1. Marciavee Cossette and Mark McInnes have each experienced recent hospital stays and are on the mend.  Marciavee received a digestive tune-up, while Mark received a triple CABG.   Image
  1. Dave G. reported the recent School District Spelling Bee on 1/21/12 went well. Rotarians Therese Osborne, Dave Gray and Dave Walter staffed the Spelling Bee. Rotary also provided a financial grant to the annual event.
  1. Approximately 130 of 500 Raffle Calendars have yet to be sold.  If every member could sell 3 more, we could conclude this fund raising event for 2012. The first drawing was held the end of January.  130 calendars represents a net profit to Rotary of about $2,600.
  1. Therese is the 2012 President of the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce. She mentioned the availability of two small business workshops at NIC.
  1. Dave W. fined each member $1.00 for every grandchild with a $2.00 maximum. On another recent Tuesday, members who sported facial hair and/or members wearing glasses were fined $1.00,  ImageLinda Alt was fined $1.00 for a poor start to the song and Craig Johnson was fined $2.00 for being absent from Rotary for some time.  Bill M. was fined $2.00 for being the only male seated in a long line of females, Jim was fined $5.00 for his frilly, unmanly looking Mercedes all decked out in sissy-looking Valentine balloons, and the line-up of Clarence, Jim and Bill G. each were fined because they reminded the fine master of the comedic 3 stooges, Larry, Moe and Curly.  Like “Happy Bucks”, all fines help fund high school scholarships.
  1. Since January 24th, we have welcomed two visiting Rotarians. Judge Steve Verby, Sandpoint and Jerri Anderson, President of Sandpoint Rotary. Jerri will assume the role of Assistant District Governor beginning July 1 replacing Phyllis Foro who could no longer fulfill her ADG duties because of the demands of her job.
  1. Since January 24th, we have welcomed several guests. Dave, owner & operator of The Log Inn; Bruce Barth, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church; Don Jordan and former member attended twice; Ken Baker, and two ambulance volunteers, Stephanie and Vickie from Boundary Volunteer Ambulance; Debbie Green, Panhandle State Bank in Sandpoint; Mike Naumann, Kootenai River Brewing Co; Ralph Johnson (Wilma’s father), Moscow; and Jane Kirby (Walt’s better half).
  1. Thank you letters were received from grants recently provided by Rotary to: (1) Friends of the Arts, (2) Boundary Volunteer Ambulance; & (3) Dottie Gray for the School District’s Spelling Bee.
  1. Beginning February 21, Mugsy’s will no longer be serving a buffet because of cost. ImageEither Mugsy’s would need to charge more for the meal or some food choices would have to go.  Several individual items will be available using a selective menu beginning on the 21st.
  1. Dave W. and Don Jordan asked for two (2) volunteers to help this Thursday, 2/16/12 with preparation of the roof sheeting that would be affixed to the “Welcome Sign”. Please let Dave know of your availability. (Note: This deadline has expired and very little still needs to be done except for some electrical work and landscaping).
  1. Subsequent to the membership meeting on February 7th in which Jerri Anderson, Sandpoint Rotary presented a proposal to support the funding for the purchase of surgical equipment for the Bangalore India Eye Hospital, the Board voted to fund the project to become the 6th Rotary club of 7 needed in order to meet Rotary International’s matching grant of $50,000.  The proposal was initiated with the Interact Club of Sandpoint.  This will be the first significant international project supported by the Bonners Ferry Rotary since our work to fund the clean water project in Ecuador in 2009.
  1. Linda A. reported that the invitations for the 10th anniversary are ready to be printed and she expected them be sent out in mid-March.






Wilma DeVore – February 8
Kirsten Madden – February 20
Dave Walter – February 27

Wedding Anniversary

Clarence Jones – February 16 (38 years)

Darrell Kerby – February 12 (41 years)

Rotary Anniversary

Tom Bushnell – February 1 (1 year)




Consider the following approaches for finding future Rotarians:

Ø   Invite friends, co-workers, and colleagues to join you at our weekly Rotary meeting.

Ø   Share stories of exciting club projects with colleagues, friends, and acquaintances

Ø   Ask potential members to become involved with a club activity or service project.

Ø   Encourage prospective members to tour the RI Web site, view membership videos, and complete a Prospective Member Form (

Once a prospective member demonstrates an interest in membership:

Ø   Complete Part A of the Membership Proposal Form, and return the form to Ron Sukenik for submission to the club’s board of directors.

Ø   Wait for Ron to notify you of the board’s decision, which should come within 30 days of the submission.


After your club board approves the candidate:

Ø   Ask the proposed member to complete and sign Part B of the Membership Proposal Form and return it to Ron who sends out the proposed name to the membership for comments.

Ø   If no objections are received from the membership within 7 days, the proposed member becomes a Rotarian and pays the $20.00 admission fee.

Ø   Ron immediately reports the new member to Rotary International via Member Access at

Ø   The Membership Committee will contact the new member as soon as possible to schedule a New Member Orientation.






From a Commencement Speech at Stanford University

“You’re time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.  Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.  They somehow know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary."


                                                                                                                                                    Steve Jobs
                                                                             Image         1955-2011



Mike Miller with Kaiser Insurance is the newest member to join the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry.  Standing in for Pat Carson, sponsor was Becky Calderone, Vice Chair of Membership. Wilma inducted Mike into membership on January 31.

In his other pursuits, Mike would like to see everyone giving blood every 8 weeks.  He indicated that he is looking forward to serving Rotary in whatever role he is capable to perform service above self.





Over the past four meetings, the Ace of Clubs continues to be among fewer than 20 cards hidden in an original deck of 52 cards.  On 1/24, Dave W. held the lucky ticket with $711 in the pot.  On 1/31, it was Linda A with $735. On 2/7, it was Dave W. once again with $800 and on 2/14, our newest member, Mike Miller held the lucky ticket worth $877.00.  No one drew the Ace of Clubs, so the pot continues to grow.

Good luck next week!