The following speakers were featured during the month of August:

  • Carl Baisden, Turning Winds Academic Institute, Yaak, MT;
  • Brett Onstott, Super 1 Foods, Bonners Ferry;
  • Justin & Pacen Pluid, 50/50 Flag Football Raffle Win;
  • Russ Hiatt, Riverside Auto Center, Bonners Ferry.


Carl Baisden, Vice President

Family Solutions Network (AKA: Turning Winds Academic Institute)

Carl Baisden with President Greg


Carl Baisden is the co-owner and Vice President of Turning Winds Academic Institute, a private therapeutic boarding school for co-ed teenagers that is accredited for alternative education. The school accepts children ages 12-18 and admits students from throughout the U.S. and internationally. Located on the Yaak in Montana, the Institute was formed in 2002 and has an enrollment of approximately 50 students with a teacher to student ratio of 1:8.      Image

The school concentrates on four interrelated components: (1) ‘Residential’, comprised of three different stages in the residents’ journey toward breaking the cycle of hurt and undesirable behaviors and moving toward healing and wholeness.; (2) ‘Therapeutic’ consisting of a clinical team of 3 master’s level clinicians and an RN who provide counseling services, treatment planning,individual and family therapy, psycho-educational presentations , and outcome study recommendations; (3) ‘Academic’, offering standardized, grade-appropriate curriculum at middle and high school levels that are based on Montana state and national standards (24 college courses can be taken for dual credit – for high school and college); and (4) the ‘Venturing Program’, outdoor recreation via the Boy Scouts.

Carl spoke about the initial founding of Turning Winds, as well as the favorable alumni outcomes, costs, referrals, staff credentialing, local field trips, academic and clinical staff, and the emphasis on nutrition.

Additiional information about the school is located on its website HERE.




Brett Unstott, Assitant Manager

Super 1 Foods, Bonners Ferry Store

Image Image


Brett graduated from Bonners Ferry High School and has been in the grocery business in north Idaho for 24 years having worked in local and national grocery markets. He and his wife are the proud parents of four children, ages 19, 17, 14 and 12.  He summarized the application process he endured to gain his current position of assistant manager of the Bonners Ferry Super 1 store opened on June 13, 2012. 

The 12th store owned by Hayden-based father and son grocers Ron and Randy McIntire, the company owns and operates 11 other stores including 5 more in north Idaho, 6 in Montana and 4 in Washington, the latter under a different management contract. The other north Idaho stores are situated in Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum and Sandpoint.  The company commenced operations in 1978

Located on 5 acres of land, the cost of the new 49,000 square foot store was approximately $10 million, including land acquisition, construction, equipment, furnishings, and inventory. As of August 11th, the store employed 99 people (the company maintains a staff of 1200-1300 employees).

Store features include bountiful arrays of fresh produce, seafood, meat departments as well as a natural food selection, a bakery and a deli.   Medicine Man Pharmacy Imageis also located on the premises. Brett indicated that the Bonners Ferry Super 1 store is the first to have hardware and school supply aisles, perhaps because the community does not have the availability of major discount chain stores like Home Depot and Wal-Mart.                                      

In response to questions, Brett mentioned that Super 1 is committed to supporting their local community, that the company’s future expansion plans are for one new store every 2-3 years, that the availability of fuel is an unknown, and that all stores in Idaho and Montanaa  are open 24/7. Appreciation was extended to Super 1 for ‘stepping up to the plate’ to support the local food bank.

To quote its own advertisement, “At Super 1 Foods, we understand that grocery costs and time constraints are important issues for our customers. That's why we work so hard to present an enjoyable one-stop shopping experience that saves time and money.  Stop by and give us a try. Super 1 Foods will leave you with a smile on your face, money in your pocket, and time on your hands. You can't beat that!”



Justin and Pacen Pluid

Flag Football 50/50 Raffle

Justin & Pacen Pluid with President Greg Johnson

At the invitation of Rotarian Mike Miller, Pacen is the young man who won the 50/50 drawing at the June 23rd flag football game between the U.S. Customs & Border Patrol who decided to return his winnings to the family for the fundraiser to purchase a special need tricycle for a 5-year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. 

Pacen discussed his own background in boy scouting, local Troop 188, Imagelearning about survival skills, the meaning of being a good citizen, sportsmanship and the fun activities in which he has been involved.  He described his family’s involvement and the importance of his school that has helped him gain maturity.  His description of the impetus behind his decision to contribute his winnings brought tears to his eyes and to those of us in the room.  His description of having the opportunity for a brighter journey in life than that of the young boy who needed the tricycle gave all of us an opportunity to witness a young man who was far beyond his age in his maturity.

Pacen’s father said neither he nor his wife, Shannon were at the game at the time that Pacen decided to return his winnings.  Justin is a graduate of BF High School, Class of 1996, and wrestling was his sport. His team won a state championship.  He also started married life in Coeur d’Alene, attending NIC and working at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. He and his wife are the parents of 5 children with one on the way.  For the last 6 to 8 years, he has been in the Imagehunting and fishing charter business at Priest Lake and recently settling in Bonners Ferry. Justin also maintains a small construction business.







Russ Hiatt
Riverside Auto

Russ Hiatt with President Greg

Riverside Auto Center in Downtown Bonners Ferry has been serving North Idaho and Western Montana for nearly 40 years.  After a devastating fire a few short years ago, a new showroom and related offices now grace the community.  Image

As the only full service automobile dealership in Bonners Ferry, Riverside offers new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram trucks and all makes and models of pre-owned domestic and import cars and trucks. Russ Hiatt started at Riverside as a partner with Bill Hiatt and has been there for over 35 years. Six years ago he stated that he began selling his share of the business to the younger generation.

He shared his work as a former Bishop of the LDS church and also as State President.  Russ related that he has served for approximately 25 years in church leadership.

Russ and his wife are the proud parents of 7 children. “Raising 4 boys and 3 girls was an experience,” Russ commented, and “they have all pursued successful careers of their own.”  His expressions told us that he is extremely proud of each of them.  He spoke of his wife Sulet and stressed that she was an outstanding wife and mother.  He also shared about her many years of service on the Boundary County School District Board.

He shared his 30 years of involvement with the Eagle Scouts and emphasized the many lifelong qualities learned by his sons in scouting.  He also described how the program has been instrumental in their careers.