What do Aerial Photography, Special Olympics, and Yoga have in common? All were presentations at the 12/14, 12/28 and 1/4 Rotary Club meetings.

On December 14th, Bill Caldwell provided an enjoyable ride for us in his presentation of aerial photography. Bill has traveled internationally in his work, but his primary love of taking pictures from above is centered around the Inland Northwest including Canada. He spoke about his experiences in observing the difference in color, topography, and detail from an airplane as opposed to ground level. He concluded the narrative portion of his presentation with a slide show of several aerial photos he had taken in the area.

On December 28th, Dave and Barb Mohler provided an interesting program about the Special Olympics. Both Dave and Barb work as volunteers at the local level, Barb having been the local coordinator since 2004. The two activities currently undertaken on the local level are snowshoeing and bowling. They hoped they could add more activities, but this is dependent on securing additional volunteers for practice, travel time and coaching. Dave and Barb got involved in Special Olympics in California with blind baseball. They started here in 2004 with $130.00 and since then, the community has provided the bowling balls and snowshoes and Rotary provided the jackets for the participants and volunteers. Eligibility begins at 10 years of age for those physically and mentally challenged at no cost to the participant. The snowshoeing schedule for 2011 is as follows: the area games will be held in Kellogg on February 5th. If the local participants make it to the area games, they automatically qualify to attend the 3-day State Games in McCall in mid-March. Dave Kramer is involved at the State level and is underway with the Penguin Plunge and Tip-A-Cop fund raisers.

Sharon Allured spoke to the club at their regular meeting on January 4th. Her topic of presentation and conversation was centered on the subject of Yoga. Sharon is formally trained and has worked in the education and practice of Yoga most recently in Portland before moving to Bonners Ferry. She currently is affiliated with the BF branch of NIC. Most of her students are pursuing Yoga to better their individual and collective lives. Sharon referenced better breathing techniques to help overcome stress and the ability to laugh citing how Norman Cousins, editor of the Saturday Review, overcame a debilitating disease through laughter. She also commented on proper stretching and movement of  muscles to avoid or relieve stress. In conclusion, she demonstrated the 5 muscle groups that need to exercised every day. These include (1) Calf, (2) Hamstring, (3) Hip, (4) Lower Back, and (5) Front of Shoulders, the Pectorals.