NEWS FROM BONNERS FERRY ROTARY -- November 8 & November 15
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In the absence of Wilma Devore, Greg Johnson, president-elect assumed the duties of presiding officer for the meetings on November 8th and November 15th.  Upon her return from California on November 22nd, the president probably will be fined for her 2-week absence. All in fun, of course, because like happy bucks, fines go to fund local scholarships.

Several guests have attended the two Bonners Ferry Rotary Club (BFRC) meetings. On 11/8, Debbie Green, Credit Administrator with Panhandle Bank, Sandpoint and Mike Miller, owner of Kaiser Insurance were introduced as guests of Dave Walter and Pat Carson respectively.  On 11/15, Carol Hampton, University of Idaho Extension local office, was recognized as our guest. Carol introduced her sister, the speaker, Melanie DeLasmutt and the speaker’s mother. Greg introduced Barb Russell from the “Friends of the Arts” and Jenny introduced her guest, Glenda Poston who will officially become our newest Rotary member within the month.  

Bill reported that the District Governor, following his visit with the BFRC on October 25th, favorably commented on the BFRC newsletter. The president of the University of Idaho also asked for pictures for their facebook page. 

The musical strains of Happy Birthday were heard as Dave Gray and Kevin Callos celebrated birthdays on November 10th and November 13th respectively.                 

Jennifer Jensen provided the ‘Rotary Moment’ on 11/15.  November being Rotary Foundation Month, she provided an overview of the EREY (Every Rotarian, Every Year) program whereby The Rotary Foundation on the national level, would like every member to contribute $100 every year to fund international programs. Rotary initiates community projects that focus on serious issues confronting people around the world; poverty, hunger, conflict resolution, health, illiteracy, and the eradication of polio. Jennifer pointed out that in our club, for every $50 that a member contributes each year ($12.50/quarter), the BFRC matches that with $50 so that the member will receive credit for the $100.  On that note, Norm reminded everyone that to receive the $50 match from the club for 2011, dues must be paid by 11/30.                                                                                       EREY-EN-c

At both meetings, Rotarians provided happy bucks and some were even “fined” for proclivities and other foibles, all for the benefit of Bonners Ferry High School scholarships.  Among those fined by Kevin on 11/8 was Kevin himself for having a birthday, Dave W for taking advantage of Debbie forcing her to buy a calendar, Clarence for being an honorary member, Jim for an unusual kind of dinner, Linda A for her retirement from the motor vehicle department making drivers not as nice as they were when she worked there, Craig for calling Kevin a punk, and Jenny who sent out invitations from her office to pay county taxes before Christmas. 

On November 15th, among those Rotarians who provided happy bucks were Pat for selling an extensive number of calendars, Jenny who thanked Ron for his outstanding work as the auctioneer at the Beta meeting last evening, Ron who appreciated the opportunity to be the auctioneer in front of many, many women, Dave G for the enjoyment he found in seeing the Seahawks play and winning, Walt was glad to see that Glenda was here although he commented she will probably be late in paying her dues, Norm who was happy for a great Rotary Foundation Committee, Dave M who was just Happy!, Ray for the great turnout today, and Ron was happy again, throwing in 2 bucks for the 2 GB Packers wins last evening and in San Diego that he attended last weekend.

Dave W gave an update on the progress of the “Welcome To Bonners Ferry” sign approaching from the north.  The concrete has been poured and the supports are in place.    


Therese mentioned that all Calendars have been distributed to members for sale. There are 13 in each packet at $20/calendar.  Please see Therese if a member would like to sell them at one of the local grocery stores.  She will arrange appropriate time and location. The Calendar can be used as a great gift for family and relatives, but the Rotary Raffle Calendar also makes a great stocking stuffer or employee/customer appreciation gift for the Holidays. 





