FEBRUARY 4, 2014


President Lisa welcomed Wendy Hawks’ sister, Tamara, science teacher Jacob Harrison and three students from Bonners Ferry Middle School who competed in a science project in Boise. The speakers for the meeting, Sue Kemmis and Howard Kent were also introduced.



  • Spring Assembly, including officer training, will be held at the Coeur d’Alene Resort on March 22. You can register on line through the DISTRICT 5080 website.  The minimal fee for registration will be borne by Bonner Ferry Rotary.
  • Next Week’s Featured Speaker will be Cindi Kimball of Moose Valley Farms, Naples, a major presence in the county for retail nursery stock.
  • In addition to the 50/50 tickets that were sold today, the tickets were also to be used for additional prizes donated by Greg Johnson and the Boundary County Museum.



Boundary County Middle School


Three students from Boundary County Middle School (BCMS), Ryne Rae, Neil Martin, and Malachi Mooney, accompanied by faculty member Jacob Harrison, made a short presentation concerning their project, “Innovative Solutions to Modern Day Problems,” specifically what it takes to build a city. Competing in the Idaho Regional Future City Finals in Boise, they received third place honors in the statewide competition, missing second place by one point. The boys competed with 24 other teams from across the state



Sue Kimmens, Howard Kent

Boundary County Historical Society and Boundary County Museum



What started as the Pioneer Association in 1911 with Mrs. Martin Fry serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors has evolved into the Boundary County Historical Society and Boundary County Museum. In 2014, Cal Russell is President of the 7-member Board of Trustees.


Sue Kemmis, Curator assisted by Howard Kent made an interesting presentation regarding the development of the 501 (c) 3 organization. Mention was made of Miss Mary Hawkins (Hawkins House) who collected Martin Fry letters, the Fry home, development of the BC Historical Society in 1966 and the BC Museum in 1975 in the basement of the new library. In 1986, the Houck building was renovated and later purchased by the Historical Society in 2006.  The Museum expanded in 2007 and again in 2012.  During the period 1987-2006, volunteers staffed the museum. Sue Kemmis was named a paid director in 2006. 

Further information about the Museum including an opportunity to become a member is located on the Museum's website.



Jim Paulus provided the Rotary Moment stating that in the tradition of Rotary, all Happy Bucks & Fines collected and imposed by the club are dedicated to funding scholarships.  In 2013, Rotary donated over $13,000 in college scholarships to local students.



Before the winning ticket for the card draw was made, 4 other ticket stubs were drawn:

  • Linda Alt won a BC Museum caribou mug
  • Jim Paulus won a BC Museum calendar
  • Norm Braatz and Greg Johnson each won a $25 Kootenai River Inn gift certificate

One of Bonners Ferry Rotary’s fundraisers is a chance encounter of having their ticket drawn from a pool of tickets that cost $1.00 each. Besides, one-half of every dollar dropped into the money receptacle goes towards Rotary projects and scholarships in our community. So spending some money upfront has considerable value to the community. The winning ticket – usually drawn by one of our guests – permits the ticket holder to draw a card from a regular deck of 52 cards. The President identifies the winning card before the new deck is opened.  Forty-eight (48) cards ago, the “9 of Diamonds” was identified as the winning card. Image

The winner receives ½ of the pool of money that is in the 50/50 fund. As of the meeting on February 4, only 4 cards remained in the deck with an opportunity to win ½ of the $2,763.00 in the pool or $1,381.50.  Pat Carson had the winning ticket, but he once again failed to draw the winning card (Pat generates lots of revenue because of the number of tickets he buys - thanks Pat!) 

Next week, the number of cards remaining for draw in the deck is THREE and the value will  top out at around $3,000!  One of these cards is the 9 of Diamonds.  Good luck!