Alicia Hedrick

Junior, Northwest Nazarene University


Alicia Hedrick with Rotarian Wilma DeVore



Alicia Hedrick, the oldest daughter of Will and Tammy Hedrick, is in her junior year at Northwest Nazarene University with a double major in secondary education and biology.  She is involved in dorm life as a resident assistant, a member of the herpetology lab, and throws with the track and field team.  While Alicia was growing up in our community, the Rotary Club of Bonners Ferry supported her in many different ways including her trip to Washington, D.C. for a leadership conference, her selection as Rotary Student of the Month in 2008 and awarding her a scholarship upon her graduation from BF High School in 2009. 

Her presentation to the Rotary Club centered on her research this past summer in Costa Rica. Alicia was one of three students chosen by the faculty to travel to Costa Rica accompanied by the head of the biology department to research a pathogenic fungus that is killing frogs worldwide. The study of amphibians was undertaken because of the declining numbers related to the species. Amphibians hold an important role in ecosystems, they are bio-indicators in the environment, and have cultural importance.  Alicia also plans to make similar presentations about her research at the high school and middle school this week to encourage students to go to college and pursue their dreams and show them how interesting science really is!

Alicia thanked all BF Rotarians for the Rotary Club’s help in her educational pursuits over the years. She indicated that because of our focused interest in her future supported by our financial contributions, her life has changed for the better and she also stated it has changed the lives of many others as well.  Alicia plans spend time in the teaching profession before pursuing her masters and doctorate in applied research in the science field.