1. The Board has had two meetings since the change in officers and committee chairs at the beginning of the new Rotary year. At their August meeting, the board considered and dealt with several issues inlcuding the following:

Ø       An investigatation will be undertaken of alternatives to the current Certificate of Deposit for better financial return on our investments. 

Ø       Current and pending Rotarian projects were discussed including SWISH, the Boundary County Fair, the Kootenai River Ride (9/10) and the Community Breakfast/Silent Auction (9/17).  As of this writing, SWISH and the Fair booth have come and gone, both being enormously successful from both a PR standpoint and for the community service they provide. In addition, SWISH generated approximately $1,800 net. Ron anticipates a full financial report at the September Board meeting. The KRR and commUNITY breakfast are reported below.

 Ø       Lisa, Greg and Bill M each hold two positions on the Board.  In accordance with the Bylaws, there appears to be a need to add three new board members being represented by the vice chairs of the three positions being duplicated (Treasurer & Service Projects, President Elect & Club Administration, and Immediate Past President & Public Relations). The Vice Chairs of these three committees will be invited to the next board meeting to sit as members of the board.

 Ø       Wilma announced the annual District Governor visit with Rampur Viswanath on Monday, 10/24 at 6:00 pm at the KRI for Board members and at the general membership meeting on Tuesday, 10/25 at noon. Suggestions regarding what we need from the DG should be brought to the next Board meeting on September 6th.

 Ø       Pat Carson’s wheelchair project was referred to the International Sub-committee, part of the Service Projects Committee.

 Ø       Two activities related to SWISH were discussed and presented for action. Barb Mohler was instrumental in providing the photography for the entire 2-day event with nothing asked in return. Second, the special events center as part of the Boundary County Museum provided a headquarters location, at no cost, that was logistically beyond reproach.  Accordingly, the Board approved a presentation of Rotary’s “Service Above Self” award to Barb Mohler plus a $50 gift certificate to be presented to her at the 8/16 noon meeting. The Board also approved a grant to the Boundary County Museum of $200 for use of the center during the SWISH event.

2. Registrations are continuing for the Kootenai River Ride (9/10).  And for the first time, registration is available on line. Sign up sheets are being made available at meetings for all Rotarians to volunteer for positions at the BC Fair grounds and on the route circuit for the September 10th Bike Ride. Ron also reported that a 78 year old male has registered for the 60K ride. 

3. Jennifer, Ray, Jim and Norm have all participated in presenting a weekly "Rotary Moment" with a feeling of euphoria about Rotary's involvement in this community and in the world.  These moments have included a column written by humorist Dave Barry regarding his donation to the Rotary Foundation, the mention of "Rotary Basics" included in the August issue of the Rotarian magazine, and Rotary's involvement and Rotarian contributions and commitments to the Rotary Foundation that help to address world problems (clean water, polio eradication, hunger, etc.) and world peace.   

4.  The newly named Assistant District Governor, Phyllis Foro from Sandpoint, who replaced Mickey Poppino, attended the meeting on 8/9.  Phyllis assists several clubs in our District 5080. She has an extensive Rotary background having been a member of clubs in Western Washington. She reported one of her goals was to increase membership, so she set a goal of one new member for every existing member. She experienced growth from a 32 member club to a 64 member club practically overnight. She also emphasized the need to be present for the DG's visit to Bonners Ferry on October 25th.  Phyllis stated her purpose was to be a resouce for our club.

5. Linda A discussed the upcoming community breakfast and silent auction on September 17th. She reported that a sign up sheet was being circulated at the noon meetings containing names of businesses who donated auction items in the past. She asked that members sign up for whatever business they would like to contact for these auction items to avoid duplication. The Booster Club will assume responsibility for cooking the breakfast.

6. Dave W announced that the Bonners Ferry "Welcome Sign", a project that Rotary assumed several years ago, has finally come to fruition. The sign has been stored in the Burdick's shop (Accurate Collision) and with the City of Bonners Ferry  for many years.  The city finally received a permit from the Idaho Department of Transportation and has secured a number of donated tradesmen to install the sign. It will be located just inside the approach to the old North Hill and, according to Dave, should be completed in 4 to 6 weeks.





Since the beginning of the new Rotary year, we have had a wide variety of speakers and presentations, some scheduled, some not scheduled. Some of our programs have been quick substitutions for speakers who may have forgotten their speaking engagement and others because of conflicts in schedules.  Wilma DeVore was the kick-off speaker at the first meeting of the new year. [NOTE: Not all programs have been summarized here nor have they been photographed, perhaps a result of the confusion inherent in welcoming any new slate of officers and committee chairs....please excuse these ommissions). 

