GUESTS were introduced...Glenda Poston, guest of Jenny Fessler.
LAURA MCGUIRE, BONNER COMMUNITY HOSPICE voluteer in Boundary County, spoke briefly about the Rose event, a fund raiser for Hospice in October. A $20 donation will provide the donor with a dozen roses and all contributions go toward supporting clients in the hospice program. Roses can be picked up at Safeway during the day on November 4th.
The President read a thank you note from Matt Dinning, 5th grade teacher and coordinator of the FOOD SNACK PROGRAM at Valley View Elementary School thanking Rotary for their $250 support of the program.
Dave Walter, combined an announcement regarding Rotary's project for the "WELCOME TO BONNERS FERRY" SIGN with his role as fine master. He updated the members (and fined others who had no clue) on the initial construction of the sign approaching Bonners Ferry from the north.  He requested Rotarians thank those who have donated themselves toward completion of the project including Lorin Summers, BF Redi-Mix, Caribou Creek Log Homes, Pro-X Supply, and the City of Bonners Ferry. 
THE 2012 CALENDAR RAFFLE RAISES MONEY FOR COMMUNITY PROJECTS. Calendars were distributed to members by Therese Osborne, the 2012 coordinator for the calendar raffle. Cost is $20 with prizes awarded 366 days during the year (i.e., one purchase gives you an opportunity at 366 chances to win). Therese will be scheduling logistics with the local grocery stores where Rotarians can sell the raffle calendars that have been so successful in this community and a major fund raiser for Rotary.
THE ROTARY MOMENT WAS PROVIDED BY JIM PAULUS. "Every Rotarian, Every Year" (EREY) has been a Rotary International goal in which all Rotarians donate $100 each year. Funds from the 'EREY' program are distributed by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) based on several criteria to world-wide humanitarian causes including polio eradication, clean water, and graduate school scholarships in Rotary Centers for World Peace and Conflict Resolution. Jim indicated that the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club will match the $50 ($12.50/quarter) donated by club member so that we are able to meet the $100/member goal.
Wilma announced that ROTARY INTERNATIONAL WILL GIVE 2 FOR 1 CREDIT FOR $100  DONATIONS MADE to PolioPlus during the period October 24-October 28, 2011.  This is a quick  way to reach Paul Harris Fellow status.


What germinated about four or five years ago from a writing class that was offered at North Idaho College in Bonners Ferry is now collectively an informal writer's group of 14 individuals. They joined together for both the process of collective thought and as a group of individuals in various fields of literary expression. These forms include poetry, short stories, essays and other media, They call themselves "The Write Stuff".  Their work can be found in local publications such as "The Flatlander" and "Northern Journeys".  Their motto is 'Don't Tell Us, Show Us'.
Myrna Walters
             Ruth Nelson           
Four of these individuals provided one or two of their poems for the members. Bob Martin, who has served on the hospital board for over 10 years and who with his wife have been foster parents for more years than he can count, gave us a poem entitled, "God's Grace."  Myrna Walters, a retired psychologist provided two poems on her feelings related to the death of her husband. Ruth Nelson, a former case manager with a large San Diego health system, read from her composed poetry that Jim Paulus was unable to relate to because it began with words outside the realm of..."Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue",... 
Norm Braatz
Norm Braatz, former Bonners Ferry Rotary president, and retired minister from Southern California who later retired to Bonners Ferry in 2002, recited his composition about an early morning walk....
On my early morning walk
Deer grazing on an open field
Stop and stare at me
Long and hard
Like They've never seen a human before
Wondering perhaps,
If deer wonder,
What is this strange creature
Passing by,
Then return to their eating
Or sometimes
Hightail it out of there
Gleefully flying over fences.


 (A Continuing Series For The Bonners Ferry Rotary Club)


The January 2011 issue of The Rotarian celebrated the magazine’s 100th anniversary. The editor of The Rotarian spent much of last summer culling through articles by notable authors and thinkers such as Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Clarence Darrow, Helen Keller, and many, many others, to choose selections to run in the 2011 commemorative issue.  Another example of these contributions is noted below.


My Ten Favorite Places

Nearly all people love the place where they spent their youth.  And if you grew up in a place that was spectacular, it always remains a favorite place.  I spent my youth at 10,000 feet in a gold mining camp in the Colorado Rockies on the western side of the front range.  Up there you could look for 100 miles in three directions.  It is one of the most thrilling vistas in the world.

                                                Lowell Thomas

                                                Writer, Broadcaster, Adventurer, Honorary Rotarian

                                               Janurary 1958




SPEAKER NEXT WEEK - October 25, 2011

Rampur Viswanath, 2011-2012 District Governor 




Please make a special effort to attend the meeting on October 25th to meet and hear Dr. Rampur Viswanath, the District 5080 Governor for 2011-2012.  The Governor traditionally visits every club in the District each year. There are approximately 65 clubs in our district.  If requested, he/she participates in the business portion of the local Rotary meeting (for example, installation of new members).  He/she also provides a Rotary message to the members concerning the meaning of being a Rotarian.







Patti Branson – October 10

Pat Carson – October 3
Walt Kirby – October 16
Bill McClintock – October 23


Wedding Anniversary

Lisa Holmes – October 14 (16 years)

Greg Johnson – October 26 (30 years)


Rotary Anniversary

Dave McIntosh – October 7 (8 years)