The Board of Directors met on February 1, 2011. Present were Bill McClintock, President; Clarence Jones, Immediate Past President; Ron Sukenik, Secretary; Lisa Holmes, Treasurer; Norm Braatz, Foundation; Mark McInnis, PR; Greg Johnson, Service Projects; and Dave Gray, Membership.

In the extended absence of Pat Carson, Dave Gray was approved as Acting Membership Chair with vote.

The following reports from the Treasurer were reviewed and approved as submitted: Aged Receivables, Balance Sheet, Income Statement; Events P&L. A separate checking account is being set up to track restricted funds for scholarships.

Club Administration is reviewing the blue "Members Handbook and Orientation Guide" that remains relevant to new and existing members. Reports from the Foundation Committee included the restructuring and added committee members, scholarship apps (April) and deadlines (May) and provision for a reception for scholarship recipients (May-June). Membership reported
on the (1) new member orientation on 1/27,  (2) applications for two new members (Fessler, Bushnell), (3) the leave of absence requests for the first quarter of 2011 (Carson, Goodanetz, Heart, Holifield, McCoy), and (4) a proposal with Board approval to change the dues structure for supporting a lower fee for younger active members. Public Relations discussed the Accelerated Reader project news release and the WaCanId Bike Ride for 2011. Service Projects Committee will follow-up on three community projects that remain outstanding from prior years: (1) the "Welcome to Bonners Ferry" sign approaching from the north side, (2) Rotary's presence at the BC Museum, and (3) the "North Hill Trail Table" project to be completed in conjunction with an Eagle Scout project. Discussion was also provided regarding Rotary's participation with Harvest Foods and Yoder's to the Food Bank and the Accelerated Reader project with the School District.

Old business included follow-up concerning the Rotoplast Mission to the Philippines in October and a request for someone to step forward to assume the coordinator slot for the Kootenai River Ride in September. Wilma Devore, Lisa Holmes and Dave McIntosh have volunteered to be coordinators for the Exchange Student Friendship Tour (seeking hosts, entertainment and food in Bonners Ferry on June 1-2, 2011). 

Requests for funds were considered and approved for the PTO Basketball, Jr. Miss (now named "Distinguished Young Women of Bonners Ferry"), and the Phoenix Project (read Rotary speaker presentation on January 18, 2011). Finally, it was announced that a BBQ is being considered for the  "End of Year" party in June at Twin Rivers.