The December Board meeting was held on December 7th at the Chic 'N Chop.

Present: Bill McClintock, President; Wilma Devore, President Elect, Acting Treasurer, Club Administration Chair; Ron Sukenik, Secretary; Norm Braatz, Foundation Chair; Greg Johnson, Service Project Chair; Mark McInnis, PR Chair; and Pat Carson (for Bill Goodanetz), Membership Chair. 

Also Present: Dave McIntosh; Dave Gray

Meeting was called to order by the President at 7 AM. Minutes of November 2nd were read and approved. Ron was requested to send out minutes before the meeting to save time. The Treasurer's Report was provided by Wilma. It was requested that information be provided to show funds that are "restricted" especially funds earmarked for scholarships.

An extensive discussion of exchange student protocols was held. Dave McIntosh summarized RI and federal requirements to host an exchange student. Concerns were raised regarding the local committee, availability of local counseling, screening of host families and other requirements. It was concluded that in the future, the Board be apprised of changes in host families before they occur and that Rotary District 5080 be kept up to date on any changes to the program. The Board also asked that the Club Administration Committee assume the responsibility for issues related to the student exchange program with a report to the Board as part of its committee report.

Discussion of Old Business included (1) an earlier request for a volunteer to accompany the Rotoplast (Cleft Palate) mission to the Philippines in October 2011 with partial Rotary Club financial assistance; (2) the need continues for the 2011 Kootenai River Ride Coordinator; (3) the 2011 Raffle Calendars headed up by Mark with sales at local grocery stores; (4) a Rotary Club funded literacy project that would assist the Boundary County School District in meeting the reading needs of elementary and middle school students (NOTE: The Board approved funding for an upgrade to the existing Accelerated Reader program from a desk top version to a web-based version provided the District obtains a majority of the balance of the funds to implement the program); (5) a continuing need for local newspaper coverage of local Rotary Club projects and fund raisers (NOTE: Mark will delegate to members of his committee, and others, responsibility for writing articles with photos to present to the local news media).

Items of New Business included: (1) Approved Patti Branson (Mountain West Bank) and Dave Young (Liberty gasoline and convenience store) as new Rotary Club members; (2) approved a request to be the major sponsor of the Boundary County School District Spelling Bee as well as provide the judges for the event to be held on January 22, 2011 at the Free Methodist Church; (3) approved appointment of Pat Carson as Membership Chair to replace Bill Goodanetz; (4) approved Christmas gifts for Mugsy's staff and the Club's exchange student.

Further discussion was held concerning the need for orientation of new members to the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry, Rotary District 5080 and Rotary International. Pat was referred to Norm for further information. We currently have 5 members who have joined this year. 

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjoured at 8:17 AM.