The 10th Annual Kootenai River Ride


SEPTEMBER 15, 2012



What turned out to be a beautiful fall day coupled with an esprit de corps that is usually the custom with Rotarians from Bonners Ferry, another successful Kootenai River Ride (KRR) has concluded.


Dave Walter, Coordinator for the 10 Annual KRR thanked those who contributed and participated in its success, singling out Ray Olson and Pat Carson.  Ray, in his 9th decade, not only scrubbed the baked potatoes in preparation for the baked potato feed, but he helped cook the potatoes and scrubbed down the area when they had finished.  Pat secured the mountain bike from a local merchant at no cost to
Rotary and sold approximately $1,500.00 in raffle tickets to boot!


        Pat Carson Hiding Under a Black Hat

The 2012 KRR was named in honor of Dean Satchwell, an avid biker himself, who 10 years ago brought to our attention the potential for an organized bike ride right here in our own beautiful countryside. 

Although Dean is currently battling some medical issues, he was present at the beginning of the ride to cut the celebratory cake in his honor.  Like so many others, we will be forever grateful that he brought the Kootenai River Ride to our community.

One hundred seventy two (172) registered for the event that had three legs: 16K, 60K and 100K. 


The 16K consisted primarily of families and beginners who pedaled out to the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge and back. The 60K took the riders past Boulder Creek Academy and along Cow Creek Road while the 100K riders rode along Cow Creek and then climbed the Katka Road grade.  A delicious baked potato feed greeted the riders upon their return to the Fairgrounds and they also heard who won the raffle for the new bike.

Image Image

One close call from one of the riders who encountered what could have been a tragic accident.  Making the railroad crossing near the Kootenai River Inn, a rider caught his front wheel in a separation of rail and wood platform flipping over the front handlebars.  Although he was transported to the hospital by ambulance and later released, he averted a tragedy because of his helmet that was crushed in the fall, a lesson for all who ride bicycles.

Cory Thompson from Sandpoint won the bike raffle. Image When contacted, thinking that he was in Sandpoint, it was learned that Cory was one of the riders and was still out on the course.   He was naturally delighted to learn about the good news because 1 of the 3 riders in his group was the rider who had the fall at the railroad crossing. 

We were also honored to have the District Governor, Michelle Lee as a participant this year. Thanks Michelle!


(Thanks to Rotarian Brad Holifield for  many of the pictures used in this story)




          Cory Thompson with Marciavee Cossette