Announcements and Coming Events

1. THE FOUNDATION COMMITTEE is meeting regularly and all 5 members are active, thanks to Chairman Norm Braatz. The Committee is currently involved in pulling together the scholarship program for 2011 coming up in April and May.

2. CALENDAR RAFFLE FOR 2011 - We have 66 calendars left to be sold. If we could sell them at $10, we could provide the Treasury with a net surplus for additional Rotary service projects for the community.

3. Lisa Holmes tells me that plans for the FRIENDSHIP TOUR for June 1 and June 2 are progressing well. We need families to overnight about 25 kids on June 1. Stay tuned!

4. YEAR-END BBQ PARTY has been tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 17 at the Twin Rivers Resort from 5:00 to 8:00 PM.

5. WE NEED SPEAKERS after March 8th. There are many in this community who would love to have an opportunity to make a presentation. The newspapers contain some great contacts. Wilma has the sign up sheet.

Last Week's Speakers

Theresa Wardle, LCSW
Magnet School, Naples Elementary

(See Story in This Edition of the Club Runner)

Bonners Ferry Rotary Club TRIVIA

Only four countries remain polio-endemic. What are these countries? (Answer Below)

Speakers For This Week - 3/1

Lunch & Meeting at Bonners Ferry High School
High School Music Program

Speaker For Next Week - 3/8

Lisa Robbe
Partnerships For Inclusions

Duty Roster - 3/1
(At The High School)

Set Up                                   Clarence Jones
Pledge                                  Ron Sukenik
Song                                     Kirsten Madden
Prayer                                  (Need a Volunteer)

Trivia Answer:
Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Nigeria