Riverside School and 3 Referendums on the November Ballot


Boundary County Riverside Alternative School

Vicky Downing

Vicky Downing with PP Norm Braatz

Vicky spoke to the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club about one year ago regarding the Riverside School and three educational propositions on the ballot for November 2011. Vicky is a government teacher at the Riverside alternative school in Bonners Ferry. She provided background information about the school that graduated over 10 % of Boundary County’s kids in 2012. The school board also voted to continue to provide funds for the school to continue in 2012-2013. Students at the school have a combination of being homeless, are in need of shoes, trousers and other clothing and in need of hygienic care. This year, the school installed a shower and washer and dryer for the students. Further information about Riverside is available HERE.

The remainder of the program was devoted to information concerning Idaho’s 3 new education laws signed into law in 2011 that will be on the ballot again in November 2012. The Idaho Education Association is recommending that Idahoans vote “to overturn these harmful and unfair laws in November 2012.” The propositions include making it illegal for teachers to voice professional opinions on several issues such as class sizes, lesson planning, and safety-related issues, basing teacher pay on test scores, and compelling local schools to reduce the number of teachers in order to buy laptop computers for students. Image

Anyone wanting to read more about this issue can click on information from the Boise’s Idaho-Statesman: