Dan Dinning, County Commissioner


Dan Dinning with Rotary President Wilma DeVore

Dan Dinning spoke to Rotarians on May 1st about several Boundary County issues.  Among these is the USFWS Caribou Critical Habitat proposal of the federal government to shut off another 375,000 acres (about 600 square miles) for a caribou designated wildlife habitat.  In addition, Dan also stated the USFS plans to close off more of our access to the national forests in north Idaho. In addition, he provided information regarding the Boundary Volunteer Ambulance and the new taxing district that will provide more funding for this service to support requirements in the County; however, funding will not be available at least until December 2013, although the County is responsible for providing an ambulance service under Idaho Code. 

Other items related to Boundary County issues included the noted significant improvement in communications among interdepartmental agencies between the County and other entities, the foreign trade zone, and the fact that new business in the county needs to occur in tangent with improving the County’s infrastructure. Questions regarding the latter issue were referred to Mike Sloan.