May 15, May 22, May 29


Colet Allen was here on 5/15 to explain the change in time for the Robotics Team presentation at the Museum. On 5/22, Jessica Poston was the guest of her mother, Glenda. Although Jessica has a birthday on May 27th, Rotarians decided to sing Happy Birthday to her early.  Lexi Wages was one of the 13 Rotary scholarship recipients this year (see below).  Lexi's sister, Kelsey a sophomore was also introduced as a Rotary guest. 

On 5/29, Lexi was introduced by Norm as one of the 13 Rotary scholarship recipients for 2012 who could not attend the reception on 5/17.  An anonymous donor from our community who helps fund Rotary scholarships has emphasized the importance of vocational education in higher education.  Ever since she was a young girl, Lexi has has had two goals, to become a cheerleader and to pursue a career in cosmotology.  She thanked Rotary for giving her the funds to support both goals.

Lexi Wages with Rotarians Wilma DeVore & Norm Braatz

Greg reported that Craig Johnson will pursue the paperwork necessary for club designation as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, allowing tax exemption for financial and/or in-kind contributions.   Lisa offered to assist Craig in this effort.

Summer MacDonald, newly approinted manager of the Bonners Ferry Department of Labor office (job service), requested volunteers from the community who would like to conduct mock job interviews in a high school class during the week from 12:50 pm to 1:50 pm.  Please see Summer for more information.      

President Wilma reported the 49th wedding anniversary of Norm and Kathryn, asked Kevin to give us the 4-way test (and even in spite of his continuing commercial messages, he performed the 4-way test admirably). Wilma also 
reminded Rotarians of the Rod Benders Car Show, the continuing Smithsonian Exhibition at the Museum, and the Bonners Ferry High School graduation all this weekend (June 2-3).

Greg reported that the North Hill Project that includes benches along the old roadway has now been completed. He will provide further information for a news release. 

    On 5/15, Norm provided specific information regarding Rotary scholarships for 2012. Information is included in another story on this website.  Thirteen scholarships were awarded, 8 seniors at BF High School and 5 college students.  Rotary started giving scholarships in 2002 when they awarded $600.00.  In 2012, ten years later, Rotary awarded $6,500.00. Norm also reported on Rotary International and District awards as well.  RI gives scholarships including World Peace Scholarships for use toward a Masters degree.  In addition, the District arranges "Group Study Exchanges" (GSE) where several Rotarians between 25 and 40 years of age are involved for those who want to lend expertise to a foreign country in one of the six focus areas of Rotary (water purification, immunization, polio, disease, etc.) as well as learn the culture of a particular country or focus.

    Jim gave us a Rotary Moment on 5/29 about stress.  From surveys, stress is the leading cause of work loss in Great Britian.  69 percent of Canadian workers are happy with their jobs.

      THANK YOU:
      Thank you notes were read from the BF High School Robotics Team and The Earth Day Fair Committee for Rotary grants to those two organizations.   

      • The annual Rotary DISTRICT CONFERENCE will be held in the Tri-Cities (Kennewick) on June 6th through June 10th.  This will be the first time that a sitting President of Rotary International (Kalyan Banerjee) and a sitting Chairman of The Rotary Foundation will be attending the District Conference (Bill Boyd). Click on the website above and enjoy a summer-filled weekend with Rotarians from 60 Rotary clubs and other individuals throughout the Rotary world.
      • The 10th annual KOOTENAI RIVER RIDE scheduled for September 15th is progressing well. Riders have already registered on-line.
      • SWISH organizers are planning for the 5th annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament scheduled for July 14-15th. Sponsorship letters are being distributed. Glenda asked that Rotarians complete the “SWISH 3-on-3 Basketball Event Volunteer Request” form if they are available to volunteer for any of a variety of times, dates, and positions that the organization is trying to fill.  Please return the form to Glenda or to Linda M., Ron Smith or Brion Poston, better known as the SWISH team.
      • Planning for the 2012 WACANID BIKE RIDE scheduled for September 17-22 on the International Selkirk Loop is well underway and being handled by Mark McInnis.  Click on the link above to register for this event on their website.
      • The COMMUNITY BREAKFAST & SILENT AUCTION is scheduled for September 22nd at the middle school. For the first time, proceeds will be earmarked for scholarships. Linda Alt and Norm Braatz are co-chairs for this event.





      JoJo Baker - June 7

      Lisa Holmes - June 12

      Linda McFaddan - June 15

      David McIntosh - June 18

      Wedding Anniversary

      Therese Osborne - June 6 (20 years)

      Dave Gray - June 11 (46 years)

      Bill Goodanetz - June 12 (20 years)

      Bill McClintock - June 22 (49 years)

      Wilma DeVore - June 30 (51 years)


      Rotary Anniversary

      Bill Goodanetz - June 6 (6 years)

      Don Bartling - June 7 (10 years)

      Wilma DeVore - June 7 (10 years)

      Jackie Gale - June 13 (6 years)










      The Honorable Steve Verby

      "Sentencing Decisions"


      Rotary Archive

      May 4, 1987


      The United States Supreme Court rules that Rotary Clubs may not exclude women from membership on the basis of gender.


      Today there are nearly 200,000 women who are Rotarians.

      (Source: Rotary International)