Board Meeting for Bonners Ferry Rotary Held at Chic 'n Chop 7:00 AM, November 2, 2010
Members Present: Bill McClintock, Ron Sukenik, Greg Johnson, Lisa Holmes (for Wilma Devore), Pat Carson (for Bill Goodanetz), Mark McInnes. Quorum - Yes

Topics discussed: (1) Club Financial Statements were reviewed and discussed. Each month, the Board receives copies of the balance sheet, income statement and aged receivables. Big steps are being made in the right direction towards having all records clear and easily understood. Kudos to those directly involved in tackling a huge project; (2) It was moved, and passed,to extend leaves of absence to two members and to approve two new members; (3) Rotary Friendship Tour June 2011 - about 23 exchange students from our District will be arriving in Bonners Ferry on June 1st for 24 hours - we need to start planning for housing the students for a single night and as they will be here for lunch on Thursday, we should also consider hosting a lunch for them - several suggestions are being considered. This is their farewell tour before heading home after a year of being away from home. Very special time for them.

Other items in open discussion included: (1) exchange student housing volunteers needed for long term student; (2) contribution opportunities to children literacy needs - and where best applied; (3) Nominating Committee to be in place shortly with slate of officer nominations (President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer) - voting will occur at the membership meeting on 12/7; (4) A chairperson is still needed and should be in place by spring or earlier; (5) The five committees gave their monthly reports.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 AM.