Rotary News - March 2010
March 2, 2010
1) CHANGE FOR CHANGE bottles were distributed. All proceeds will go to the polio eradication fund. Clarence explained that we should fill our bottles with loose change and then give them to the treasurer who will record your personal contribution with RI. When you reach $1,000, you will become a Paul Harris Fellow. This is such an easy way to contribute to the Foundation. If you don't have a CHANGE FOR CHANGE bottle, Clarence will gladly give you one. Thanks, Clarence, for paying to have these bottles made! 2) Don't forget that Rotary will meet at BFHS on Tuesday, March 16th. Dr. Don is having a scrumptious lunch planned as well as a great program. 3) Clarence wanted to clarify that there will be no circus this year - it only comes to Bonners Ferry every other year. 4) The Father Of All Yard Sales will be coming up soon. Volunteers will be needed, so stay tuned in for further information. 5) Bonners Ferry Rotary will be donating $300 to the local lacrosse team. Go, Team! 6)Dave Kramer told us about the upcoming "Penguin Plunge - Freezin' for a Reason" to benefit the Idaho Special Olympics. The event will be held on March 20th at noon at the Deep Creek Boat Launch on the Kootenai River. Sponsored by local law enforcement, there will be warm fires and changing tents for anyone who wants to brave the chilly waters. Prizes will be awarded for Best Costume, Best Group Participation and Oldest Plunger. Too scared of the frigid temperatures? You can also register as a "Chicken Plunger" if you are too scared of the cold can get sponsors and still participate without putting a toe in the water. Contact Dave Kramer for more information. 7) County Commissioner Walt Kirby educated us about the workings of the county government, specifically on the vast improvements that have been made to the Restorium as well as the county landfill. Walt credited Restorium manager, Carlene McGee, with helping get the Restorium the necessary improvements that make it such an asset to our county. The landfill is a multifaceted issue with many layers. Walt gave Claine Skeen a great deal of credit for the improved functioning of the landfill, saying that he has "worked miracles." Walt discussed the many positive effects that the recycling program has had on the potential longevity of the landfill. He also discussed the system of checks and balances that create a viable county budget and its many ramifications for Boundary County residents. Thanks, Walt, for giving us a first hand peek at what it takes to run a county! That's it for this week! See you at Mugsy's on Tuesday!

March 9, 2010
1. Don't forget to meet at the high school next week. Don B. has invited the Robotics Team to speak to us as well as the Stomp group to perform for us. Should be fun! 2. There are a few proposed manual procedure changes to be voted on at district conference. 3. The Junior Miss contestant sponsored by Rotary is Miss Charena Branscum. We gave her $100. 4. There are 17 calendars left. Get 'em for only $10! 5. Matt Morgan spoke to us about the positive effect that Safeway's buy-out of Boundary Trading Company will have on him personally, on his family and on the community in general. He urged us all to give Safeway a chance and to look for the positive in the transition. Matt will continue to work for the Trading Company stores in Post Falls and will continue to live in Bonners Ferry for at least a year. 6. Chris Boeckman of Cognizant Computer Resources spoke to us about the services that his new computer repair business will offer to Boundary County residents. See you at BFHS next Tuesday!

March 16, 2010
1. Students of the Month, Janzen Cummings and Mikki Erickson joined us for lunch and told us a little about themselves. 2. Mr. Ed Katz, science teacher and advisor of the Robotics Club, discussed the team's recent win at the Western Regional FIRST Robotics Competition. Joining him were three students who were members of the team who gave us their perspective of the competition. At this point, the team needs donations from the community to enable them to attend the FIRST Robotics Finals in Atlanta, Georgia in a few short weeks (hint hint!) 3. Finally, we adjourned to the gymnasium where members of the Stomp Squad performed their stomp routine which beat Sandpoint High School at Moose Madness earlier this winter. It was a rousing and fun performance, directed by dance teacher, Melanie Schreiner. See you at Mugsy's next Tuesday!

March 23, 2010
1) First, Walt Kirby explained the necessity for an elevator at the Restorium. He asked Rotary to consider joining in the effort to raise approximately $50,000 to have an elevator installed outside the Restorium building. He stressed that the elevator would provide access to the lower level of the Restorium for both the administrative staff and the residents as well as facilitate the use of the lower level for such things as computers and the group meeting room. The elevator would also provide easier access to the outdoors, especially to get to the hospital. 2) Charena Branscum, sponsored by Rotary in this year's Junior Miss Scholarship Program, told us a little about herself. We are very proud to have a fine young woman such as Charena represent us. 3) Finally, Kevin Callos entertained us with his personal history. It was fun getting to know more about him. That's all for now. See you next Tuesday!

March 30, 2010
1) Clarence expressed some concern about the club's membership lately. We have had 7 members who needed to withdraw recently, and Clarence is hoping for at least 9 new members to join in the coming year. If you know of anyone who is "Rotary material," invite them to attend a meeting as your guest and see if they would be interested in contributing their intelligence, talent and skill to the organization. We could use some new energy to join forces with us. 2) UPCOMING EVENTS: (a) May 14 and 15: The Father of All Yard Sales. Becky Calderone is chairing this annual event. Talk to her if you would be willing to help set up the yard sale or if you would like to reserve space to sell your "treasures." (b) September 18 - 21: Kootenai River Ride 3) We need someone to coordinate the bike ride this year. Ron is willing to co-chair but is asking for someone to step in and spearhead the event. He said that all of the paperwork has already been created so chairing the event is not that hard. 4) We still have a few calendars left, so get 'em while they're only $10. 5)  FUTURE SPEAKERS FOR APRIL: Brett Brown will speak at the April 6th meeting. Idaho Supreme Court Justice Roger Burdick will speak at the April 13th meeting. See you on Tuesday at Mugsy's!