The Board of Directors met at the Chic ‘N Chop on June 7, 2011 to conduct their regular monthly meeting. A quorum was present: Bill McClintock, Wilma Devore, Lisa Holmes, Ron Sukenik, and Dave Gray.

Lisa provided the Treasurer’s Report in lieu of the four reports pending from the accountant. Separate accounts for scholarships and the 3-on-3-basketball tournament (SWISH) are active and well. Four requests for higher education scholarship payments have been received. Therese Osborne, recent winner of the 50/50 card draw allowed the club to ‘retire’ approximately $710. 00 into the scholarship account.

Two of the five committees gave reports for June. Membership: Dave Gray reported that Debbi Woods membership has been approved through the membership process, but she may not be ready to join at this time because of her recent change to full time employment status. Marc Gray (Dave’s son) has applied for membership and his status is being presented to the membership. Service Projects: Wilma and Lisa reported that the Annual Dinner and End of Year party scheduled for June 17th is on schedule. Ron discussed the 3-on-3-basketball tournament (SWISH) and the fact that it is progressing well.

Several items of new business were considered.

Ø      Leaves of absence were granted for Mark McInnes (4/1/11 to 9/30/11) and Don Bartling (7/1/11-9/30/11).

Ø      Requests for a total of $300.00 in funds from Rotary were received from (1) the Selkirk Saddle Club for the Kootenai River Rodeo, scheduled for June 24th & 25th,  (2) “Run For The Fallen” to take place on August 11th and (3) the Fry Healthcare Foundation’s Golf Tournament scheduled for June 17th. All were approved by the Board. 

Ø      A multitude of supplies for Rotary’s several projects and fundraisers, currently stored in different locations throughout the community prompted the Board to approve the rental of a storage unit at Alpine Storage. The owner provided a reasonable proposal for Rotary’s use.

Ø      The original laptop computer used by BF Rotary in the past does not have the capability for storage of large amounts of data, has an outdated Windows 98 operating system, has no printer, and has no USB port. The Board approved the purchase of a laptop computer, printer, mouse, and storage bag from Wal-Mart for less than $500 to handle all Rotary events (SWISH, Kootenai River Ride, BF Rotary forms and documents, etc.)

Ø      The original camera used by BF Rotary in its public relations activities is no longer operational. The Board approved the purchase of a digital camera for up to $125.00.

Ø      The Board also recommended a future purchase consideration of a blue felt Rotary banner, with bold yellow lettering, for use during Rotary meetings and other functions. 

Ø      The board approved the purchase of a gift certificate from the KRI for Clarence and Martha Jones for their ‘short notice’ hospitality for the chaperones who accompanied the exchange students on their tour of Bonners Ferry on June 1-2, 2011.