 Wilma DeVore – Bonners Ferry Rotary President ~~ July 5 

 Wilma discussed her goals and aspirations for the new Rotary year beginning on July 1st.


Dick Conley  -- School Superintendent ~~ July 19




 Walt Kirby – Boundary County Update ~~ July 26


Walt was a quick substitute for another scheduled speaker and consequently called for questions from the members. (1) County Roads - there has been extensive road breakup this year and some roadways have been cleared of surface anticipating federal money. Deep Creek is an example where BC will have federal dollars available to fix, but not soon enough; (2) Recycling -- Mr. Skeen, custodian is finding markets for the extensive amount of recycled materials. We continue to retain a small community exemption for our landfill because of reduced tonnage "going into the hole". Glass still needs attention; (3) Pleasant Valley sewage disposal -- the county is still trying to find a way to solve this problem;     (4) Highway 95 Breakup - the roadway is the state's responsibility; (5) Boundary County Economic Development Report -- Mike Sloan reported to the members in 2010 that the report had been completed and was available on line. Walt reported that the top priority right now is in the area of fiber optics and the internet and the ability to meet the needs of businesses that may want to relocate here; (6) Restorium -- Walt applauded the work of the Friends of the Restorium and other positive  inputs to this very desirable county resource.     



Dave & Andrea Kramer – Special Olympics, Greece ~~ August 2

Dave and Andrea were selected as official photographers to the Special Olympics held this year in Greece.  The highlights of their trip were summarized for the members. Additional information about their travels can be found in past issues of Mike Weland's website ( or in a past issue of the Bonners Ferry Herald.


Ron Sukenik – Websites ~~ August 9

 Once again, Ron was a quick substitute for another speaker who had to cancel their presentation at the last minute. Ron conducted an extensive in-service offerring on three websites: Bonners Ferry Rotary (, SWISH (, and the Kootenai River Ride ( 



 Barb Mohler -- Rotary's "Service Above Self" Award ~~ August 16



Barb Mohlor has worked as a volunteer for SWISH since it began 4 years ago. She has been recognized as the official SWISH photographer because her photos have been used on the website and in promotional pieces for the SWISH event. This year, Barb was attentive hours before the 3-on-3 basketball tournament started and remained both days after everything had closed down. Because of her dedication and undivided spirit of providing these services on a voluntary basis at no cost to Rotary or the SWISH organization, the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club presented Barb with one of Rotary's highest honors, the "Service Above Self" award.  In addition, she also received a gift certificate for the time and effort she has spent taking pictures. The SWISH organization looks forward to working with Barb Mohler for many years to come.  



 Dr. Chuck Newhouse -- Boundary County Live ~~ August 23 


Dr. Chuck Newhouse made a presentation concerning the Boundary County Live website he has developed. Samples of videos were shown including our own SWISH event, the Memorial Day Parade & Verterans Remembrance Ceremony, Motocross, and the BFHS Christmas Band Concert.  Letters have been posted on the website from viewers.
Dr. Newhouse read one letter from a viewer in Illinois: "My daughter played sports for a Chicago Suburban High School of 4,000 students. Somehow you all can do what they could not....air the kids games for relatives all over the country to enjoy. I hope everyone there recognizes how lucky they are; can't wait 'til next year."
The Boundary County Live website can be accessed at

Mike Weland - News Website & Boundary County Zoning
Bonners Ferry Rotary Club  - Trivia

Jim Paulus presented the 'Rotary Moment' this week (8/23). He referenced the goal shared by all Rotary clubs that every Rotarian donate $100 each year (i.e., EREY). Does the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club (BFRC) contribute toward this goal and if so, how much does it contribute?


(Answer Below)





The special events center of the Boundary County Museum was the headquarters of the recent SWISH 3-on-3 basketball tournament and was provided at no cost to Rotary. In keeping with this generosity and the mission of the BFRC to support our local community, Mike Sloan and Colet Allen, members of the museum board were on hand to accept a grant check from Wilma DeVore, Rotary President.




Trivia Answer:

The club contributes 50% (or $50) toward the $100 goal for every Rotarian who contributes an annual amount of $50.  In other words, the club  matches your contribution if you contribute the $12.50 each quarter or $50 for the year.