2010 Grand Prize Winner Displays Core of Rotary Purpose!


     Clarence Jones won the $200.00 grand prize calendar drawing for 2010.  As past President of Bonners Ferry Rotary Clarence has given much time and energy towards helping the community.  In 2010 he was organizer for Kootenai River Ride as well as the Calendar Raffle.  

     Without a moments thought upon being made aware of his winning he applied his winnings towards the purchase of 10 calendars for the year 2011.  This explifies the spirit of Bonners Ferry Rotarians.  Thank you Clarence and all that have helped us with Calendar sales this year.  A special thank you goes also to Harvest Foods for allowing Rotarians to sell tickets at a booth set up in their store.  

     There are still some tickets left for 2011.  If you would like to purchase one please contact Mark McInnes at 208 255-6227.