Included are news items from the meetings for June 5, 12, and 19.  The June 26 meeting is captured in the July "Local News"  summary.


VISITING ROTARIANS:  The Honorable Steve Verby, Judge for Idaho’s First District from Sandpoint Rotary and featured speaker on June 5th

GUESTS:         June 5 – The Honorable Steve Verby, Judge for Idaho’s First District was a visiting Rotarian from Sandpoint and our featured program for the June 5th noon meeting.

                         June 12 – Jeff Perkins, representing Boundary Community Hospital; Megan Kuhnausen, writer for The Flatlander, and Linda Alt’s granddaughter, Savannah.
   June 19 – Tamara, Wendy Hawks’ sister and Ben Horton, 2012 Rotary scholarship winner.

SONGSara Owinyo, a 2012 Rotary college scholarship recipient sang the National Anthem to open the meeting on June 5th.


HAPPY BUCKS& FINESMost of the members at the June 19th meeting shared "happy bucks" for the green shirt that Kevin was wearing and for Ben Horton the winner of one of 13 Rotary scholarships in 2012 (see Ben’s story below).  The Fine Master (Kevin) fined himself $5.00 for promoting his business.

THANK YOU:  Wilma read a thank you note from Alex Awbrey, Rotary Student of the Month for May.  Wilma noted that this might have been the first time that Rotary has received a thank you from a Student of the Month. 


ü       A flag football charity fundraiser between the US Customs & Border Protection (blue) and the US Border Patrol (green) is being planned for Saturday, June 23 at 5:00 pm at the BF High School football field.  Rotary and others are sponsoring this first annual competition as a fundraiser to purchase a special need tricycle for a young boy with Cerebral Palsy.  There is no entry fee to the competition or funding support required.  Donations are encouraged. The Booster Club will also be there to serve food.  VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED TO HELP WITH THE GAME.

ü       Wilma recognized 20 members for celebrating Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Rotary Anniversaries during June (see “CELEBRATIONS” below). 

ü       Volunteers are still needed for SWISH on July 14-15. Please complete one of the forms that are being circulated or contact Glenda or Ron for a much-needed volunteer activity.

ü       Kevin reported that he was the only representative from Rotary at the FHF Golf Tournament on June 15th despite the beautiful day. The Board approved a grant for $100.00 to support the Foundation’s golf tournament.

ü      Ray summarized a trip that he and 37 other World War II veterans were honored to take to view the WW II memorial  during the weekend of June 9th in Washington, DC.  He stated his appreciation that he was able to attend because so many other WW II veterans are not. 


  •  June 5 - Jennifer Jensen referenced the June edition of THE ROTARIAN in which Rotary highlighted the annual   photo contest where families are prominent in most of the photos.  Jennifer used BF Rotary fundraisers and community grants as metaphors where local families are helped through Rotary funraisers and events (SWISH, the BoCo Back Pack program, the literacy programs with the schools, wood delivery program, and the fees collected from dues to support various community and international projects).

June 19 – Reflecting on the conclusion of another Rotary year, Norm Braatz shared an inspiring message about why a Rotarian should not miss a chance to hear the Rotary programs at Mugsy’s each week.  He spoke about two personal issues that affected his family, referencing presentations from MedSTAR Transport 2-3 years ago and a very recent presentation from a licensed mental health counselor.  Through his membership in MedSTAR, his wife was able to be transported to KMC by helicopter at no charge when she suffered a cardiac arrest. And recently, his son was diagnosed with mental health issues, and because of a presentation by Treva Rawlings, a licensed mental health counselor, his son had an opportunity to meet with Treva and is beginning to rally. Treva spoke at a recent Rotary meeting about the Rawlings Counseling Service located in Bonners Ferry.


ü      COMMITTEE REPORTSMembership (Dave G) (1) cited the improvement in the orientation program and (2) the potential of corporate membership. Becky Calderone has resigned as she is relocating to the Midwest; Public Relations (Bill M) referenced (1) two recent articles in the news media, the “Welcome” sign and the 2012 College Scholarships. (2) He strongly encouraged any member of the board to submit to the Chair any articles of news from their respective committees for publication in the Rotary eBulletin and the local news media; Rotary Foundation (Norm B) referenced (1) the 2012 scholarship results and the acceptance of the program by the recipients and their families, and (2) the Committee’s concern for depleting scholarship funds and the consequent request of the board to match the scholarship fund’s end of calendar year balance from the general fund; Service Projects (Linda A) indicated that she will be addressing projects as needed as the new year begins on July 1.

