1. In a short ceremony at the podium, Ron Sukenik spoke about the transition of SWISH from the former 3 on 3 basketball tournament to the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club. Upon conclusion, Brett Brown and Anita Woods then presented a check to Rotary in the amount of $6,995.47 from the former SWISH organization. Both of the presenters were appreciative of having Rotary assume the SWISH operation because they and other members of the old SWISH were assured that Rotary could be trusted to get the job done (see story below).
2. The Yard Sale generated over $600 as a fund raiser for Rotary. 100% of these funds will be returned to the community (see story below).
3. The District Training Assembly was held this past weekend in Spokane attended by Wilma Devore, Lisa Holmes and Bill McClintock. Over 300 Rotarians throughout the Pacific Northwest participated in several workshops devoted to Rotary public awareness, membership, Rotary youth, and the five avenues of service. In addition, this year, the District arranged specific agendas for presidents-elect, secretaries, treasurers, and foundation officers.
4. The High School Robotics Team sent the club a DVD of the Robotics team. The team has just returned from Portland where they competed in regional competition.
5. Therese Osborne of Wells Fargo Bank was inducted into membership in the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club. Rotary now has 40 members on its roster, an impressive number considering the size of our community. Seven  members have joined during this rotary year, five in 2011 alone and all are actively involved in some facet of the operation.
6. Norm Braatz announced that over 20 applications for Rotary scholarships have been received. The selection committee under the coordination of Jennifer Jensen is now in process of making the final selections. An ice cream social is scheduled on May 12th at the Kootenai River Inn at 7:00 pm to honor all scholarship recipients and their families. 
7. Six guests graced our club meeting on Tuesday. And several members kicked in some extra "happy bucks" to welcome Sean McCoy at Rotary again. 

Becky Calderone, Coordinator of the 2011 "Father Of All Yard Sales" reported that this year, April 8-9, all of the booths inside Memorial Hall at the Fairgrounds were sold. And the Rotary table just inside the entrance was overflowing with goodies! In the final analysis, the event raised over $600.00 for the Rotary Club. The set up and clean up crews together with those members who manned the rotary tables are very much appreciated because it couldn't get done without the help of those in the club. Many thanks to Linda Alt for manning the food booth for both days and to the High School Baseball Team for their help on set up (see their picture below). And Becky gave a big thank you to Debbie Woods, a proposed member who not only pitched in, but brought lots of help with her as well. 
A couple of observations -- the food booth took in more revenue than the rotary tables and the rental of Memorial Hall represents about 75% of the cost of the event. Perhaps an outside yard sale venue held in warmer weather with lots of food may be in our future.
04-08 BB TeamA
 2011 Bonners Ferry High School Baseball Team

There doesn't appear to be any lack of enthusiasm when you hear from Ron Sukenik who has taken charge of the new SWISH with a vengence. He is gathering information and making assignments to ensure a smooth transition from the Bonners Ferry SWISH organization to Bonners Ferry Rotary. We were requested to strongly consider this merger because the former organization felt that Rotary was the best resource in the community to take on the challenges of the 3 on 3 basketball tournament. They also were comfortable knowing that Rotary would deliver the finished product and that funds realized from this event would be going back to the community.
Brett Brown and Anita Stockdale-Woods (pictured below) made it official at the meeting on April 19th by presenting a check to Rotary in the amount of $6,995.47 representing the proceeds from the first three years of the tournament. Since 2008, the event that started under the leadership of Brett Brown, was carried forward last year by Brad Holifield. In 2010, the event drew more than 300 players from the Inland Northwest including Canada. Brochures and the registration packet for the July 16-17, 2011 SWISH can be accessed through the event's website -- or through the Rotary website --

SWISH Presentation 4-19-11 A
 Anita Stockdale-Woods, Brett Brown, Ron Sukenik 

Deny Knight - Writing

Speaker - Deny Knight 4-19-11 A
An extensive traveler, Deny Knight who holds Masters degrees in Psychology and Counseling, has lived in Bonners Ferry about four years. She is a two time cancer survivor and has a passion for the art of writing.
Handwriting is often a predictor of one's personality, but not considered a fine art today compared to generations ago, perhaps a result of computers and other technologies. There is even a proposal to abolish handwriting in the classroom. She cited recent confusion between the handwritten words Prilosec and Prozac leading to death. Deny provided information about the history of some of our letters over the past 3,500 years -- from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Phoenician, Early Greek, Late Greek, Etruscan, and the Romans. As an example, the Egyptian letter for "water" was
shown as /\/\/\/\. Over a period of 3,500 years, this sign became the letter "M".  She also described, with examples, Copperplate in which handwriting evolved from lifting the pen after each stroke of a letter (like the letter "M") that created shading primarily on downstrokes. Eventually, all shading was eliminated and all letters were connected (i.e., no pen lifts) in order to gain speed in handwriting.
Where did the wondrous mystic art arise
Of painting speech and speaking to the eyes?
That we by tracing magic lines are taught
How to embody and to color thought?

 Nick Akins
Harvest Foods Grocery Stores

Bonners Ferry Rotary Trivia Corner

Which of the following statements is true:
1. In 2009, 16 countries accounted for 93% of the world's new Leprosy cases.
2. Haiti's aftershock was Cholera.
3. In the last 5 years, a team of surgeons and residents from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine have performed over 500 procedures in Bolivia.
(Answer Below)

4 of HeartsB
The 50/50 card draw for the 4 of Hearts was valued at $1,080.00.  Anita Woods was asked to draw the lucky ticket that was held by Bill Goodanetz. Didn't Bill hold the winners for the last three weeks?
With only 13 cards remaining in the 52 card deck, Bill failed to pull out the 4 of Hearts. This pleasurable development is a great reason to come to the meeting next Tuesday when the kitty should be close to $1,100.  Good luck!

Answer to the Trivia Question:
All are true. See the Rotarian magazine for April 2011.