some make it to meetings now and then, but there is one constant smile that is now gone AWOL. Ladies and Gentlemen, Bianca has left the building. Our foreign exchange student has headed back home. However not with out paying the price. She first had to survive the ride to the airport with speedy Dave Mc., who mave has set a new record for B.F to GEG. We will not publish the time until the statute of limitations has run. After making to the airport, the United States Customs did their best to keep her in the U.S. They almost taxed her back in to poverty. If not but for her card drawings winnings, she may have had to sell some of her possessions to be able to leave. Well I am still waiting to hear how the rest of her homeword travels went...Bianca..if you are reading this, we still expect a report once per week to know how your week went!


Its all in the headline!