2009    Presented to Scott M. Graves        by Mike Gerry

2008    Presented to Jackie Feldman        by Mike Gerry

2006    Presented to Scott Gile                   by Ellie Fox

2005    Presented to                                     by Andy Boucher

2004    Presented to                                     by Paul Fitzpatrick

2003    Presented to Jeffrey Gallant          by Jeffrey Ashworth

2002    Presented to Dorothy Yablonski   by Michael Ellis

2001    Presented to Michael Ellis             by Dennis Lopata

2000    Presented to                                     by Roy Gilbert

1999    Presented to Vicki Walet                by Peter Sargent

1996    Presented to Peter Sargent            by Vicki Walet

1995    Presented to Joseph Sova             by Michael Pregot

1994    Presented to Vicki Walet                by Peter Erickson

1993    Presented to Charlie Martel           by John Zoltowski

1992    Presented to Jim Garrison              by Janet Lauricella

1991    Presented to Steve Demir               by Gordon Durk

1990    Presented to Peter Erickson           by Matt Johnson

1989    Presented to Dick Cushing             by Carl Bindoo

1988    Presented to Ted Reid                    by Roy Anderson

1987    Presented to Fred MacDonald       by Dick Phillips