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.....HAPPY BUCKS ON MARCH 20th.......                                       Image

Clarence was happy for Spring!
Kevin was happy that Dave W delivered the daffodils on this winter day!
Dave W's day was also brightened by the daffodils.
Pat dropped the daffodils in favor of the fact that he has officially retired, complements of his wife....or is that being fired?
Glenda was happy for all those in Rotary who helped with the Jr. Miss competetion!
Linda M. was comforted in the thought that the gentleman on her right was now retired.
Greg was happy for Doug and Steve who showed up to affix the roof to the Welcome sign.
And finally, Walt was very happy for the definite improvement in the look of the Edward Jones office (...Kevin brought Kim to Rotary as a guest)

............all of these Happy Bucks are given in fun and love and 100% are used to fund scholarships...

  • Rotary WELCOMED BACK Norm and Pat from their extended sojourns to warmer climes. Pat returned with a club banner from the Rotary Club of Sierra Vista South, Arizona.  


  • We have less than 30 RAFFLE CALENDARS unsold at $10 for members, $15 for non-members. If you still have unsold calendars, please see Pat or Therese for information regarding their disposal.

  • About half of the booths for the YARD SALE, scheduled for April 27-28 have been sold. A sign up sheet was circulated for slots to fill for set up on Thursday evening, staffing the Rotary booth on Friday and Saturday, and for tear down on Saturday. Rotary's booth will accept items anytime from 5 pm on Thursday and also on Friday. Because the kitchen and adjoining room will not be used this year, the Rotary booth will be located inside the double doors. 


  • Wilma reported that the BOARD OF DIRECTORS at its meeting on March 6th approved Rotary grants to the following organizations: (1) $200 for the July 4th fireworks display in Bonners Ferry; (2) $500 toward the purchase of an enclosed trailer for the Boy Scout Troop #188 provided the scouts can raise the remaining $1,100, (3) $75 to the BC Museum Education Committee for 4th grade classes bussed from the 3 elementary schools for the Smithsonian Exhibit.  The President also reported that Rotary would not support a food booth at this year’s SWISH. In keeping with recent board policy, each of the three organizations will be invited to make a short presentation at a future Rotary meeting regarding their program and how the money is being used. 


  • The roof is now affixed to the "WELCOME TO BONNERS FERRY" SIGN approaching the community from the north. The electrical work should be started in a couple of weeks, while the landscaping awaits warmer weather. When all is completed, the community volunteers who designed, constructed, erected, electrified, landscaped, stored, or otherwise had a hand in presenting the sign to the community, will have a gathering for pictures for the news media. 


  • Wendy introduced Jordan Ann Grapensteter as Rotary’s representative to DISTINGUISHED YOUNG WOMEN OF BONNERS FERRY (Jr. Miss) competition later this month. Jordan’s comments are captured below.


  • The 10th ANNIVERSARY celebration is progressing well. Over 100 invitations, designed and printed by Linda Alt are being sent to current and former Rotarians and their guests as well as other Rotarians in our District. Part of this celebration is to bestow Rotary’s “Service Above Self” awards on community members. Please give your nominations to Wilma or to any board member for consideration by the full board.


  • Preliminary information received from Ed Katz, program director for the BF HIGH SCHOOL'S ROBOTICS TEAM indicated that the team placed 4th out of 65 teams at the Portland Regional competition and because they received the Engineering Inspiration Award, they will now compete in the World Finals. The $5,000 grant they received from the award will be used to pay the entry fee.


  • The ROTARY MOMENT for March 20 was provided by Patti who referenced The Rotarian magazine in her discussion of how Rotary has helped the world around us. Over $100,000 was raised in Canada for relocating a school, guitars were provided to the troops from a fund raiser in Colorado, in the Dominican Republic, optometry services were made available to individuals who have never had an eye examination, an End Polio fund raiser and celebration was held in England, micro loans were available to citizens in Egypt, and the list goes on. Very impressive when you consider that our own Rotary club has had this kind of an impact on the world. 
  • The 2012 SWISH and 2012 KOOTENAI RIVER RIDE websites are now operational with capability for registration and payment on line.  A link to these two sites is posted on the right panel of the Rotary Website.  Ron also referenced the availability of flyers for the event.

  • Greg reported on his trip to PETS (President-elect Training Seminar) earlier this month. He described it as eye-opening and imspirational for what Rotary stands for both locally and internationally. He said he left charged up knowing that Bonners Ferry was in good shape, but wondering about his term as president beginning July 1st. Greg joined Rotary because of his enjoyment of Rotary in the community. However, he came away from PETS not only bolstered by what Rotary means for our community, but with a richer knowledge and thinking about Rotary's work on the international level.

    Wilma reminded members of the SPRING ASSEMBLY on April 21 at the Red Lion Inn at the Park in Spokane from 9am-4 pm. She recommended that all incoming 2012-2013 officers and directors should take advantage of the training being offered. The BFRC will pay the registration fee for this training and you can register on-line.  If you don't know if you are an incoming officer or director, please see Greg Johnson, President-elect.




Marciavee Cossette – 3/12
Jennifer Jensen – 3/16
Darrell Kerby – 3/20
Becky Calderone – 3/26
Wedding Anniversary
JoJo Baker – 3/20 (41 Years)
Rotary Anniversary
Becky Calderone – 3/1 (2 Years)
David Sims – 3/3 (3 Years)
Lisa Holmes – 3/27 (5 Years)



 Jordan Ann Grapensteter – Distinguished Young Women of Bonners Ferry (DYW)

Jordan Ann Grapensteter

Jordan introduced herself as the daughter of Tom Grapensteter and Renee Wheeler of Helena, MT.  She stated her favorite hobby was sports, singling out snow boarding as a favorite. Her career goals include college in a warm climate and ultimately pursuing a degree in dermatology.  Jordan is one of 17 high school junior girls in the competition. To prepare for DYW, each participant lists their activities and achievements and remains active in a community project of their choice.

She referenced the date of the contest as March 24th and thanked Rotary for sponsoring her for this competition. National finals will be held in Mobile, Alabama in June.



 Quotes of the Week




(A Continuing Series For The Bonners Ferry Rotary Club)




The January 2011 issue of The Rotarian celebrated the magazine’s 100th anniversary. The editor of The Rotarian spent much of the summer of 2010 culling through articles by notable authors and thinkers such as Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Clarence Darrow, Helen Keller, and many, many others, to choose selections to run in the 2011 commemorative issue.  Here is another example of these contributions.


January 1993…Please send me another copy of “Harvesting The Sun” (September) with its excellent color illustrations.  I want to send it to Professor Israel Dostrovsky of the Center for Solar Energy Research in Israel (of which I was president in 1970-72).  Although I am 86 years old and severely handicapped physically, I am still active.  I have recently become very interested in supporting solar energy research.”

Albert B. Sabin, honorary Rotarian
Washington, D.C.


Editor’s note:  Albert Sabin developed the oral polio vaccine.  He died on March 3, 1993.





Winning Ticket Drawn:   Norm (3/6), Dave W. (3/13), Glenda (3/20)
Amount in Bank:              $913 (3/6), $948 (3/13), Over $1,000 (3/20)
Ace of Clubs Drawn:       None.....however, Glenda drew the Ace of Spades