1.  Ron Sukenik updated the members on SWISH. Needs exist for 'Call List' volunteers, 'Court Set-Up', 'Monitors & Time Keepers'. We seem to be OK for 'Brackets', 'Food', and 'Registration'. Sign up sheets were left for completion. He also reported that SWISH had received its first registration, earlier than in the last three years. In an update, Ron has commitments from only 11 Rotarians who have indicated a willingness to volunteer. He is in need of 'Court Monitors', 'Score/Time Keepers', and any other Rotarians who would like to volunteer. PLEASE COMMIT TO BE A VOLUNTEER on the sign-up sheets that have been emailed to you or left for completion at Rotary meetings.
2.  Pat Carson reported that he would make arrangements for the bicycle to be at Akins Market on Tuesdays for anyone who wants to sell tickets for the bike. The bike was purchased from Far North Outfitters and is used as a major fundraiser for the Kootenai River Ride on September 10th.
3.  The Rotary's exchange student for 2010-2011, Laura Gioto, will be returning to Bolivia in June. She reported her most recent activities to the members including visits to Radium Hot Springs, Kootenai Falls, Yaak Falls, and her recent run at Bloomsday in Spokane. Laura said she will obviously have a difficult time saying goodbye to all and we will certainly miss her. Her last Rotary meeting will be May 24th.
4.  On May 10th, Jim Paulus provided the Rotary Moment -- the availability of prothetics funded by Rotary for clinics in Calgary. On May 17th, Norm Braatz summarized last week's dessert social for the scholarship winners and their families at the Kootenai River Inn (SEE STORY BELOW). 
5.  Dave Young, owner & manager of the South Hill Mini-Mart was formally inducted into Rotary membership.  He also provided the members with a vocational talk (SEE STORY BELOW). The Club now has 39 active members and 2 honorary members. 
6.  In consideration of his resignation from active membership, Clarence Jones discussed his desire to transfer all of his Rotary Foundation Recognition Points (about 120) to an active member who has not attained Paul Harris Fellowship status. Using the lottery system, Pat Carson held the lucky number from tickets purchased for the 50/50 card draw. Pat will receive these points converted to dollars toward his PHF.
7.  Pat Carson has multiple individual travel kits, manufactured by a friend of his that are available to Rotary to be used as "give aways" or fund raisers. The question of logistics was referred to the board of directors for review and recommendation.
8.  Reminders of upcoming events -- Exchange Student Fellowship Tour (6/1-6/2); SWISH (7/16-7/17); Kootenai River Ride (9/10); Community Breakfast & Silent Auction (9/17); WaCanId Bike Ride (9/20-9/24).        


Rotary recognized 13 BF High School students last Thursday, May 12th at a dessert reception for scholarship winners. Among the 27 very strong applications, 12 students were selected to receive $500 scholarships and one student was awarded the $1,000 Amy Farrell Scholarship.  For the 2011-2012 school year, Rotary has awarded $7,600 in scholarships.


Owinyo - Amy Farrell Scholarship 2011

Sara Owinyo (Amy Farrell Scholarship)


Norm Braatz, Foundation/Scholarship Chair kicked off the festivities with a bowlful of homemade huckleberry ice cream just before introducing each of the 2011 scholarship recipients. Each student presented a synopsis of his or her background and experience and with a very positive outlook, each of them provided the audience with information about their aspirations for the future. Plans ranged from the performing arts to the humanities, from clothing design, to the health professions, and education. Some were academic and professorial -- others hands-on and vocational. Wilma Devore and Bill McClintock provided information regarding Rotary International and Bonners Ferry Rotary Club for the students and their families.

 Jantz - Bartling Scholarship Winner 2011

Moriah Jantz (Don Bartling - First Rotary President Scholarship)


The following students were selected to receive $500.00 scholarships for the 2011-2012 school year: Markayle Acord, Clarena Branscum, Taylor Dinning, Trevor Hampton, Ben Heart, Moriah Jantz, Lorena LaBarbera, Hannah Northrup, Isabella Orr, Brooke Roney, Tana Sue Schneider, and Tony Shope, Jr.  Sara Owinyo was chosen to receive the $1,000 Amy Farrell Scholarship.  Earlier in this school year, two other students received scholarships, one for $500 currently attending NIC and a second for $100 for a student pursing dual credit. 

