Gini Woodward – Chairman, Boundary County Board of Community Guardian

Gini Woodward, BC Board of Community Guardian Chair with President Wilma DeVore

The featured speaker is no stranger to Rotary. Gini Woodward has presented a variety of different programs to the members including information concerning the Boundary County Museum.  Guardian and conservator activities in Boundary County was her topic of note on April 3.  She stated that she would be back to talk about this subject following her presentation on January 3 concerning the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Gini discussed how a guardianship is imposed, defining a 'guardian' as a person responsible for the health, well-being and personal needs of the ward (the person in crises) and makes the decisions regarding where the ward will live, who will provide personal care health care, and other services to them. She defined a 'conservator' as a person appointed to manage all of the financial affairs of the ward, paysing bills, managing investments and handling property.

She referenced the Boundary County Board of Conmmunity Guardian (BOCG) of which she is board chair. The BOCG is there to protect incapacitated adult citizens from exploitation, abuse, or neglect, and to provide assistance to the volunter guardian.  The BOCG consists of 7 to 11 Board members who sit as an administrative department of the county. The board sets policies for accepting referrals and they are the deciding factor for whether a case is taken on by the BOCG. 

She asked that any Rotarian who is interested in becoming a board member to complete an application.