The Board of Directors met at 6:30 a.m. on February 7th.  It accepted the following reports and took the following actions:

  •  Membership:    Image       (1) Jenny and Glenda were oriented as new members. Mike Miller’s orientation is pending. To streamline the effort, orientation will be conducted on one day each month and will be open to new members, members who have never been oriented or members who want a refresher on what it takes to be a Rotarian; (2) the Board also discussed the District 5080 pilot program concerning “Corporate Membership”.
  • Service Projects: (1) Dave W. and Marc were named co-chairs of the Kootenai River Ride scheduled for September 15th; (2) work is underway planning the 10th Anniversary celebration at the Kootenai River Brewing Company scheduled for May 24th; (3) SWISH held their first meeting last week concerning the 2012 tournament – (Linda M., Brion Poston, Ron Smith co-chairs); (4) wood project – need still exists between identification of recipients and wood delivery; (5) status of District Run/Walk suggested at last Board meeting – follow-up for suggested activities is needed before closure of the program on May 31, 2012 (walks at the Kootenai Wildlife Refuge, the old north hill, etc.).
  • Public Relations:    Image   (1) Full page ad will be published in the February 9th edition of the BF Herald; (2) the Herald posted a news release concerning funds donated to community organizations over the past two months; (3) Mike Weland’s website ( published information concerning the Rotary-sponsored Spelling Bee.
  • Foundation: (1) The BF High School “Rotary Students of the Month” program has been reactivated beginning with 2 students in January; (2) the 2012 scholarship application has been posted on the website:  (
  • Funds were approved for the following nonprofit organizations in the community:Image (1) $500 for the Robotics Team and their trip to Portland, OR; (2) $100/month for purchasing and/or processing meat (the latter from donations of elk, etc.) for the local food bank working with Aiken’s and Safeway with the goal of servicing food banks in Naples and Mt. Hall; (3) completion of the ‘hoops’ project at Valley View from earmarked SWISH funds (one of the three hoops was replaced last year).
  • Board accepted and will administer funds for a $500 wildlife scholarship named in memory of Melvin Branch. 
  • Board approved a reduction in the new member admission fee from $40 to $20 effective January 1, 2012. 
  • Board will consider a proposal for funding a specialty hospital in India followiong the presentation at the noon meeting today, February 7.




Coordinators were named and dates were selected for the several Bonners Ferry Rotary fundraisers and service projects for 2012.  Every Rotarian is expected to participate in one or more activities of their choice. 


  • CALENDAR RAFFLE:  Therese Osborne – Ending January 31  (NOTE: approx. 130 calendars remain to be sold – if you can sell or want to purchase, contact Therese or any Rotarian. Calendar sales are one of the most  important contributors to our fund raising efforts).   


  • YARD SALE:  Becky Calderone & Linda Alt – April 27-28


  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION:  Membership – May 24




  • SWISH:  Linda McFadden, Brion Poston and Ron Smith – July 14-15


  • BOUNDARY COUNTY FAIR:  [Need Coordinator] – August 15-18


  • KOOTENAI RIVER RIDE:  Dave Walter & Marc Gray – September 15


  • COMMUNITY BREAKFAST & AUCTION:  Linda Alt & Norm Braatz – September 22


  • WACANID BIKE RIDE:  Mark McInnes – September 18-22


  • BIKE RACK @ VISITOR CENTER:  Walt Kirby – Ongoing


  • WOOD DELIVERY:  David Sims -- Ongoing