Karen Schumacher – Founding Executive Director; Business Development

Rhonda Hamerslough – President; Research Coordinator



Karen and Rhonda spoke to the mission of “Pawsitive Works” (PW), a 501 C 3 non-profit organization that helps struggling youth identify and modify damaging behavior patterns through the care and training of shelter dogs.  “You gave us our start with this pilot program when you granted us $300”, said Karen.  When combined with other donations from the community, PW’s budget for the first year stood at $500.00.  Two of three youth graduated from the program in Boundary County.  Since then, the program has become successful in Bonner County (Sandpoint) and Kootenai County (Coeur d’Alene).  PW was introduced in Spokane, WA on November 14th and there is a vision for it to grow in other states because of the efforts to reduce the cost of juvenile justice and help youth become productive members of society.  Over the last three years, the PW’s budget has grown to more than $100,000.

Promotional materials and research both cite that PW benefits the youth and the dog.  The human-animal connection facilitates trust, empathy and empowerment.  Youth gain self-esteem and respect for the needs of others and an awareness of how they can contribute in positive ways to their own communities.  The program increases the adoption and retention rates of shelter dogs through community awareness and education.

The program usually entails a class held 3 times each week for an hour and a half over a period of five weeks.  The kids have homework and reading, but the most enjoyable part of the 5-week period is received from the dog.

Although the program started in Bonners Ferry and is headquartered in Bonners Ferry/Boundary County, the program has not been able to get dogs from the animal shelter.  Rationale put forward is related to incompatible missions of the two organizations, but perhaps more evident is the fact that the shelter feels that the cost of housing adoptable dogs for the 5-week period is a cost they do not want to bear.

Proposals to solve the issue were discussed.  “Pawsitve Works” in Boundary County has been assured that the animal shelter in Sandpoint would provide the dogs with no conditions.  Someone would need to house the animals locally and transport them to the classes for the 5-week period.  It was agreed that the PW organization will send Rotary a proposal concerning the specific problem for considering a possible solution to the impasse.   

More information about Pawsitive Works can be found at their website:





Melanie DeLasmutt


Rotary International organizes Group Study Exchanges with Rotary Districts all over the world.  The Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange (GSE) program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for business people and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are in the early stages of their careers. The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits in paired areas of different countries. For four to six weeks, team members experience the host country's culture and institutions, observe how their vocations are practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.

Melanie DeLasmutt, a banker from Pocatello, Idaho, applied for and was selected by the Rotary Foundation to be a member of a GSE team that visited 3 states and 8 cities in India over a period of approximately 5 weeks in January and February 2011.  This visit was concentrated primarily in the northeast part of the country.  While in India, Melanie and the GSE team members stayed in Rotarians' homes and had the opportunity to meet their professional counterparts at a District Conference. They also gave presentations to Rotary clubs and other groups about the United States and Idaho.  The Rotary Foundation arranged the lowest round-trip airfare to and from India and Rotarians in India provided the meals, lodging, and group travel in their district.

For the BFRC, Melanie provided an extensive slide and video presentation of several aspects of her trip. She discussed over 20 different aspects of what she called “My Big Adventure To India”. These included a large Rotary Eye Hospital sponsored by one Rotary club in India, a home for the aging, polio awareness, a surgical camp, the Delhi Public School, schools for the blind, deaf and dumb and for spastic and the handicapped, orphanages, banks, high courts, publicity, religion, weddings, funerals, manufacturing, food, the arts, and many additional social, economic and cultural aspects of daily living in those areas she visited.

More information about the GSE to India in District 5080 is located at:




Barb Russell was present from the "Friends of the Arts" to accept a check from President-Elect Greg Johnson for their ongoing arts programs in the community.  The projects for 2011-12 have been scaled back from previous years primarily caused by the cancellation of a Broadway show scheduled for early next year. Options are being reviewed at this time with plans for a replacement as big if not bigger than the show that they lost. 
Congratulations to the "Friends of the Arts" for their continuing efforts to spearhead the arts scene throughout Boundary County!
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Speakers:  Don James & Ken Yount (Rod Benders Car Club)

November 22, 2011

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