We celebrated two birthdays. Ray Olson, who came west out of the Heartland of America, was honored on his 91st birthday on 9/13. Jim Paulus who is headed to Mexico on a vacation didn't tell us how old he is, but we celebrated his birthday anyway on 9/15. Congratulations to both Rotarians!
Image                                                               Image                                                        
Linda A introduced Wendy from Riverside Auto as her guest. Jim provided the 'Rotary Moment' reading about the delicious food from the streets of Bangkok, Thiland where the 2012 Rotary International Convention will be held next May. Although he asked for a show of hands from those who are planning to attend, no hands were displayed.  
Linda A and Greg reviewed the schedule and protocol for the commUNITY breakfast and silent auction on 9/17. A sign up sheet was also distributed. There is still a need for donations for the auction. Donated items should be referred to Linda by Friday noon so she can prepare the paperwork for the item(s).  
Ron relayed a message he received from Mark McInnes who is chairing the WACANID Bike Ride this year. Mark needs at least two volunteers to serve lunch at the visitor's center between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on Tuesday, 9/20 and Friday, 9/23. Expect an email on the subject.
Ron reminded Rotarians of the SWISH meeting on 9/14 to review the 2011 tournament in order to make SWISH 2012 even better. The meeting will be held at the Kootenai River Inn boardroom at 5:15 pm. Since SWISH is now a Rotary event, it is encumbent upon all Rotarians to attend the meeting.
The Kootenai River Ride on Saturday, September 10th was reviewed.  A report is summarized below.
One hundred ninety one (191) riders registered for the Kootenai River Ride (KRR), the largest in the nine year history of the event.  Although Ron was never designated as chairman, he became the defacto chair subsequent to SWISH and was congratulated and given a big 'THANK YOU' on doing such a fine job.  Members were reminded that it's not too soon to be thinking about naming a permanent chairman for 2012. It would not be difficult as everything is in place.
As a participant on the 100K route at the 'Katka Overlook', one of my favorite places in Boundary County, a few observations.....
  • Overall, there were 40 riders who climbed the steep grade to the end of the 100K ride, about 65 miles round trip with 80%/20%, male/female.
  • Two riders from Cranbrook had a double ride because they missed the turn up to Katka on the first pass and rode back into town on that first pass.
  • Two girls (numbers 37 & 38) decided to ride the 100K this year for the first time. One had fallen off her bike and one had just quit smoking in the spring. When I told them that they had another 8-9 miles to travel before the turnaround, they sounded a couple of expletives and said they came this far and could not quit now.
  • A rider from Calgary (Canada) and another from Issaquah (Washington) stated their appreciation for the KRR and opined that "this one rates right up there with the best of them." 
  • A mother stopped by for a banana and some Gatorade. Her two sons were scheduled to be riders but were not with her. When I asked why not, she responded that one told her he would be too sore for football practice and the second said he was too tired. So 'Mother' went without them. Both boys were "shocked" that their mother would even think about being out on the trail "all by herself". Besides, 'Mother' had a new 21-speed bike she wasn't going to see go to waste. 
  • Two admitted cheaters started the 100K ride very close to the base of Katka. When they showed up for snacks about 30-45 minutes before the others, they broke down and confessed their deed.
  • Without exception, riders admitted their appreciation for the food stations along the way and the meal at the conclusion of the ride. One rider however, complained later that he did not have enough baked potato.  According to his email, he appeared pleased with a suggestion that he should ask for more food next year if he is in the same predicament. He had ridden in his 8th KRR. 
"Boundary County Live", who presented a program to Rotary on August 23, has recorded the highlights of the 2011 KRR. The video runs about 10 minutes and can be accessed from the link below.




 LAST WEEK'S SPEAKER - September 13

Mario DeLeon - Mario's Restaurant



The former Alberto's Mexican Restaurant on the South Hill is now Mario's Mexican Restaurant on the South Hill.  Mario DeLeon leased the business from Connie before making a decision to invest in the business.  In Spokane, Mario's family operates a tortilla factory, a mexican delicatessen, etc. About a year ago, Mario saw an opportunity in Bonners Ferry to go into business for himself and moved to North Idaho. 

Mario, a native of Mexico, grew up as a migrant worker in South Texas eventually moving to Oregon as a migrant picking strawberries. About five years ago, he moved to Spokane to work in his family's business before he and his own family moved to Bonners Ferry. Mario described his desire to be a part of this community. A recent kitchen fire in the restaurant and the successful work of the firemen who put it out led Mario to offer a meal on a regular basis for the firemen at no cost. He is also working with the schools in their efforts to keep the kids and school staff nutritionally satisfied.

Mario is open most hours of the day and has an all-you-can-eat Taco bar on Friday and Saturday night on the patio that remains open until 11 pm. 




NEXT WEEK'S SPEAKER - September 20

Linda McFadden - U.S. Forest Ranger

Bonners Ferry Forest Ranger District - Idaho Panhandle National Forests





 (A Continuing Series For The Bonners Ferry Rotary Club)




The January 2011 issue of The Rotarian  celebrated the magazine’s 100th anniversary. The editor of The Rotarian spent much of last summer culling through articles by notable authors and thinkers such as Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Clarence Darrow, Helen Keller, and many, many others, to choose selections to run in the 2011 commemorative issue.  An example of one of these contributions is noted below.


Surviving to be bereaved is far worse than doing one's own dying. Deeply though I grieve over normal deaths, I am resigned to death in this form, and I also do approve of it. I should not like to see the Universe saddled with an unlimited liability even for a Saint Francis or for a Buddha. But I am not resigned to premature deaths from sickness or in war. In the words of Edna St. Vincent Millay, "The beautiful, the tender, the kind; the intelligent, the witty, the brave.' I have seen them die before their time in these monstrous ways, and in these cases I am unreconciled and am indignant. For the deaths in war, I indict my own species."


                                                                                  May 1972

                                                                                  Arnold Toynbee

                                                                                  British historian and author





Brad Holifield - September 8

Ray Olson - September 13

Jim Paulus - September 15

Craig Johnson - September 23

Kathryn Star-Heart - September 30

Wedding Anniversary

Ron Sukenik - September 19 (30 years) 

Craig Johnson - September 20 (36 years)

Jim Paulus - September 20 (3 years)

Rotary Anniversary

Kevin Callos - September 2 (8 years)

Linda McFadden – September 7 (4 years)