The students, their families and many Rotarians witnessed and participated in a very pleasurable evening.

Scholarship Winners 2011
L-R: Clarena Branscum, Taylor Dinning, Trevor Hampton, Moriah Jantz, Ben Heart, Sara Owinyo, Tony Shope, Tana Sue Schneider, Markayle Acord, Hannah Northrup, Lorena LaBarbera, Isabella Orr (Brooke Roney was absent)


Tammy Klaus spoke to Rotarians on May 10th regarding foster care. Foster care offers temporary placement for children from newborn to 18 years who have been removed from a home due to neglect or abuse.  Presently, Tammy and her husband Mike have 3 children in their home and have been a foster family for about 10 years.  Currently in Boundary County, there are approximately 20 children in 9 foster care homes. Some homes provide respite care for parents in need as well. There are not enough foster parents in the County to service additional placement, so these children are housed in homes in Sandpoint and Coeur d’Alene.

05-10 Tammy Klaus (Foster Care)A

 Tammy Klaus

Tammy reviewed eligibility requirements for foster parents (at least 21 years of age, pre-service and orientation training, background checks, etc.). She identified the greatest needs to be additional foster homes and the ability to keep siblings together.  Children stay with a foster parent for as short as overnight to as long as several months. In a small number of cases, placement may result in the child being adopted by the foster parent. For support, Tammy mentioned that foster parents receive financial assistance from the state based on the child’s age and needs. Also, every child is assigned a social worker who teams up with the foster parents in meeting the needs of the children placed in foster care. Additionally, foster parents also have access to support groups.

Rotary sponsored a Jr. Miss candidate, now known as “Distinguished Young Women of Bonners Ferry” during the school year 2010-2011. This year, we had the pleasure of being represented by Mary Rose Hanson. On May 17th, Mary Rose performed the talent portion required as part of her candidacy.  She thanked Rotary for the opportunity to compete locally and to be part of a wonderful program for young women.  Mary Rose won the “Spirit Award” this year, a very special honor as it was a vote that came from her peers.  

Mary Rose Hanson 5-17A
Mary Rose Hanson

Colin Campbell -- Chair, Canada Cup (Curling) 2011 Committee
Mike Burnham -- President, Cranbrook (BC) Rotary

Norm Braatz -- May 29 (48 Years)
Pat Carson - May 5 (2 Years)
Marciavee Cossette - May 5 (2 Years)
Kathryn Star-Heart - May 5 (2 Years)

Anniversary2 (Membership)A


 Dave Young 5-17A

Dave Young


The former Swann’s distributor in this area, Dave Young spoke about his dream of someday buying a convenience store in Bonners Ferry. This dream came true about two years ago when he purchased the property at the top of South Hill, formerly known as the Chevron gas station/convenience store/publishing office/flower shop. Dave has been a member of Rotary since January 1st of this year, but he was not formally inducted into membership until May 17th, a result of the intensity of getting his new business off the ground.

Dave introduced Liberty gas because of better contractual arrangements and other advantages with the distributor.  He has introduced several changes into the operation as well. He offers a 5-cent/gallon discount on gasoline purchases if you buy something inside the store.  He feels that the uniqueness of the operation is a result of the staff emphasizing customer service.  As an example, a customer’s name is obtained so that the next time he/she is in the store, the customer is thanked by name.

He and his wife have been married for six years. He enjoys golfing and 4-wheelin’ and expects to get back to these activities after his business is flourishing. 




What year did the first women join Rotary?
1. 1922
2. 1952
3. 1987
4. 2002
(answer below)


4 of HeartsB
The 50/50 card draw for the 4 of Hearts was valued at $1.298.00. Pat Carson held the lucky ticket but failed to draw the Four of Hearts from the 10-card deck.
Come back next week for 9 chances out of 52 to win the pot of gold.  Besides, the program on the Canada Cup will be worth a visit.  And the likelihood that you will be fined if you are not there is worse than being able to collect about $700.00.

#3 - 1987