The District 5080 Governor Meets With Rotary Board




SEPTEMBER 13, 2012


Michelle Lee, 2012-2013 District 5080 Governor (DG) met with the Board of Directors of the Bonners Ferry Rotary Club at noon on 9/13 as part of the Governor’s annual visit to each of the 60 clubs in the District. Nine of ten board members were present to consider the full 11-item agenda.  Jerri Anderson, Assistant District Governor, past president of the Sandpoint Club, was also present.

To set the stage for our deliberations, the Club’s organization, vision and goals were discussed including fundraisers, club succession planning, and attendance at future Rotary Leadership Institutes. ImageWhen asked the Club’s Dream Goal, President Greg stated it was that every Rotarian in the club contributes $100.00 each year to The Rotary Foundation.  This represents an outlay of $50 from each member ($12.50/quarter) that is matched by the club and referred to in Rotary as “Every Rotarian Every Year” (EREY).

The remainder of the meeting was centered on Rotary’s six (6) committees, their goals and results to date.  The 6 committees are Club Administration, Membership, Public Relations, Service Projects, Rotary Foundation and New Generations, the latter added as the 6th committee last year.

Highlights of the discussion included (1) the Secretary and Treasurer report components of Club Administration (Kirsten Madden); (2) Membership’s goal of +4 net new members with concentration on retention, the importance of new member orientation and mentoring, attendance at the fall membership seminar in Coeur d’Alene, and implementation of the “Ignite” program (Jim Paulus); (3) Public Relations’ use of the district-wide campaign for World Polio Day on 10/24, the new Rotary International polio website, the use of social networking (Facebook) and  ClubRunner to advance our own message (Bill McClintock); (4) the extent of our Service Projects (Linda Alt); (5) member support for the Rotary Foundation Imageand the extensive number of youth-related activities undertaken by the committee (Jennifer Jensen); and (6) the New Generations Committee (as yet, unnamed).  The DG pointed out the concentration of the club’s youth activities (student of the month, youth exchange, college scholarships, RYLA, a goal to reactivate the Interact Club at the local school/community level) could fit nicely under this newest committee.

The DG made note that ‘The Future Vision’ pilot, a three-year test of The Rotary Foundation's new, streamlined grant structure, is underway (see      In this regard, she inquired about attendance at the fall foundation seminar for grant management.  Bill McClintock volunteered to attend in Coeur d’Alene on 9/29.  Membership will also be emphasized this year at the fall assembly to be held in one of 3 locations, the Tri-Cities, Coeur d’Alene or Creston, BC.

The meeting concluded with comments related to the district conference on June 9 & 10 in Colville, WA, comments from the ADG concerning a community project in Newport, WA, club dues, meal charges, RINO’s, Paul Harris Society members, Interact and RYLA.