FEBRUARY 25, 2014


With 33 individuals in attendance, President Lisa Holmes called the meeting to order and thanked Pat for Set-Up and Greeter duties assisted by Norm selling the 50/50 tickets.  Lisa also thanked Greg and Ray for the Pledge and Song and in the absence of Mike, Debbie Owinyo, a guest at today’s meeting, gave the Prayer. Debbie is the mother of Sara Owinyo who was awarded Rotary's Amy Farrell $1,000 Scholarship in 2011 and who was also awarded a second scholarship in 2012.  In addition, Sara’s brother Josiah was awarded a Rotary scholarship in 2012.



The extensive agenda at today’s meeting and the excitement surrounding the drawing for the winning 50/50 ticket, the President called on Dave W to administer the fines. 

Members who were named “Dave” were particularly hard hit.   Image


It was announced that the club received $1,000 from the proceeds of the WaCanId Bike Ride held last fall.  BF Rotary participates with other clubs along the 350-mile International Selkirk Loop (WAshington, CAnada, IDaho).





Lisa introduced former Rotarian, Dave Kramer who provided specifics regarding the 2014 Special Olympics fund-raiser. The "Penguin Plunge - Freezin for a Reason" will be held on Saturday, March 8th at the Search & Rescue/Waterways Building downriver on the Kootenai in Bonners Ferry. The plunge is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to support the Special Olympics athletes throughout Idaho by gathering pledges and plunging into the icy cold Kootenai River. A minimum of $50 must be raised to plunge ($35 for students 18 and under). Bonners Ferry is one of 46 teams who are involved in the fund-raiser to benefit the 1,200 athletes who are participating.


Special Olympics is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.  







Sandy Ashworth, David Sims


“A 21st Century Library – A Vision and a Plan For a 21st Century Future of Promise and Possibility.”  Sandy provided an update of the proposed replacement library with integration of an expanding Bonners Ferry campus of North Idaho College and the University of Idaho’s Extension Office to share the same building and resources and work together to better serve the community. 

In 2013, the library celebrated 100 years of community service, inspired by 100 years of community support, and is looking forward to a plan to better serve the people of Boundary County in the future. The founding of the library in 1913 by members of a newly formed Readers’ Club, with a wheelbarrow of donated books and the loan of shelf space in a drug store on Boners Ferry’s Main Street (former home of Corner Drug) is a prime example of effective community-centered action that can build sustainable community assets.

The library’s community-supported growth since 1913 is a nationally recognized collaborative model. In 1956, the Boundary County Library was Idaho’s first independent county-wide library district. In 2002, it was the first Idaho library to win the National Award for Library Services and over the period, 2004-2009, it was the first Idaho library chosen to represent America’s rural populations on the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science.

Sandy anticipates that a bond issue will be voted May 20, 2014. Grants will be sought but only after the bond issue is passed. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Please review the website below to access the power point presentation. Please be sure to use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate through the presentation.




"A 21st Century Library" online.





The most excitement in 50/50 ticket history! That’s the feeling among over 30 members of the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry.  Or it was until a non-Rotarian drew the winning ticket.  Sort of like a balloon loosing its air with the noise that goes with it!

As most of you recall, we had one card left in the deck of 52 cards. The 9 of Diamonds was selected before the deck had been opened last year and that was the only card left in last Tuesday's draw, which meant that the winning ticket stub would win the 50/50 pool of money, $4,588, the winner taking home $2,294.

A drum roll….and the winner is…newly hired waitperson, Christie Edwards from Mugsy’s Restaurant, and the mother of 3 small children won the $2,294.00 drawing.

Our thanks go out to our generous Rotarians who participated in the game over the past 12 months, especially during the month of February.  Over 42% of total revenue for February was received from 50/50 contributions. And congratulations to Christie!

All proceeds fund college scholarships.    



Christie Edwards, Winner of Rotary's 50/50 Drawing


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