Our World Polio Day Event at Roundtable was a big success.  Our members will learn just how successful it was at our October 30 meeting.   In addition to setting up our display board and the posting of the Event flyer all over the restaurant, we had a wide variety of Rotary and Polio materials for handout.  In addition, Jill Johnson, from the Deschutes County Health Department, provided a wealth of material on childhood immunizations which were of interest to the diners.  Roundtable's support was wonderful.  They posted flyers all over the restaurant and in addition to our donation container, they also had a donation basket at the front order location.  The restaurant was busy all day and we were busy all day.  Members went from table to table with a roll of "End Polio Now" stickers explaining to the diners that it was World Polio Day and Rotary's roll in polio eradication.  We also let them know that a portion of the cost of their meal that day was being donated by Roundtable to polio eradication.  Every individual who left Roundtable that day was wearing a  bright red "End Polio Now" sticker.  Talk about creating community awareness!   Roundtable's owner/manager, Corey Howland was so pleased with the turnout and what they were able to contribute that we're already talking about doing it again next year.  Thanks' Roundtable.  We couldn't have done it without you!