Keeping Up to Date




VISITING ROTARIANS & GUESTS IN OCTOBER: In addition to our speakers, we welcomed The Honorable Steve Verby, Sandpoint Rotarian; Dr. Hank Willis; and Marcia Morman who made a brief presentation about breast cancer awareness (see below).

ROTARY GRANTS TO THE COMMUNITY: Grants were awarded to the following local non-profit organizations: (1) “A Night At The Museum” fundraiser for the local BC Museum; (2) the annual all-elementary school Spelling Bee.



BIRTHDAYS:  Dave Gray (November 10);

                     Kevin Callos (November 13)




ROTARY ANNIVERSARIESBrad Holifield (November 4) – 4 Years

                                          Ray Olson (November 4) -- 4 Years

                                          Tim Wilson (November 7) -- 6 Years





 Greg Johnson summarized the reports and actions from the October Board of Directors as follows:


     The Community Breakfast & Auction generated a net of $2,400; proposal to move the breakfast to the Spring season because of the busy Fall schedule.

     The 2012 KRR generated about $3,200 net while the WaCanId Ride is still being calculated.  Board agreed to continue to sponsor the WaCanId ride as long as Rotarian Mark McInnes is involved.

      Club Admin reports speakers have been arranged for the month of October

      Membership reported that Corporate Memberships are being finalized with the first membership from Shelman Realty and an application from Mountain West Bank.

      The PR Committee is making the website work for us as the Facebook page is working. We are also are progressing on the capability of accepting donations, membership dues, selling raffle tickets, and more on the website. 

      The Foundation Committee is emphasizing the Every Rotary Every Year (EREY) goal of $50.00 per year per member.  Members who do not participate should be contacted to emphasize the importance of the Foundation. It was suggested that the quarterly dues statement would show both club dues together with the $12.50 Foundation donation, but to indicate that the $12.50 is optional.

     The Service Projects Committee is working on a playground in the community as a new Rotary project.

      The Board is completing work to obtain status as a 501 (C) 3 organization, making it financially advantageous for contributions of goods and services to our club.

      Rotary grants to the community were considered from the Museum and School District Spelling Bee.  Both were approved.

      President Greg will be appointing a new Chair for the “New Generations” Committee addressing youth and other related activities including student exchange, scholarships, and more.

      The President discussed alternative fundraising/member sponsor ideas including corporate membership, and individual as well as corporate sponsorships.  In addition, the future of Rotary’s role with SWISH will be discussed shortly as the 5-year renewal of backboard sponsorships is required beginning in 2013.  The relatively low rate of return on our annual investment of time and energy will weigh heavily on this consideration.  

      The Board agreed to pay expenses for anyone who would agree to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute in Sandpoint on 10/27 or in Coeur d’Alene on 12/8.

      Discussion was held on the logistics of making the Calendar Raffle work better. Ideas were shared regarding placing a link on the website for sales, computerized drawings, and more. 

                             The President will discuss the extended leaves of absence granted to 2 members.  

     Image Marcia Mormon, BCH Community Relations Coordinator addressed Rotarians regarding Breast Cancer Early Detection Day set for October 26.  From all indications including this excellent website, a sizable crowd of pink clad individuals gathered at Georgia Mae Plaza to get Imagetheir pictures taken, hear a proclamation from Mayor Dave Anderson and hear several tidbits from others about Breast Cancer that has touched the lives of many of us.  More than 300 community staffers from local businesses donned a pink Early Detection T-shirt and participated in the event. 





ü    Pat Carson reported on the 2013 Calendar Raffle project.  Each member has been provided with a packet of 13 calendars. The goal is for each member to sell (or buy) the 13 calendars by December 15th. Each calendar costs $20.00.  A Calendar Sales Thermometer is available in the meeting room for a visual related to meeting our goal of selling 500 calendars. 

ü   This is one of Rotary’s largest and easiest fundraisers!  We experienced a net profit of $6,500 in 2012, and we did not sell all 500 calendars. Take a look at our Facebook page for more information about the calendars. 


Members were happy to learn that Bill G. has undergone successful heart surgery and that the citizenry has such a fine group of workers in the County Clerk’s office.  Happiness for evident for loved ones, for those who are back home from their travels visiting grandkids, congested cities, or attending meetings, although Jim was happy to be going…Atlanta, North Carolina, and more.  The move and success of the food bank, the high school students going to state, the community support of the calendar raffle, and being blessed to live in a part of the country that is devoid of what others on the East Coast may be feeling with electrical blackouts, shortages of food, gasoline, transportation, sanitation, housing, and more.Image

President Greg appointed Dave Walter permanent Sargent-At-Arms (or fine master).  New rules: cell phones will be turned off; no talking while someone else is speaking; no tardiness, and if you’re late, never admit you’re late; no empty chairs at the tables; no advertising your business. During the month, fines were levied for being late, not wearing name badges, wearing glasses, empty chairs. For your information, Dave W. has been absent the last 2 meetings.

100% of ‘Happy Bucks’ and ‘Fines’ are banked to fund scholarships.



As of the October 30th meeting, $785.00 was contained in the 50/50 bank. The 5 winning $1.00 ticket holders for October were unable to draw the 9 of Clubs. Image 


 The account continues to grow with VERY FEW cards left!