1.  Becky and Ron presented a video of the Flag Salute by Red Skelton who dissected each word of the Pledge of Allegiance to explain its true meaning. You can find the YouTube video of this presentation at the bottom of this page.
2.  A thank you letter was received from the Friendship Tour Coordinator singling out Lisa and Wilma for their work in the planning and the logistics of hosting the 19 exchange students on June 1-2.
3.  Rotary held its "End of Year Party" at the Twin Rivers Resort on June 17. There were 22 in attendance including both of our honorary members (Jackie Gale and Clarence Jones). Following dinner, Certificates of Appreciation were handed out to the 9 outgoing Board members. The President-Elect gave some high-5's and officer and committee chair pins to the new Board members who will assume their duties on July 1. The food was outstanding and consisted of pork that had been smoked all day, vegetables, potatoes and rolls, all cooked to order by Ron Sukenik. Other members brought pot luck salads and desserts. Lisa and Wilma helped set up the tables and handled the drinks and condiments. 
4.  Members were requested to take a look at the revised websites for SWISH ( and the Kootenai River Ride ( With a countdown clock to tip-off on July 16, Ron and SWISH are ready. This year, the KRR is dedicated to the memory of Tonya McCoy. Both of these websites are also available on Rotary's website ( at the top of the 3rd panel.
5.  Ron described the status of the "Welcome to Bonners Ferry" sign approaching the community from the north and identical to the sign approaching from the south. Steve Boorman, City Administrator has submitted the subject permit to the Idaho Department of Transportation for approval after which the construction and installation of the sign can proceed. It will be located at the entrance area of the old North Hill.
6.  Ray Olson reported on the Community Picnic at the Restorium scheduled for Sunday, June 26 from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.



Jo-Jo Baker – June 7

Lisa Holmes – June 12

Linda McFadden – June 15

Wedding Anniversary

Wilma Devore – June 30 (50 years)

Bill Goodanetz – June 12 (19 years)

Dave Gray – June 11 (45 years)

Bill McClintock – June 22 (48 years)

Therese Osborne – June 6 (19 years)

Rotary Anniversary

Don Bartling – June 7 (9 years)

Wilma Devore – June 7 (9 years)

Bill Goodanetz – June 6 (5 years)

Paul Hazdovac – June 12 (6 years)

Craig Johnson – June 7 (9 years)

Greg Johnson – June 7 (9 years)

Darrell Kerby – June 7 (9 years)

Walt Kirby – June 7 (9 years)

Ron Sukenik – June 7 (9 years)

Dave Walter – June 7 (9 years)

Lon Woodbury – June 7 (9 years)




Kootenai River Rodeo - June 24 & 25


06-21 Becky Calderone (Rodeo) A 

Becky Calderone

The Kootenai River Rodeo, open to all participants, will be held this weekend, June 24 & 25 at the Boundary County Fairgrounds.  Becky, Vice President of the Selkirk Saddle Club and a Rotarian since March 2010, provided a brief summary of the Selkirk Saddle Club dating from earlier than she can remember (before 1965). The officers of the Club are John Kellog, President, Becky is Vice-President, Debbie Woods, Secretary and Rene Riddle, Treasurer.

Highlights of the 2010 Rodeo were shown via video and Becky described the many events that will be conducted at this year's Rodeo. These include, among others, bull riding, saddle & bareback riding, calf roping, and open barrel racing. Ablaze in her yellow shirt and black hat earlier, Becky excels at barrel racing. The rodeo will begin each night at 7:00 PM. The stock is provided by Whitford Rodeo Stock of Cut Bank, Montana.  The Rodeo Queen for 2011 is Casey Wyatt. 




Dan Young - Motivational Talk -- Making A Difference In Your Community

(A great way to kick off the new Rotary year!)


Bonner Ferry Rotary - Trivia

At last week's meeting, it was announced that a Rotarian had a birthday on June 15th. The Rotarian who we sang Happy Birthday to was:
1.  Linda McFadden
2.  Linda Alt
3.  Wilma DeVore
4.   Lisa Holmes
(Answer Below)


 LOGO The Rotary Magazine (01-11)

The January 2011 issue of The Rotarian  celebrated the magazine’s 100th anniversary.
The editor of The Rotarian spent much of last summer culling through articles by notable authors and thinkers such as Isaac Asimov, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Clarence Darrow, Helen Keller, and many, many others, to choose selections to run in the 2011 commemorative issue. He was honored to have some of his own work selected to run alongside these greats: a selection from “Water and Wellness” running in the section on Poverty (a section also populated by an excerpt by Gandhi!) and an “as told to” that he wrote for this issue to run in the section on service.
In the space below, we continue to celebrate the magazine's 100th anniversary with selected articles.
ON PEACE (May 1960)

As far back as the first war, I began to study the problems of the survival of civilization, which I already felf was threatened and at that time I had this clear aim that here must be formed associations of men with the ideal of humanity.
And the first time I heard of movements such as your's (Rotary's) it was a great consolation and I said to myself, "Now they are beginning to do what is necessary for the future."
I have lived through this concern for the future of humanity with my friend  Einstein, and I know how much he too was wanting for a great movement. And now this movement has come in your association, and others, and we shall fight on while remaining profoundly human, and we shall judge as men and act as men.
                                                                Albert Schweitzer
                                                                                     Nobel Peace Prize winner, medical missionary, honorary Rotarian
#1 - Linda McFadden