The Board of Directors met on Tuesday, April 5 at 7:00 am to consider the following items:

The financial reports for March, 2011 and 9 months YTD were discussed. A scholarship checking account has been established to ease the burden of accounting for funds available for scholarships including happy bucks, fines and 50/50 drawings. It was noted that dues outstanding should be paid within 30 days of receipt and that members who may consider terminatation (heaven forbid!) should contact any board member to determine if there are outstanding dues that need to be paid.

Committee reports were also provided. Wilma, Club Administration, announced that the "Member/Orientation Guide" and bylaws are being reviewed and will be revised to incorporate current and more pertinent information since their last revision. Norm reported for the Foundation Committee that application deadline for scholarships is April 14th and that members need to seek out students or others who may want to apply. Dave G reporting for the Membership Committee announced that 5 new members have joined Rotary over the past several months, but that only 2 have received an orientation. Sponsors of new members should be involved in seeing that new members have an orientation and become involved in rotary activities. A report was read from Mark for the PR Committee. News articles are being written for the newspaper and the WaCanId Bike Ride is being scheduled for late September. Greg, Service Projects Committee Chair reported that an application is being made for a District Simplified Grant with an April 30 deadline. 

In new business, (1) leaves of absence were granted for three months to Kathryn Heart and Brad Holifield; (2) requests for funds were approved for the Bonners Ferry High School Baseball Team and "GROW." Requests were also received from the Earth Day Fair project (conditionally approved based on the presentation at the membership meeting at noon) and the Paradise Valley Fire Department (tabled pending further information); (3) Clarence was requested to send an email to the board for request to memorialize the Kootenai Rive Bike Ride for one year -- describe the proposal, its benefits, downsides, etc. with email or special meeting vote by the board as soon as possible.

The Board also approved as new business a request of the Chamber of Commerce to have Rotary assume the complete operation of the SWISH 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Most of the committees for the tournament have been formed and are operational including those headed up by Brett Brown and Brad Holifield, the coordinators of the first three years of the tournament. The board also felt that SWISH would provide the Rotary Club with an outstanding financial opportunity and name recognition and were supportive of the positive response of the members at the meeting on March 22nd when asked to commit to the event.  Ron Sukenik volunteered to be the coordinator for the event scheduled for July 16 and July 17, 2011 in downtown Bonners Ferry.

Finally, the board approved a request from Dave McIntosh to support a "Boundary County Preventive Sealent Program" to be offered by Dr. McIntosh to all children in Bounary County at no cost or obligation to Rotary. Sealents would be placed on a child's permanent 1st molars and it would be understood that this is a preventive measue againt tooth decay in grooves only.