TIM WILSON, Wilson Law Firm and KAREN SJOQUIST, Forest Legacy Coordinator, Idaho Department of Lands, were the two  featured speakers during the month of July.  On the other two programs during the month, Greg Johnson provided his 2012-2013 Agenda & Committee Assignments for the new year, while the second meeting was devoted to SWISH Preparations. The latter 2 sessions are noted in the Local News for July story.

Tim Wilson
Independence Day Program [Desert Storm]

Tim Wilson with President Greg Johnson

Tim Wilson, a Bonners Ferry Rotarian for nearly 6 years, was also a commissioned officer and a pilot in the Air Force for 21 years. His presentation featured an overview of his experiences in Operation Desert Storm, known as the Gulf War that occurred in the Persian Gulf in early 1991.  Tim's definition of war is failed political policy. 

He commented that no one in his group knew what the initial goal was. He described his entry in F-18 aircraft landing somewhere in Bahrain on one short 14,000' runway and one tree. Bahrain is an archipelago of 36 islands located off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia approximately four times the size of Washington, DC. This is where the government starting building a base.  Tim described the use of bedouin tents after arriving, the use of firearms that were always with or on their person, their encounters with the opposition including the possible use of gas attacks, the sand that was always in their food, and his running into Jim Meeker.

Tim ended his presentation by showing a video of a bombing run that he took part in, one of several he faced during his time in this military theater.  He also proudly spoke of the fact that his son had just graduated from the Marines boot camp in Southern California.




Karen Sjoquist
Forest Legacy Coordinator, Idaho Department of Lands

Karen Sjoquist

Karen received a Bachelor's degree from Seattle University and a Masters in Forest Resources from the University of Idaho.  She has been employed by the Forest Legacy Program since November 2010.

The Idaho Forest Legacy Program was established to ascertain and protect environmentally important forest areas that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses and to promote forestland protection and other conservation opportunities. The program provides funding to Idaho to purchase conservation easements on private lands that might otherwise be developed and lost as forests.

Idaho's Forest Legacy Program is voluntary and will include only those private landowners who wish to sell development rights to their lands. For those landowners, participation in the program allows them to capture part of the value their land has for development but, at the same time, assure that it will remain as forestland forever. The program will be an important tool for protecting the economic and environmental values associated with private forest lands and upon which so many rural Idaho communities have relied. One of the objectives of the program is to preserve forests as "working forest landscapes" where future timber production and the wildlife, recreational, and scenic values from the traditional management of those lands can be continued.              

Idaho's Forest Legacy Program near-term objectives are:   

  • Focus efforts where large areas of private forestland face near-term threats of conversion to nonforest uses and where the consequences of the associated losses to important ecological, social and economic benefit from those lands are significant.
  • Encourage private landowners to work with communities, agencies, businesses and other organizations to strengthen their management of forest resources.
  • Secure additional conservation investments in private forestland.

Karen discussed and showed several properties either the Legacy Program or in application including Clifty, SE Idaho, Gold Hill, and the McArthur Lake area.

Karen also made reference to President Greg's property where he and his wife and two other families have teamed up for conservation. You can read the November 2011 news release about their efforts here.