Jerri Anderson, President Sandpoint Rotary
Bangalore India Eye Hospital Grant


Jerri presented a proposal to the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club to be one of seven Rotary clubs in North Idaho that would agree to fund the Bangalore India Eye Hospital in the amount of $1,000 for the purchase of surgical instrumentation.  The proposal started with the newly chartered Interact Club in Sandpoint and was carried to that club by the District Governor, Rampur Viswaneth. The Interact Club immediately approved it and later,  approvals were forthcoming from the Rotary Clubs of Hayden, Newport/Priest River, Pend O'Orielle, and Sandpoint.  With support from the Bonners Ferry Club, Jerri reported that only one more club would be needed to fully realize matching funds from Rotary International in the amount of $50,000.   This proposal represents an opportunity to effect thousands and it also represents an opportunity to reach out to others through service to an international grant project. 

Several questions were aired and Jerri was informed that we would have the Board's  decision to her by Thursday, February 9th.


February is designated as World Understanding Month. This month was chosen because it includes the birthday of Rotary International, February 23. During the month, Rotary clubs are urged to present programs, which promote international understanding and goodwill, as well as launch World Community Service projects in other parts of the world.

Coincidentally, the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry was presented and accepted a proposal to launch a World Community Service project. Our club, along with six others from North Idaho is helping to support the purchase of surgical equipment for the Bangalore India Eye Hospital. This means that with equal funding from a seventh and final Rotary club from the area, Rotary International will provide a matching grant of $50,000.  The newly formed Interact Club of Sandpoint was instrumental in the initial funding to support the project.