JANUARY 21, 2014


In the absence of the President, PP Greg Johnson extended a warm welcome to several visitors. Connie Wells was here to receive her check as the winner of the $200.00 Rotary raffle calendar drawing.  Patti Branson introduced her guest from Mountain West Bank; Boundary County Commissioners, LeAlan Pinkerton and Dan Dinning were present to receive Rotary's donation to Boundary County's Memorial Park Project together with associates from the Parks & Recreation  Department. Four 6th grade students from BCMS are seeking ways to finance a trip to Washington, DC this summer, Laura Roady from the BF Herald and Bernadette Kirk-Bonner who will speak later were all introduced.


  • With some minor adjustments, sales of Rotary raffle calendars have now been completed. This fundraiser is one of the most successful for the Club, netting about $8,000.
  • The Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, February 11 at 7:00 AM at the Chic ‘N Chop.
  • Four 6th graders from Boundary County Middle School are seeking funding from Rotary to help support their trip to Washington, DC for a leadership conference this summer. The appropriate form will Imagebe submitted to the board for consideration.


  • A check for $10,000 was presented by Rotary to the Boundary County Parks and Recreation Department for the Memorial Park Project, a new playground (SEE THE STORY IN CENTER PANEL OF OUR WEBSITE).


    • A check for $200 was presented to Connie Wells as the winner of the December 31, 2013 Rotary raffle calendar drawing. (SEE THE STORY ON CENTER PANEL OUR WEBSITE).



      • Greg reported that Therese Osborne will be celebrating a birthday on 1/27, but he neglected to mention his own birthday earlier on January 3.  SEE THE STORY OF”BIRTHDAY & ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS IN JANUARY & FEBRUARY” ON OUR WEBSITE that indicates that Wilma, Kirsten and Dave W will also be celebrating birthdays in February, while Darrell K and honorary member Clarence J will be celebrating wedding anniversaries.




        50/50 DRAWING

        With $2,270 in the ticket pool and only 6 cards left in the 52-card deck, Bill G held the winning ticket. Unfortunately, he drew a card that was not the 9 of diamonds. Better luck next week.

        FEATURED SPEAKER: January 21



        Bernadette Kirk-Bonner (Bernie) is a mother and now a Gold Star mother who lost a child in service to their country. Her son, Joshua Kirk, was killed in action October 2009 in Afghanistan in a battle in which 8 soldiers were killed and 22 were wounded.  Two Metals of Honor were bestowed for valor in that single engagement in Afghanistan.

        In an emotional presentation, Bernie described her trip to Washington, DC last summer to participate in the Metal of Honor ceremony for Army Staff Sergeant, Ty Carter, a soldier of the same battle where her son lost his life. Bernie's daughter, Jessica Tingley, attended the ceremony in February 2013 in which the Metal of Honor was bestowed on Staff Sergeant Clint Romesha. In addition to her reflections on her trip, Bernie also shared a painting of her son in uniform and

        described the story behind the art work.   Image

        For a complete story about this tragic day and the battle that ensued, I would highly recommend the story from Mike Weland and the NEWSBF website.