4-H Friday Friends Program


4-H Friday Friends

Nati Summerfield, Program Coordinator

Angel Barker, AmeriCorps VISTA


Angel Barker, Nati Summerfield, Greg Johnson

Now in its 6th year, 4-H Friday Friends features hands-on learning in technology, science, the arts, culture, healthy living, and recreation for physical growth and homework assistance. 4-H Friday Friends strives to promote personal development and social growth. As an example of the hands-on activities, the agenda for September included these topics: Back to School Safety with a member of the local police department; Space: the Sun and the Moon & the Solar System; Johnny Appleseed Day; and Art: Line Lesson & Design, Positive & Negative Shapes, and Fantasy Space Art. Student behavior is expected to be the same as at any school function.


The speakers addressed the partnerships they currently have with AmeriCorps VISTA, Boundary County School District, BC Library, Juvenile Justice, and Echo Springs and shared with Rotarians some case studies of results of the program. There appears to be lots of community support for the program from Master Gardeners and restaurateurs (Mario’s). 

The 4-H Friday Friends program is also in its third year as a Children, Youth, Families at Risk site. The program is provided under the auspices of the University of Idaho (Extension) and meets every Friday at the Boundary County Middle School from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm., September through May.  The cost of the all-day program is $10.00 per day per child with sliding scale fees available. Two healthy snacks are provided, one in the AM and one in the PM.

The staff of the program encourages positive community involvement and is always in need of volunteers. Mentors are especially needed in crafts and those with expertise in law enforcement and drugs. However, anyone with a special talent who has expertise in a specific area or even those who have some time to spend with the kids during part of the day are always welcome.  


The 4-H Friday Friends program is a great alternative to traditional daycare. Further information can be found HERE.