Feeding Hungry Children in our Schools is our Priority

  • When we allow food banks to become an accepted form of assistance, we contribute to the problem. When we allow lunch programs in schools to feed the needy become an accepted practice, we contribute to the problem.

Feeding children on school days alone does not solve the real problem. We need to solve the problems at home.

Starfish Pack Program

The Starfish Pack Program was created in response to teachers hearing the cry of their students. Teachers are heartbroken to hear their students were coming to class Monday morning hungry, reporting that they had not eaten over the weekend.
Sadly, hundreds of elementary school children have been identified by the School District 43 alone as being in need of food over the weekend. We started the program with 13 children in 1 elementary school in January 2017. By June 2017, the need has grown into 23 children in 2 elementary school. Many other schools in Port Coquitlam are in the waiting list with similar needs.


We are committed to this program as our Priority.

Sponsor a Child 

Send your donation to:
Treasurer Ron Goyette

Rotary Club of Port Coquitlam Centennial
Box: 41124, 2529 Shaughnessy Street
Port Coquitlam, BC  V3C 5Z9






With the support from people like you in the community we have been able to fund this program effectively.
We need your continued support to sustain this program.