ü      OLD BUSINESS – Updates were provided regarding (1) the positive results of the 10th Anniversary celebration; (2) SWISH & Kootenai River Ride (the first team for each event has registered electronically); (3) Pat Carson has agreed to chair the 2013 Calendar Raffle; (4) Bill M will resend the current bylaws together with proposed changes to the board (this obviously is more than a one person job); (5) Greg discussed the dilemma regarding donations of meat to the food bank; (6) A fundraiser to help purchase a special tricycle for a young boy with Cerebral Palsy (see story under ‘Announcements’ above); (7) Bank signatures for all accounts at the Panhandle Bank for 2012-2013 were authorized and were approved for Greg (President), Lisa (President-Elect), Ron (Secretary), and Jenny (Treasurer). 

ü      NEW BUSINESS – Request for Funds were approved as grants for the following: $300 to GROW (fencing project for north side garden, hoses, soil/seed starter), and $100 to Blaine Invernon a BF wrestler for travel to world team tournament competition. A subsequent approval was made by conference for a grant of $100 to the Fry Healthcare Foundation for its annual golf tournament; (2) A plaque was authorized to be presented to Mugsy’s for posting. It will indicate that ‘BF Rotary Meets Here’ (at Mugsy’s) on Tuesdays at 12 noon.  

ü      WILMA THANKED the board for their hard work and dedication during her term as President: “You are a wonderful team and much appreciated!” Wilma leaves office on June 30th and Greg assumes the office on July 1st.





Jo Jo Baker – June 7

Lisa Holmes – June 12

Linda McFaddan – June 15

David McIntosh – June 18

Wedding Anniversary

Therese Osborne – June 6 (20 years)

Dave Gray – June 11 (46 years)

Bill Goodanetz – June 12 (20 years)

Bill McClintock – June 22 (49 years)

Wilma DeVore – June 30 (51 years)

Rotary Anniversary

Bill Goodanetz – June 6 (6 years)

Don Bartling – June 7 (10 years)

Norm Braatz – June 7 (10 years)

 Wilma DeVore – June 7 (10 years)

 Craig Johnson – June 7 (10 years)

Greg Johnson – June 7 (10 years)

      Clarence Jones** – June 7 (10 years)

Darrell Kerby – June 7 (10 years)

Walt Kirby – June 7 (10 years)

Ron Sukenik – June 7 (10 years)

Dave Walter – June 7 (10 years)

Lon Woodbury – June 7 (10 years)

Jackie Gale** – June 13 (6 years)

      **Honorary Member





Ben Horton

June 19, 2012




Ben Horton was one of 13 students who received a Rotary scholarship for 2012.  He was unable to attend the reception held for the students in May because he was competing in state track and field events downstate. 

Ben has participated directly or as part of a group of students in several volunteer activities in the community. These have  included “Fill The Bus”, a program supporting the food bank.  One of seven children including three sisters from Guadamala, Ben has served as Bonners Ferry High School Student Council President and was a member of the national honor society.  He will be attending Idaho State University in the fall. He has a goal of becoming a nuclear engineer and feels that Idaho State being the only in-state institution that offers this field of study is a less expensive way to proceed.  He has complete confidence that nuclear energy can and should be saved based on existing state of the art.  

Rotarians expressed their gratitude for Ben and all of the scholarship winners this year.





Of the more than $300.00 in the 50/50 bank, the three winners of the $1.00 tickets for each of the last three weeks were unable to draw the 9 of Clubs.  The account continues to grow!






The following quotes reflect the diversity of presidents who have led Rotary International and its Foundation since the organization’s beginning in 1905. Taken from Rotary resources, the quotes are a selective sampling and by no means exhaustive.


1910-12 Paul P. Harris (Founder of Rotary) (law), Rotary Club of Chicago,

Illinois, USA.      ROTARY VISION: “To harness the great power of friendship to help do

the world’s work.”


“Man has affinity for his fellowman, regardless of race, creed, or politics, and the

greater the variety, the more the zest.  All friendliness needs is a sporting chance;

it will take care of itself in any company.”

—    A Road I Have Travelled, THE ROTARIAN, February 1934


“Friendship is a natural and willing servant….There is no reason…why the great

power of friendship should not be harnessed to do its part in the world’s work.”


—    Report of the President, 1912 Rotary Convention, Duluth, Minnesota, USA


“The best antidote for international fear is international understanding; the

best way to cultivate international understanding is through business and social



—    Message to 1928 Pacific Rotary Conference, Tokyo, Japan