Dave Kramer, Retiree Extraordinaire

Dave Kramer with Wilma Devore

In consideration of the absence of our featured speaker for this date regarding an aspiring home health agency in the community, Dave Kramer was asked to speak about the upcoming Penguin Plunge as well as fill some additional time concerning other ventures.

The third annual Penguin Plunge will take place at noon on Saturday, March 3rd.  According to the Bonners Ferry Herald, “the Penguin Plunge is a fundraising challenge in which individuals or teams dress up in crazy costumes and plunge into freezing water as a way to raise money for Special Olympics Idaho. Since last year’s turn out was so large, early bird registration will begin at 10 a.m. on the morning of the plunge, with the plunge taking place at noon. The plungers will hold to tradition by taking the plunge into the icy cold Kootenai River by the Deep Creek Mouth.

“Plungers must raise a minimum of $50 for adult plungers and $35 for student plungers. Students must be 12 or older to take the plunge.  Anyone under 12 years of age can go ankle deep and still raise money for Special Olympic athletes. Plungers collect pledges from friends, family or businesses in the area to raise money for the local program. Last year’s event was a huge success with more than 90 plungers, doubling jumpers from the first year. The Penguin Plunge organizers and athletes expect an even bigger crowd this year.”

The Kramers were recognized as the official photographers last year at the Special Olympics held in Greece.  With 10 teams of photographers, Dave was fortunate to be assigned to the group that                                                          Image
did the island hopping taking in many of the vistas not seen by others.  Dave and Andrea were selected once again as official photographers for the 2013 Special Olympics that will take place in Seoul, Korea.  Get involved!

Seoul, Korea                                      

Finally, Dave addressed the new Law Enforcement program at North Idaho College where he served as Acting Director during its initial development. Classes include self-sponsored students in addition to the students sent to the academy by the law enforcement agencies at which they are employed. The students at the 13-week program are required to pass all requirements for physical fitness, marksmanship, and written and certification tests. This is a selective admissions program and applicants are required to undergo a complete background check, including fingerprinting, a polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation, and an oral interview. Applicants must also pass required medical, vision and hearing exams. 

Prior to the program at NIC, the closest academy was available in Meridian, Idaho. Students can earn 35 credits toward a technical certificate or an associate’s degree in NIC’s Law Enforcement program.  The cost is $3,000 and it fills a critical need for law enforcement personnel from the local area.

Recent Graduating Class at NIC Police Academy