The City of Cranbrook will stage the 2011 Canada Cup of Curling….

 05-24 Colin Campbell (Canada Cup)A

Colin Campbell - Canada Cup Chair & Cranbrook Rotary


On May 24th, Colin Campbell spoke to the Rotary Club about the excitement generated by the upcoming Canada Cup in Cranbrook, BC.  Colin has been a Rotarian for 33 years and a founding charter member of the Cranbrook Sunrise Club. He has also served as a Past President and Past District 5080 Membership Chair as well as the District 5080 Conference Co-Chair in 2010.  He is the Chair of the 2011 Canada Cup.   

The Canada Cup, which brings together 10 of the best men’s and 10 of the best women’s teams in the country, will be played November 30-December 4, 2011 at the 4,600-seat Cranbrook Recreation Complex (Rec Plex), home of the Kootenay Ice of the Western Hockey League. This will mark the first time the Canadian Curling Association has ever brought a major championship to Cranbrook.  Colin indicated that this event is the biggest thing that has happened in Cranbrook in 100 years and will have a major economic impact on the area and revive the sport of curling in Cranbrook. When they opened the website on February 15th, asking for 250-300 volunteers for the five-day event, the site was closed in a few weeks after they received over 350 volunteers. Tickets went on sale in March and Colin recommended the “Full Event Pass” that includes five days (morning, afternoon and evening) curling, entertainment, fan appreciation night, autograph parties, etc.  Questions were asked about shoes, curling's origination as a sport (Scotland), the stones that are used in the sport (granite from Wales), and ice preparation and maintenance vis-a-vis the use of a Zamboni.

Canada Cup Image LOGO


Kootenai River Rises To Flood Stage….


 05-31 Mick Shay (Libby Dam)A

Mick Shay - Libby Dam, Army Corps of Engineers


In consideration of the high water levels in the Kootenai River and in tributaries and other rivers and streams in the area, Mick Shay, Superintendent of the Libby Dam, was invited to address Rotary on May 31st. Mick has been a Rotarian for many years and a past president of the Libby, MT Club. He was quite complementary about how we shared the ‘Rotary Moment’ and that we sang such a inspirational song to open the meeting, particularly in consideration of Memorial Day (NOTE: the Rotary Moment was given by Jennifer Jensen this week explaining that Rotary International chooses a new theme each year; that the 2010-11 theme was ‘Building Countries, Bridging Continents’ and that the 2011-12 Rotary theme was named ‘Embracing Humanity’).

Mick spoke to the fact that 2011 is a big water year meaning that the Kootenai River is near flood stage of 1,764 feet. Agricultural land in the County appears to receive damage, however, when the river reaches a 1,758-foot elevation.  He briefly reviewed the effects of the water levels on the Kootenay Lake in Canada and on the dams down the Columbia River. When planning for flood control, a systematic approach is mandatory. When the dam is full, we are storing 30% of the Columbia River system. Currently, Vancouver, WA is near or at flood stage.  We also have to maintain a flow pool because of the fishing priorities in the Kootenay Lake system.  One advantage of the high water levels is protection for the endangered species in the river, like the sturgeon.

Mick assured the group that they are managing the flow systemically and that any decision about release is handled with extreme caution. Hot weather can enhance the runoff; added flow from tributaries down river (Kootenay Lake, Columbia River) can also contribute to a negative situation. But the speaker appeared to be 'calm as a cucumber', a good feeling for Boundary County.





 Heidi Boraski

Blue Lake RV Park






Who was the second president of the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry?

1. Sarah Howe

2. Don Bartling

3. Norm Braatz

4. Gene Andrews

(Answer Below)






Jo-Jo Baker – June 7

Lisa Holmes – June 12

Linda McFadden – June 15


Wedding Anniversary

Wilma Devore – June 30 (50 years)

Bill Goodanetz – June 12 (19 years)

Dave Gray – June 11 (45 years)

Bill McClintock – June 22 (48 years)

Therese Osborne – June 6 (19 years)


Rotary Anniversary

Don Bartling – June 7 (9 years)

Wilma Devore – June 7 (9 years)

Bill Goodanetz – June 6 (5 years)

Paul Hazdovac – June 12 (6 years)

Craig Johnson – June 7 (9 years)

Greg Johnson – June 7 (9 years)

Darrell Kerby – June 7 (9 years)

Walt Kirby – June 7 (9 years)

Ron Sukenik – June 7 (9 years)

Dave Walter – June 7 (9 years)

Lon Woodbury – June 7 (9 years)


BD2 (Pink Cake - 1 Candle)


Anniversary1 (Membership)





[From the Editor of The Rotarian…”You can probably count on two hands the number of magazines that have been published continuously for 100 years. OK, maybe you’ll have to take off your socks. The point is, the issue you are holding (January 2011 edition) is our way of celebrating a rare publishing achievement: The Rotarian magazine’s first century in print.”]

We hope to capture some of the contents from the January 2011 magazine in each newsletter of the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club. The first of these is shown below; particularly relevant because of the recent M & O levy.

Rotarian Redux

“I am certain only that we – and by we, I mean the press, the universities, the parents, the teachers – have at least as much homework to do as any body of students, if we are going to get matters somewhat straightened out in our heads and theirs.

If the dissidents talk a strange jargon, we still have to ask: What are they trying to say?  If they sneer at old concepts of academic inquiry or academic freedom, we still must ask: How did they get this way?  If we stuff our ears with cotton – our heads with contempt – against all student outcry, we shall be the losers. And they may be the lost.”


October 1979

Katherine Graham

President, publisher and chair,

Washington Post, 1963-2001





 4 of HeartsB 


The 50/50 card draw was down to just 9 cards with a value of over $1,400. Mick Shay drew the winning ticket that was held by Therese Osborne. With a 9/52 chance of drawing the 4 of Hearts, Therese did just that and received a rousing applause.  "THE BIG WINNER" -- CONGRATULATIONS THERESE!





Answer to Trivia Question:

#4 - Gene Andrews was the 2nd President of the BF Rotary Club. He also heads up the Rod Benders show this weekend.  Don was the 1st President in 2002-2003, Sarah was the 3rd, and Norm was the 4th.