The January Board meeting was held at the Chic 'N Chop Restaurant on January 4th at 7:00 A.M.

Present: Bill McClintock, President; Wilma Devore, President-Elect, Club Administration Committee Chair & Acting Treasurer; Clarence Jones, Past President; Ron Sukenik, Secretary; Norm Braatz, Foundation Chair; Mark McInnis, PR Chair; Greg Johnson, Service Projects Chair; Pat Carson, Membership Chair
Also Present: Dave Gray; Debbie Youngwirth, CPA

The meeting was called to order and the minutes of the December 7th meeting were approved as emailed.

The Treasurer's Report was given by Wilma who provided a summary of the financial reports for December 2010 and for the period 6 months YTD. Debbie Youngwirth, CPA was present to answer questions including a request to separate scholarship income and expense from the general accounts. It was suggested that a separate checking account be set up for this purpose. Aged receivables (member dues) were discussed. Ron volunteered to individually pursue delinquent payment arrangements with members.  Lisa Holmes will be assuming the permanent Treasurer's position this month replacing Jim Paulus.

Committee reports were provided by the Chairpersons for (1) Foundation (scholarship applicant awarded funding now - moved, seconded and carried - MSC), (2) Membership (orientation with 5 newest Rotarians - luncheon cost covered for new members only. Norm and Pat to serve as facilitators - MSC) and (3) Service Projects ($2,500 funding from Rotary for the Accelerated Reader program for BF High School. In addition to the Rotary funding, the remaining balance of the cost of the Accelerated Reader program will be funded with matching funds from Boundary County School District #101, a condition that was associated with the Board's approval for the Reader program in December - MSC).

Mark reported on the status of the 2011 Calendar Raffle. 30%-35% of the calendars remain unsold. Because the price of a calendar was reduced from $20 to $15 this year, we may barely break-even without more calendar sales, compared to showing a nice profit over the last two years.

We still need someone to step forward to assume the coordinator role for the "Kootenai River Ride" in September and the "Friendship Tour" (overnight lodging and food service for exchange students throughout the district who will be in Bonners Ferry for one day) in June 2011. We have performed very well in both of these activities in the past, so it's a matter of collecting what has already been done and giving it some coordination. Thank you!

Finally, a leave of absence was granted to Brad Holifield for the first quarter, 2011. Clarence Jones, Jim Paulus and Kathryn Heart, on leave during the 4th quarter, have returned to active status as of January 1st.