December 6, 13, 20, 2011






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Dave W. acknowledged that the roof will be affixed in the spring and the State has agreed to do some landscaping around the bottom of the sign. Thank you for the donated labor and materials and congratulations to all who worked on this project.

GUESTS AND THEIR HOSTS:  The holidays brought us many guests.  Laci and Maxine represented the Bonners Ferry Chamber:, Brenda (Dave) Walter. Jane (Walt) Kirby, Wendy (Bill) McClintock,  Larry (Wilma) DeVore, Wayne Nishek,  Alicia (Greg) Johnson,  Dottie (Dave) Gray, Lisa Holmes’ mother (Martha), Pat Carson’s daughter (Heidi),  Linda Alt’s granddaughter (Savannah), Bruce Barth (Norm’s TLC Minister), Ray Olson’s son (Stephen) and grandson (Trevor), and two representatives from the BF Parks and Recreation Department.  If there are omissions, they were not intentional, only poor note-taking. You are always welcome to join us on Tuesdays for one hour with excellent speakers and stimulating programs.  Please join us, and this time consider becoming a member.

ROTARY MOMENTS(1) Jim reported that 22 members currently contribute $12.50 each quarter to the Rotary Foundation’s “Every Rotarian Every Year” (EREY) program, which is matched by the club.  One of the world-wide programs that the Foundation funds is Pertussis, a highly contagious bacterial disease that causes uncontrollable, violent coughing that can make it hard to breathe; (2) Ray discussed a recent article in The Rotarian magazine concerning Osama Bin Laden and polio plus; and (3) Jennifer shared a Rotary moment regarding the Rotary theme for December, “Family Month”.

NEW MEMBER INDUCTIONGlenda Poston and Marc Gray were inducted as new members in the club. Their sponsors, Dave Gray and Jennie Fessler (Becky stood in for Jennie) stood with them.  Glenda was appointed as Boundary County Clerk and subseqently won election to that position. Marc, the son of Dave Gray, is stationed in Bonners Ferry and works with the Forest Service.  Both new members will be featured in an upcoming issue of the newsletter.


Dave Gray, Marc Gray, Glenda Poston, Becky Calderone, Wilma DeVore

CALENDAR RAFFLETherese Osborne, Calendar Raffle Coordinator posted on the Rotary Facebook Page: the following message: “pass it on…We have to get our (2012) Raffle Calendars sold ASAP!!!”  Although this is the beginning of 2012, we still have a few more days to sell them, as the drawing for January will not be held until the end of the month.  The Calendar Raffle is one of the largest fundraisers for the club, netting just over $6,000 when all 500 calendars are sold.  

Speaking of Calendar Raffles, our own Marc Gray was the big winner of the end of year $200 payout from the 2011 calendar. 

HAPPY BUCKS:  (Note: Only the 12/13 and 12/20 meetings are reported).  

Ø      Clarence celebrated a birthday on 12/19

Ø      Dave W for his wedding anniversary of 38 years on 12/28

Ø      Walt was happy that Clarence made it through another year

Ø      Dave M was happy that the basketball hoops have all been put away

Ø      Ron was happy that Dave M & Brett Brown helped store the hoops and for the help from scouts and others delivering wood

Ø      Marc was happy regarding his great family

Ø      Greg was happy that his son-in-law was leaving Afghanistan

Ø      Norm was happy for the great job JoJo has done with the calendar raffle radio spots 

Ø      Jenny was happy to see Wendy and also that she still had a 2nd dollar to spend

Ø      Jane Kirby expressed her happiness that Walt is now 81, Jane 78, and they will have been married 61 years on January 6

Ø      Craig was happy for Rotary and the successful 2011 Festival of Trees

Ø      Pat was happy for his daughter Heidi being with him on 12/20

Ø      Dave G for his son Marc, a new Rotary member, and wife Dottie with him on 12/20

Ø      Linda A for her granddaughter Savannah who was her guest on 12/20

Ø      Kevin provided happy bucks to thank the many guests

Ø      Ray maintained a happy face, proud to surrender some money for his son Stephen and grandson Trevor

Ø      Lisa was thankful for her Mom and Dad, two special people in her life

 As with fines, one hundred percent of all “happy bucks” go to fund Bonners Ferry High School scholarships!

GRANTS TO THE COMMUNITY:  The 2011 Kootenai River Ride was dedicated to the memory of Tanya M. McCoy for her love of the outdoors and her unending dedication to the youth of the community.  A check in her memory was presented to the Boundary County Department of Parks & Recreation.



Thank you notes were received from Friends of the Arts, the Middle School Choir under the direction of David Carpenter, and the Bonners Ferry Little League for grants to these three organizations from the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry. (Note: the Rotary Board approved a new protocol beginning January 1 that Board approved grantees will need to be present at a Rotary luncheon to receive their funding and to briefly inform the members about their organization and how the money will be used).

BRENDA THANKED AT CHRISTMASThe Rotary Club presented Brenda with a Christmas gift in  appreciation for putting up with us as our Mugsy's waitress over the last 12 months. Your kindness and grace is very much appreciated and we thank you Brenda!



CARD RAFFLEThe Ace of Clubs is still in the deck. Therese Osborne, Greg Johnson and Craig Johnson were all winners of the last three ticket stubs draws, but still there was no winner of the $606.00 accumulated as of December 20.



Greg Johnson –         January 3
Tom Bushnell –          January 18
Therese Osborne –   January 27

Wedding Anniversary

Linda McFadden –    January 1    (14 years)

Walt Kirby -                 January 6    (61 years)

Pat Carson –              January 22   (52 years)

Jenny Fessler –         January 23   (33 years)

Kevin Callos –           January 31   (14 years)

Rotary Anniversary

Patti Branson –        January 1   (1 year)

Dave Young –           January 1   (1 year)

Jim Paulus –            January 2   (9 years

Dave Gray –             January 5   (6 years)

Bill McClintock –    January 15 (5 years)